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  1. Title, really. Having them float just a few feet from where it was cast turns it in to a rather generic stun that's worse than Condemn now that it can exist on any Warframe. My only other reason is "it was more fun." Sending enemies flying across the map is a good way to deal with them aside from just death! I remember getting a few comments about how funny it was, when Sanctuary Onslaught came out (and started working).
  2. Okay, but why would I use Deny when I can left click? Otherwise, excited for this! It does make me wonder why Nyx, who has similar capabilities spread across her kit, now has a worse Armor Strip compared to Gaze. At least Chaos is a little better than Accuse? Finally, I really don't mind evasion. I don't think it's a huge problem, and turning it to DR would make it feel a lot more generic. I don't think survivability is often a huge problem in Warframe when jumping, rolling, and pressing 5 all help you to not take as much damage.
  3. "hey, we have nearly 30 mastery ranks currently, should we maybe use those to pace out content so that players have things to strive for and don't feel overwhelmed?" "Nah, cram 90% of everything into mr10 and below" "What are the rest of the mastery ranks for then?" "dAiLy StAnDiNg CaPs"
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