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  1. I mean, that's nice, but iirc the intention of Nightwave was to fill the gaps between updates since it was small, low effort content you can turn on when necessary. And then that idea was abandoned and now it's deep in-depth story telling? Maybe I'm misremembering, but I was under the impression the purpose of Nightwave was to tide players over, not serve as content itself. Regardless, I like these little adventures into the world of Warframe.
  2. Ha ha it costs energy because hungry frame. Same reason for his scaling energy costs along with Ember, unlike all other channeled abilities in the game... Really, why use that augment when I can hit space for free? Using Nourish also gives a speed boost. Why remove anything from my build to do something I can already do? Why use Spellbound Harvest when most Titanias build for negative range? Was that even considered? Tribunal is one of those weird bandaid mods - personally I believe this one is fine, but it's fixing a problem where a support frame shouldn't be frustrated his allies are killing enemies, rather than removing that problem baseline.
  3. Honestly I'm quite happy with this, it's a good change and I think is healthy for the game. Looks like all this time at home has allowed for fixes and adjustments after all! If flavor is a reasonable thing to use to balance, maybe have Blood Altar only affect living targets? So things like defense coffins and operatives, but not Mobile Defense consoles or OpLinks. However, lolvazarin.
  4. lol Anyways you included an Operator in the main client for opening Warframe despite marking the image as a spoiler. Should probably crop that, assuming we're still keeping The Second Dream a secret after all this time.
  5. So there's no way to get Umbra Forma until some undetermined date in the future now? That's really frustrating that it couldn't be added to an end of mission reward for Railjack or as a Cred reward for Nightwave or literally anything at all instead of removing it. I've been farming for one to use on Titania Prime when she came out, but it looks like that's no longer an option. Why bother playing Railjack now?
  6. I was doing an Anomaly mission when this dropped. Could not enter the Anomaly as this was considered "starting a new mission." After trying to do so I lost connection to the host and thus lost all of my rewards from an entire Anomaly mission. I guess this is my lesson that Railjack still shouldn't be touched.
  7. Hello! My first fear for my design is that the combination of two disparate themes - plantlife and stars - as well as several goddesses may be too many sources to reconcile. My inspiration was the white organic growths found in Orokin tilesets. Of course, the gender of the 'frame is also up for change, but the sky is usually considered "feminine" to the ground's "masculine." Her name comes from a Titaness, one of her titles from The Morrigan as well as her war-orchestrating efforts, and several names and references to Morwel from D&D. Rule the fight with this noble lady of stars. This is (Astraia, Astraea, Asteria). The Phantom Queen; the Starry One. With the power of both the ground beneath and the firmament above, she weaves a deadly force across the battlefield. In the age of the Orokin, most frames had a singular purpose: destruction of their enemies. Asteria was slightly different. She was created as a commander, a general for those who served. From atop the great living spires she watched, and from what became known as the Court of Stars she influenced the greatest battles involving Warframe technology ever seen by her masters. She accrued great power and fame through her signature sudden and drastic tactics, and used it without pause. Favors traded became augments to herself - first, a body. Then, armor. Then, powers befitting a queen. She dreamed of one day being able to stride across the battlefield, exacting her will not through soldiers or the roots of her Orokin towers but through her own eyes and hands. And she will have that dream. Favors do not come without cost. She needed to prove herself again and again, though the swift demolition of her enemies afforded few battles for many wins. And thus she began to strike preemptively, citing that fights now would save more in the future. She began orchestrating war, all to gain more strength for herself. It hurt her to look back at the suffering she has caused, but she fell victim to her own explanations: that the ends justify the means. If destruction now means more lives in the future, then so be it. Her regret did not exist long after she strode to the battlefield for the first time, sensors alight with the heat of Sol. Something she had no need to feel in the Tower. In her presence, day turned to night as the sky itself attacked her enemies, shining beams with the smallest of widths eliminating one soldier at a time. Starfall. Great tendrils of silver grasped legions, created cover for her own. Growth. Flowers of her own creation - she named them Lunar Pitchers - lit the way for troops when those she fought could not see. Blossom. This was Asteria.
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