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  1. How do you guys handle "looking back" at Warframes? Most recently were some Harrow changes out of the blue (which are appreciated, just makes me curious!), as well as Titania (Which makes me happy that you guys are still looking at her, even after the other changes). I personally detest the charge mechanic added to Warframes, as I feel slows down the game despite being one-handed actions. My suggestion would either be taking a note from DMCV, which would be much easier, and have it auto-charge for you. So, for example, Ember's first fireball every X seconds would act as if it was fully charged. The other but more difficult to implement solution is reworking them to be similar to Gara, where it changes how the ability comes out. For example, Ember's fireball could become some sort of short-range operator-like blast.
  2. Titania is a frame entirely built upon contradictions. Actively anti-synergy. Her passive does literally nothing when using Razorwing. Full Moon previously nothing when using Razorwing. Her Damage Reflect is reduced by decreasing enemy accuracy. Her damage reflect is reduced by having evasion. Her damage reflect is reduced because enemies shoot slower with thorns. Modding her is a pain because her 2 just isn't affected, but you can either mod for 1 and 3 and gimp 4 or mod for 4 and awkwardly run in to melee range when you need to cast to activate Razorwing Blitz. You get however many razorflies but need to cancel and recast 4 to get them back, losing any razorwing blitz stacks. It's like someone actively designed the frame around being forma hungry and having only two ways to play. Maybe in development Titania was two frames that were merged in to this one amalgamation we have.
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