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  1. Soon is a very subjective term. Given that this is potentially the last patch before the mainline with Grendel, would it be safe to assume minimum time a week? If this is the case, you guys are leaving prime farming excruciatingly difficult for A6 relics. I've seen some stat primers that people wrote on reddit, breaking down and analyzing just how long you have to spend to get a particular relic (on average). Over an hour to get 1 relic for a 10-40% chance to get an item seems a bit ridiculous. Relics were introduced with the pretense of reduced grind. What you have now are 2 knobs that you can adjust to hyper inflate the grind. Both getting the relic to drop, and getting the part to drop.This is a bug that should've been fixed the day of prime access. Not left 2 weeks to punish those of us that attempt to obtain the prime by non-monetary means. This feels like a "oh we made a mistake... but it might sell more prime access, so lets just leave it and tell them we'll fix it soon." Just a hunch. Pretty bad. Kind of status quo though, so I guess im just barking at the wind. I find myself often having issues with whoever is in charge of drop tables and loot acquisition tuning. I think that the person in charge of setting these numbers should grind for the item with the percentages they propose *coughBlazingStepEphemeracough*, that they may understand what they are asking of the player. Rant over.
  2. Please fix xini rotation B, i think youre missng A6: Axi G3 RelicUncommon (14.29%) Axi P2 RelicUncommon (14.29%) Axi P2 RelicUncommon (14.29%) Axi T3 RelicUncommon (14.29%) Axi L5 RelicUncommon (14.29%) Axi R3 RelicUncommon (14.29%) Axi D1 RelicUncommon (14.29%)
  3. I mean, why is this not fixed? Things like this create the vacuum that is the A6 shortage. Axi G3 Relic Uncommon (14.29%) Axi P2 Relic Uncommon (14.29%) Axi P2 Relic Uncommon (14.29%) Axi T3 Relic Uncommon (14.29%) Axi L5 Relic Uncommon (14.29%) Axi R3 Relic Uncommon (14.29%) Axi D1 Relic Uncommon (14.29%)
  4. To be fair. DE has had problems with their RNG in the past. This isn't something that's out of left field.
  5. The drop tables state each part is equal drop chance. The only way to know if the drop rate is in fact skewed, would be to work at DE to see exactly how many times each part has dropped, they're the only one with the metrics. I have a feeling its probably close to the 33/33/33 distribution. Sometimes we just see what we want to see. I don't think people should be jumping down your throat for posting though, we've all been in crappy RNG situations where we feel the odds are weighted against us. P.S. I ran razorback 3 times for a catalyst, and i got 2 gorgon W receivers and an augur strike. I ran Zealoid prelate 6 times and got 2 subcortex, 2 bp, and 2 blades.
  6. No one has the space for mods on their primaries nowadays anyways. All this theory crafting about BiS exilus mods. You gonna give up your riven or primed cryo rounds to fit an exilus mod in? Not likely. You gonna pay 20p for an adapter to give you the extra slot? Probably.
  7. Been playing a long time... Never found an reinforced orokin container. Its the only thing not scanned in my codex. The completionist in me cries everytime, the Warframe vet in me can't be bothered anymore.
  8. I didnt ignore your 'fix', Sending a message would be barely anything honestly. I doubt it really solves most peoples issue with being capped on nightwave though.
  9. Very powerful mod suggestion. I don't hate it, but its very strong. Most sentinels barely attack anyways. This is basically just "Your sentinel can't die", which then opens up about half the mods you put on your sentinel to begin with to keep it alive (redirection,steel fiber, vitality, etc). Probably won't ever see a mod like this introduced.
  10. Last nightwave: I can't get enough standing this is stupid. This nightwave: I get so much standing that i hit cap this is stupid. You were never intended to hit the cap. DE overtuned this nightwave because the last one had so much backlash about the ranks taking too long. Can't win with you guys. It's there to stop people from nonstop farming catalysts and nitain, because DE doesnt want these to be trivial (think orokin cells, there was a time when these were rare).
  11. The Ember roller coaster continues. Probably the most polarizing warframe in terms of power level meta standing over my 6 years in WF. From top to bottom to top to bottom again.
  12. @TARINunit9 Interesting read. Well written post. Thanks for the food for thought.
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