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  1. Skaleek

    No anniversary Weapons in 2019?

    I think i have 4 Dex furis, maybe 5? So i guess time to throw another one on the pile!
  2. Skaleek

    Do you use wall latch frequently?

    No and the set mods arent gonna make me start. Been a while since DE released a useful set of mods. Adaptation being the exception. Everything dies too fast for me to stop on a wall to shoot.
  3. Skaleek

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.15

    I've experienced this bug many many times, but never knew what the trigger was for it. Thanks for fixing this. I guess i should've put 2 and 2 together since this bug happened almost every Profit taker run i did.
  4. Skaleek

    Sentinel Rivens NEED to come back

    Need and Want are two very different things.
  5. Sounds like Reflex Guard (the mod) will need to be looked at Steve!
  6. If there was a rock in warframe then how would we, as scissors, beat it? Not a fan of the metaphor! I think it's more apt that we have rock, paper, and scissors enemies, and we're the nuclear bomb.
  7. Skaleek the Gaze is that bad?

    Thanks, i've been inactive for the most part so sometimes its hard to keep up with mechanic changes. Appreciate the information.
  8. Skaleek the Gaze is that bad?

    I tried making a pure status gaze to take advantage of going over the 100% status cap on beam weapons.... Cept the gaze has its status capped at 100%... frustrating.
  9. Skaleek

    Last Update.

    Your HD is 60gb? Sounds like a problem on your end. I do hate steam though, and avoid it whenever at all possible.
  10. The fact that DE hasnt taken a hard line with this kind of behavior only encourages people to do it and then come on the forums and tell others to "solo queue" if they have a problem with it. Not good.
  11. Skaleek

    Primed Reach worth upgrading?

    Dont upgrade it till melee 3.0. If I'm not mistaken reach is being changed to an additive rather than a % increase.
  12. Skaleek

    Baro is here

    It's not free. Ducats take time and effort. Getting relics, using them. Some people think the currency in Warframe is platinum, I would argue it's time.
  13. Skaleek

    MR+ 20 Players have become a plague

    Nope. You didnt need 8 people to start the mission. But you did need 4 in the second part of the grineer raid to open the doors (before they introduced operators). And in jordas you needed 3 (i think, its been a while) due to some jordas mechanics.
  14. Skaleek

    MR+ 20 Players have become a plague

    When i was back doing PoE bounties, if there were Mesa's just cleaning the objectives, not allowing me to do anything and I didn't need xp, then I would go mine in the area. I don't feel guilty about that, its better than me just sitting at the objective doing nothing. This is a very different circumstance than those who sit at the front of fortuna/cetus gates with no intention of even trying to play the mission to begin with.
  15. Skaleek

    MR+ 20 Players have become a plague

    MR26. I have experienced leeches of all MR. It's a problem. Most people just say "play solo if you don't like it". I hope DE does address this at some point because it really frustrates me.