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  1. I can try for you in a moment but my guess is its just 1 ammo per click and 1 ammo per release. I had a tigris with 3 ammo once upon a time.
  2. I've had quite a few happen as the first hound of the mission. I did a jupiter survival on elara and I can definitely remember a hound being unable to be mercy'd that sat there the entire mission, and this was the first mission i ran since i had logged in. This bug is pretty common, but not consistent enough to really pinpoint the cause from what I've seen on my end. I can definitely say I've had this bug occur on missions passed the first one since i logged on though.
  3. No one tell him about magnum force.
  4. This is my biggest gripe with rj right now. People hopping on turrets and going afk or pilots diddling around avoiding objectives. It's a terrible experience. I loathe public queues and try to play with friends. You can use the rj menu to view other players and watch them. I do this almost every mission so I know exactly who's dead weight and call them out. It's really not fun, especially since you want 4 players if you're cracking relics.
  5. I think even if it happened once, its too many times. Thats my opinion though and I see what you're saying as a generalization.
  6. Indeed this feels more accurate, but then are you equating increased fees to holding victims accounts locked till they shell out cash?
  7. Banks take the hit, not the individual victims. The issuer of currency takes the hit. In this case the issuer is DE. You are misinformed. DE is not operating like credit cards do. Not at all.
  8. This sums up my feeling pretty well. I don't think players who've done nothing wrong should have their account held hostage until they pay for someone else's plat. DE loses revenue from charge back but nothing else. Pushing the cost to some random person makes no sense no matter how hard some people are justifying. Especially the ones who are saying "that's just how fraud works". It's not.
  9. Probably because she was responsible for your revival. Not that we have a choice. You wanna play the game? You playin the game for Lotus son.
  10. The Corpus, Infested, Grineer, Sentient, and Tenno all share the fact they were created by the Orokin. I'd start there. I agree we both share the general matriarchal figure that has us go commit genocide throughout the origin systems theme. I see where you're going with it.
  11. Hope you're getting what you're looking for from this exchange.
  12. The fact you cant see the idea behind the argument, which you made to begin with, speaks volumes to your capacity. The point is what you call a poop popsicle, I might call grape flavor, or is that too difficult to understand. You say that credit boosters are bad, but not everyone feels that way. To some, they are useful. Do you understand now? Or do i need to simplify it more? Subtle enough for you? It's what you do with the credit booster that matters. Go run profit taker. You'll get credits. A lot.
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