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  1. Solo'd it with inaros, 10 minutes. Lephantis took me longer.
  2. Your questions were harder than I expected. The Naramon question cost me 19k and stopped me from being top 100 :(. All in all well done, the voice line questions were by far the toughest for me.
  3. I got a pop up and input my email, followed the instructions early to allow access to see my twitch account:
  4. Yeah love the prime trailers. Geoff and his team are constantly knocking it out of the park imo.
  5. Hopefully they learned from last years tennocon and are trying to release this one fairly close to tennocon's date, rather than still not delivering what they showed at tennocon last year. That said, DE's track record is pretty bad in terms of delivery dates and promised versus given content so my educated guess would be late fall. I hope i am pleasantly surprised and they release it next week, I just know better than to expect that.
  6. "we want to reduce grind" is not conducive with their real goal, "we want you online more". So when they say "we want to reduce grind" they are giving you lip service. Because in reality, they want to increase grind, and make you think they reduced the grind.
  7. Imagine if we didnt content island and you could do all 5 missions simultaneously just by going to the node??
  8. Throw It on the pile of useless stuff in wf
  9. With great rewards comes great responsibility grind.
  10. Iron staff right now is a dumpster fire. Even if modded fully for strength it struggles compared to average tier melee weapons that dont cost energy to maintain.
  11. Also unaffected by dark sector resource bonus. Yikes.
  12. De says this about every piece of content they abandon. They have big plans for railjack and eidolon fights and index and rathuum and Neff anyo and trials and pets and <insert any wf content here>.
  13. Liches. Mostly because it could've so easily been integrated into the game as a whole.
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