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  1. Nope. 1 point so they can at least sit on the pilot seat if i need them.
  2. I actually really enjoyed the railjack specific portions of this quest. It's scratching the surface of that epic feeling of an ensuing space battle. Also the shanty is great, sound team always killing it.
  3. Hundreds of posts saying that void storms are unrewarding, DE. My question is how did you not see this coming? Took me one mission to come to this conclusion. No one at DE said "hey this is a bad idea. No one's gonna do this after they farm the one and done rewards?". Feels like you guys are largely disconnected from the game you are developing.
  4. I for one am glad it didn't take a week of farming to get the new toys. @Voltage once again hits the nail on the head. The same design mistakes are made patch after patch by someone and it seems they've never been held accountable.
  5. @Steel_Rook Always enjoy reading your posts. Well written and eloquent.
  6. Should've seen this coming when they introduced iso vaults which were basically bounties with a single reward interval. DE loves to push their player base to the limits of acceptable time/reward ratios.
  7. As long as you don't go in another thread and complain about challenge and lack of difficult content.
  8. Funny how many people dislike this. The reality is the energy economy in Warframe is entirely out of whack and probably needs to be revisited/re-evaluated when the devs finally accept how much of a problem it's become. Yeah nerfs are probably needed, get over it people.
  9. DE repeating the same old mistakes. How frustrating and how unsurprising.
  10. Agreed. OP makes some valid points about Warframe mission design. Very common complaint about deimos was too much hurry up and wait missions. My favourite game modes since the start of warframe have been survival (when it was added) and exterminate, so what he's saying resonates with me.
  11. More fluff. Make a thread that's says the sky is blue and repeat the posts ad nauseum you've accomplished the same thing.
  12. To be honest with you, having identical stats to another weapon really doesn't matter in the slightest. It has no bearing on any of this discussion because it's an entirely different class of weapon. The weapon may be better than decon p but at least they are punching in the same weight class. Unlike the artax for example.
  13. If it gets nerfed it gets nerfed. These things usually happen. Decon prime is still in the ballpark of this weapon though. Maybe the wires got crossed when they introduced this weapon and the stats are not what was intended. It is a straight upgrade from 2 other similar sentinel weapons.
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