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  1. The point is that depending on your specific situation, you can find yourself on one side or the other of this issue pretty easily. So consider both sides? I dont care about exclusives, i take part in pretty much every facet of warframe's content. But people sure do complain whenever you ask for lesser played content to have decent rewards. I spent about 2 years campaigning for AW to have worthwhile rewards like Forma BP's at Caelus (because i enjoyed grinding AW more than the void), to very little effect. The other point is that literally anything you say on the forums will have people who like trying to argue with you or pick specific things you say out to try and invalidate your entire argument. Most people aren't rational enough to expect to have to work hard for their rewards. I'm sure as someone who lives and breathes these forums you recognize that! Also, anytime something is hard enough that only a % of players can complete it, lets say 5x eidolon cap in one night, everyone who can't do it will feel alienated, sleighted, and blame DE. I'm sure you can already see the forum posts (i know i can) if this were the case.
  2. Its easy to scoff at making things available to all, until exclusivity prohibits you from getting something. You could literally replace eidolon with "pvp" and i bet all of you screaming would flip to the other side of the coin. You do eidolons, so you want something exclusive to the content because you know you'll get it regardless. What if you were one of the many people who do not partake in eidolons? Would it be ok? Be honest. Because I used to ask for Pvp exclusive rewards and I got swarmed on the forums by people crying "no exclusives". Everyone wants to be special, no one wants to be left behind. The Tenno Condition (trademark pending).
  3. Seems like my rank updated... just had quite the delay.
  4. I see way too many people in this thread making the argument "Use X if you want shield frames to be viable". This whole thread is about shields not being viable. When you suggest to someone to use something other than the thing that they are claiming is not viable, you are supporting their point, and providing absolutely nothing to the thread. Shields suck. They could use love. If you're arguing against it provide a reason why they shouldn't be buffed. I can slap arcane grace/guardian, umbral mods, primed vigor, gladiator health/armor, and adaptation and make any frame viable to level 100+. That really doesnt change the state of shields in any way.
  5. Woulda been funnier if he was talking about despair.
  6. Thats very bad luck. I had something similar (had 4 of each before i got my last one). I think the last one i needed was the Cloud Vista.
  7. It's a lot of work to report people. Most people who do it have enough work to do without warning you they're doing it.
  8. Agree with the nerfhammer inc. Especially if the riven disp is 3/5 to begin. Giving it ease of use, utility, unlimited ammo, versatility to mod (stat vs crit), seems like all upside no downside. Is there anything bad about this weapon?
  9. They heard that aura forma drop rates were too low so they buffed ephemera drop rates passed it. 5% vs 4.5%. Because its best to put the reward that you want multiple times at the lowest drop chance. That's been the status quo from DE for the passed few years really.
  10. Jennifer Hale is the Morgan Freeman of voice acting in video games. Let Rebecca have her Lotus identity, keeps Lotus unique.
  11. Pretty subtle. I farmed these for hours over the weekend. Can you please buff the 2% drop rate to something more realistic and not insane? Also, if you could add the mobs that drop these mods to the regular spawn tables instead of having them only in the secret rooms, i think that would go a long way.
  12. The trade price given the rarity right now is probably 200+ plat per mod. Gotta agree with OP. I've farmed 4 full sets of all the captura scenes and still dont have a single mod from these enemies. (using nekros/chesa as well).
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