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  1. Things that would help my field of view when using sights would be a welcome change.
  2. It wouldn't be an update if there wasn't a trinity nerf in there somewhere.
  3. Yeah this shop kinda sucks. Surprise! The guy balancing loot acquisition at DE is at it again.
  4. I believe there was a dev post about this. I think it said that their intention is not for grasp of lohk to be a straight up better radial disarm.
  5. I tested it again in the simulacrum and I couldnt get the electricity proc on myself, so i'm not really sure what happened. Perhaps there is more going on then i understand.
  6. Hi, So i decided to try out retribution for the first time ever (i've had this mod for like 7 years). I put it on my trinity prime which is built for shields, and I decided to give it a test. A grineer flameblade hit me, and then he was staggered and he took a small amount of damage (maybe like 5? Seemed non-elemental). However, when the flameblade was staggered I took an electricity proc and he did not. I continued to test this and everytime i was hit in melee and triggered the stagger proc, i was afflicted with an electricity proc for 6s. I know that the odds of this being fixed ar
  7. I feel your pain. For the Jackal Eximus, I've spent countless hours soloing thermia factures trying to get a single scan.
  8. No i have saxum eximus. Well, those two and the jugulus eximus are the only ones I havent managed to obtain. I've checked most places i can think of. Including new bounties, iso vaults, SP bounties, etc.
  9. So I did the daily missions the other day and I didn't have a single acolyte spawn (yes i killed npcs all the way through the mission). I'm not sure this is a "guaranteed" thing. On topic, The rotating shop that is Teshin is basically the same shop as before, this 1 week long rotation for a singular item (50k kuva at a discount this week, and umbral forma last week) is kinda bare.
  10. Still not sure if the missing codex entry is Jugulus Eximus or Jugulus Rex. Have the rest done but there's also an incomplete entry(2, must be normal + eximus) between Deimos saxum rex and Deimos tendril drone. Anyone have these yet??
  11. I was under the impression finishing bounties saved account progress. Are you sure you lost everything?
  12. Does this mean you dropped the arcane drop rate %'s? This is important because as it stands the t3 bounty is only slightly better for farming the arcanes and if you cram more stuff in the bounty this could change easily. I guess what I'm really asking is can you update the PC drop tables to reflect this change?
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