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  1. Didn't even think of that. Pretty good counter-argument imo. He's gonna lean on the Charged Chamber vs Primed Chamber naming convention though, both having "chamber", yadda yadda. Personally i don't know why this is a thing. Who cares what it looks like? It drains 7 mod capacity and does X. It could be a bronze mod for all i care. DE has better stuff to do. Like making Warm coat a good mod. Or rifle aptitude. etc.
  2. Everyone will be playing Excal umbral range/efficiency builds with howl, paracesis, and shedu.
  3. Kinda sounds like most warframe players back when tonkor was meta.
  4. Really? I wonder if its even more than that. I wonder if he's a cephalon that wants to buy any body secondhand. Meh, you're probably right, Drusus does sound pretty corpus like.
  5. Hard to hitbox = Evasion. DE's gotta stack the deck against us because we're so stacked as it is. Frustrating? Absolutely. Effective? Kinda.
  6. Ahh, you're not asking for a handout, you're asking for someone to break the ToS with you. My mistake! Still better than asking for a freebie, at least.
  7. Thread lock incoming? Digital Panhandling banned?
  8. Liches kinda proved DE was full of it about "database issues" and the riven cap.
  9. Oneshot is a sub category of Time to kill. TTK. In Warframe, TTK is the deciding factor in whether the weapon is considered top tier or not. Other factors that play a part are aoe, falloff and investment cost i suppose.
  10. Except zoom, higher ammo capacity does not increase damage. Though i will concede that flight speed mods increase falloff range on projectile weapons, and vigilante supplies does moderately improve criticals, so they are not consistent with the message being sent by DE. The rest, however, are. Swap speed, ammo max, zoom, would never be slotted otherwise. I don't need to find another argument, this is the explicitly stated reason from DE. The onus is not on anyone to "Search for another argument". The onus would be on you to explain why the exilus slot should be expanded to allow for mods that directly upgrade the weapons DPS. The best argument for is flight speed mods + vigilante supplies, imo.
  11. depleted reload is the same as fast hands, increases dps, so no.
  12. So my vectis prime is pretty beast now. Welcome primed chamber to the one weapon that will ever use you.
  13. Except that Primed Chamber was handed out at no cost during an event. The price of it has been set by the players and has continued to rise due to supply vs demand. These were never sold as an investment, people just assumed that they were. By assuming they were protected investments, such as what you are using in your comparison, incurs a high level of risk, as today's offering has proven.
  14. Yes but they made no such promise not to re-introduce the mod. Same deal as all the other magic cards, they are reprinted consistently. Wizards regrets the reserved list because it is a potential revenue source that they are unable to tap. Just as I'm sure DE regrets excalibur prime.
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