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  1. Dear DE, I understand the urgency you had to output this update and in such a short time, but this is just ridiculous. The overarching mission although different and enjoyable is plagued by clipping issues, animation freakouts, and boundary issues. Please do not release the game updates in this state, it really defeats the purpose of playing them, unless you like to play while grinding your teeth. Sincerely, Stillent
  2. Yeah, that reminds me the ship's geometry is all funky as well, does not correspond with the ship's shape, especially towards the back. And as an extra disappointment I found out that there is no collision of the small cargo ship that zooms around the dry dock.
  3. After starting on the repairs of my main body of the railjack I decided to climb it. Turns out there is no collision for any features (fins, stacks, anything protruding) apart from the main body.
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