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  1. Stillent

    Update Failures

    1. Not everyone might have a cell phone network, so in this case try to connect to any other network. (I tried using Starbucks wifi) 2. If your problem is with read/writing to files on your PC then a new connection will not make a difference.
  2. Stillent

    Update Failures

    Possible solution up top.
  3. Stillent

    Update Failures

    Fellow Tenno, I have done it, after 3 weeks of no WF I ALONE FIXED the problem of updates failing. Roll back to 2 weeks back when I read the error log files, and noticed that the problem was probably linked to a read/write with something of a cache. Guess what, the DE support ignored it! Ok so I don't have a whatever degree u need to do this crap, but I do have an engineering degree. Anyway, this may not be a solution to you all but I will be as brief as I can on how I found a solution to this problem. I am using Windows 10 and only using the Windows Defender. 1. Go to where you can install and uninstall your programs, there you will need to search for "Microsoft Visual C++ 2xxx redistributable" (where xxx are numbers, like 2017 for example) 2. Find the ones with (x64) and go to modify and then repair. (in my case I only did the two recent ones [start with the largest 2xxx) . 3. If one was found to be broken the computer will need to restart so go and do that. 4. After the restart go to your windows defender and go to the "Virus & Threat Protection" -> Virus & Threat protection settings -> Controlled Folder Access -> Mange controlled folder access -> Allow an app through controlled folder access 5. From there go ahead and add Warframe.x64 (located in your steamapps/common/Warframe folder) as an allowed app Also, go and add the Launcher as well which is located one folder further in: steamapps /common/Warframe/Tools 6. Run steam and start Warframe as you would normally do 7. Verify the cache from the launcher 8. Play the game.
  4. Stillent

    Update Failures

    Bro if you contacted DE they will eventually ask you to re-download the game, don't bother and just say it is till not working. It has been almost a month with no WF for me. DE support still working it out...
  5. Stillent

    Update Failures

    Hello everyone, So on the day that the Wolfe of Saturn 6 the launcher fails to update, it tries to download and then fails, stating simply that: "The update has failed, Please try again later. The update will be restarted shortly..." It does that a couple of times then just stops trying altogether. I had submitted a ticket to DE, however after 3 suggestions: 1. Clear Local Data 2. Disable firewall 3. Use VPN Nothing had worked, I also tried this in combination and also things like changing the language, changing launcher settings and reinstalling the whole game, with no luck there. At this point, the individual handling the ticked just C+P me method 1 again, so I do not see how this roundabout way would solve anything. I am using a Lenovo Y50-70 which is only from 2015, and do have direct x 12 installed. Is anyone else have the same issue? Can anyone suggest a solution to this? Is DE investigating this?
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