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  1. After Baro's Tennocon visit I've not spent a ducat I've earned really. At least I have something to spend them one now ( cause I certainly didn't spend them on his last visit~ )
  2. Simone Named after the same character from Frisky Dingo... Because Kick Pants.
  3. It's been said countless times. Even by founders who are MUCH less vocal than those very few that are upset and caused a racket; "DE broke no contract. It's not Excal Prime. I now have 3 awesome versions" Let that conversation die already. Now why I came to post here in the first place~ Anyone else notice the subtle effect of Umbra ducking when you aim toward him in operator mode, even when he's facing away from you? It's a very nice touch and really lends to the entire feel of "One mind two bodies" I'm sure most players have but still, just something nifty.
  4. " Fixed an issue with the Day 950 Login Tribute... but did not fix Login 3.0 but hopefully we can talk more about that later this summer, stay tuned! "
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