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  1. you'd think this would have been added already. its already three to four times more popular then any other frame thats been added. This would just rock epicly if they put it into the game.
  2. nothing od to comment? or anyting to improve? so your basically tryign to poke a hole and let hte boat sink.
  3. So sombody mentioned archwing weapon ideas. This is mine Dragons Breath: Launch a high yeild warhead at enemies, payload travels slower then normal projectiles but deals high damage. or Dragons Teeth: Fire sharp plasma *think this is stll the central element for dragon no?* charged projectiles at enemies in rapidsuccession. Damage threshold is lower, but causes a 'burn' effect on enemies hit with pojectiles and can pin enemies to nearby objects.
  4. i hope not. i liked the original dragon the best. slim sleak, the whole thing behind a dragon is that their scales are waht gives them so much invulnerability. making him big and bulky kinda goes awsome from the steam line i liked of him. But regardless, still awsome art :) i just hope they keep draogn more thin, and kinad lancerish.
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