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  1. Wait it is still going? Haven't played in a while. But finished season before I stopped.
  2. I could use that event. It ended shortly after I came back from a long break and I need them two weapons. :p
  3. Missing two items from scarlet spear, is what it is.
  4. Took me 2 attempts. Attempt one was just seeing how it worked, nearly killed him. Second attempt he didnt touch me one time as he is HIGHLY predictable. Not a bad boss fight as you are in HIS realm for it, only makes logical sense there a new rules. Can I remind you people of Octavias Anthem?
  5. Looks simple enough. I was hoping it was gonna be every test back to back with a new one at the end. :p.
  6. For poos and giggles I did another litch (I already have done and forma all the weapons) from knowing nothing to being like 4 mercy kills away from knowing all for parazon it has taken under 3 hours. This is running missions and hanging out until they stop spawning. As well as not downing my litch when he showed up until he stops spawning them too. This has all been solo. Dont blaze through missions, with litch taking your time = faster progress of unlocking.
  7. Should have a t-shirt available to buy that says. "I made it to MR30 and all I got was this lousy t-shirt".
  8. I got mine about a week after it came out, mine has been maxed for over a week maybe two. I have just been eating a frame a day and infusing an ability here or there. I wouldn't worry about rushing to level it up, just eat a frame every day.
  9. Atmos, atterax, soma prime and valkitty. Those were my go to for everything when I first started... That was a long time ago.
  10. Except the Mech items are technically a different syndicate as you are asked not to talk about your doings with the family.
  11. Add me to your friends list. And if we were ever on at the same time and you need help to do something feel free to message me in game.
  12. There is a catch up mechanic. I started this season when the 3rd scene was just available and maxed my rank in about 3 days just doing NW things. Now there is even more to be done, you shouldn't have any issues if you just grind the challenges and get the makeup ones to show.
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