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  1. To add, it still lingers even when you start a new mission from the Dry Dock without having left the Dojo since the previous mission...
  2. Type: Railjack mission Desc: When a crewmate engineer fixes the electrical hazard, sometimes you still retain the HUD-scrambling effect, as well as being unable to use the tactical menu, for the rest of the game session. Visual: (Electric proc irrelevant in this) Reproduction: Get a crewmate to repair an electric hazard, while you're in the RJ. One thing is my crewmate's role was a gunner before I assigned them to engineer (from outside my RJ). That could relate. Expected: HUD unscrambling upon the repair. Observed: As the images show. Rate: If I'm correct, this happened in one of my first few times, the very first when I assigned my crewmate to engineer after the hazard happened.
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