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  1. I feel like everywhere I turn, something is being changed for the worse. The new UI (Ref Brozime's rant) is less functional than the old one, and the melee changes take away control I used to have. Whenever I think about item labels being off by default I feel like shouting and pounding a table because it's such a monumentally bad idea and I don't understand how it was allowed to happen.. and stay that way. DE aren't stupid. They play their own game. Surely they have tried to find a prime part without item labels. I can't for the life of me think of a rational reason for this being the way it is. Another example: Simaris' page in the syndicates console has the "Visit" and "Offerings" buttons in different places compared to all the other syndicates. This kind of inconsistency is bad design and I don't understand why! Melee 2.9 was the worst thing to ever happen to Warframe. I can see it being easier for a new player to get into, but I was used to the old melee. For me, auto-blocking and the accompanying auto-aim-glide is truly awful! Might as well have random button inputs messing me up. Melee improved a lot in the latest iteration, but they kept auto-blocking; the very worst part of it. Mercy kills lock the camera so I can't look around and decide on my next move. Look at the cool animation we made! Everywhere I look something is being made prettier and less functional, and it's so dismaying because I Love Warframe. I don't just mean I enjoy playing it, I capital-L Love Warframe! It's always been the crown jewel of gaming that does AAA better than the AAA companies, and F2P better than the F2P cesspool that is mobile gaming. I'm thousands of hours and hundreds of dollars in. I've done everything I can to convince my friends to play with me. I'm so sad and angry about the direction Warframe is going, and keeps doubling down on, I'm not even excited for Empyrean. I started the quest but I'm not feeling it. I dunno...
  2. Just adding my +1 to the pile. Autoblocking is terrible because it takes control away from us. Please let us longpress F to lock melee mode like before. It's bad enough that if Melee 3.0 is ready tomorrow I'd want you to roll it back today.
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