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  1. There's a copy of the scabbard being rendered behind the warframe. It rotates along with he warframe. I've also seen a headless copy of my warframe behind the actual one in Cetus Armory but I can't replicate that.
  2. Go to Options > Interface and turn on "Item Labels" The fact that this is off by default is indeed a bug.
  3. Just adding my +1 to the pile. Autoblocking is terrible because it takes control away from us. Please let us longpress F to lock melee mode like before. It's bad enough that if Melee 3.0 is ready tomorrow I'd want you to roll it back today.
  4. Hyped for Railjack. More hyped for Melee 3.0. Praying it removes autoblock and lets us lock mleee mode like it used to.
  5. Mixed feelings about autoblock. Not happy about how much control it takes away from me. Like others said, Electromagnetic Shielding and Guardian Derision are... let's say Impractical now. Glaive and gunblade charged attacks, as well as Blind Justice's multiattack combo which starts with a charged attack were broken. They would get interrupted all the time but seems to only autoblock attacks with knockdown now, and only when I'm not status immune anyway, so super happy about that one! If you don't have a secondary, pick up a datamass or something, you drop it if you right click. If you do that with a half-empty thermia canister, it disappears. (This last part might be fixed. Haven't tested recently but I lost a few bonuses to it last week) Enabling LMB melee works fine (IE, like it used to) if you don't equip a primary or secondary. Otherwise it becomes contextual and difficult if your timing is off. And even if you don't bring guns, equipping a scanner makes RMB re-equip the scanner for the rest of the mission. LMB melee is just straight up better because you don't have to take a finger off the WASD keys to hit something. I'd really like this to work properly. I'm all for effectively allowing combos with quick melee but for goodness' sake let us lock into melee mode like before. It would solve all the breakages we're dealing with now.
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