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  1. in this Vid sortie 1st mission is a Spy mission on Kelpie Sedna. once I click it it tells me that "I need to unlock Kelpie (sedna) to unlock this mission" now if you look closely to the video, you can see that when I put my cursor on Kelpie sedna you can see that it is not Lock. because you do not see a lock icon on that node. Only thing I can do if to play kelpie before i could play sortie. take note I have already unlock all the nodes, this will then repeat itself the next day. I have about 10 videos of this, it started in July and it is still persisting. I have already send a tick
  2. was able to get this serro riv with 325% cc, with 5/5 dispo. would this be suitable or should i switch to mire like everyone else
  3. other than the kuva weapons and paracesis.. any other weapon that can reach level 40?
  4. my sortie seems buggy ever since deadlock protocol update i keep getting "unlock nod to play this mission" error on the first vid i was already on the last sortie solo, i switch to public and joined a mission but then i got kick because the session was full. tried to join another but now it says I need to unlock the nod on that planet first. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvlsnxbRflc Next vid shows that I already unlocked the nod on that planet but yet when i join it tells me i still need to unlock it. this is happening every sortie since the update https://www.yout
  5. nvm it seems like larva can go up to 33m
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