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  1. Is it just me or is Wukongs Deluxe Skin blurried after those hotfixes?
  2. Thank you for your fast and clear response I simply like this community :D
  3. Hey my fellow Tennos, I haven´t played Wukong since his rework and I wanted to know if the following info is still up to date? Acc. to wiki: Maximized Ability Range increases melee range bonus to 56% per Melee Combo Counter rank. Reduces damage to 100. But inn the description of Primal Fury I can´t find anything related to that. Is this probably an old info from his pre rework?
  4. Hi Bin ein sehr aktiver MR26/Founder Spieler und bin auf der Suche nach einem neuen Clan, da in meinem derzeitigen kaum mehr welche zocken. Ein deutschsprachiger wäre auch echt wünschenswert Freu mich auf eure Rückmeldung
  5. Failed NoNutNovember pretty early 😋
  6. Guys please try the Arca Plasmor. This looks amazing 😄
  7. New Melee weapons? I thought no new melees would come until melee 3.0? + The fact that we got barely any new information regardless melee 3.0 can only mean one thing: BIG DELAY.... am I right or am I right?
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