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  1. Could you give us a small update when the new Tennogen might be released?
  2. Thanks for the update. But I really hoped for Tennogen =(
  3. Next week I think we have a good chance. The Xaku changes will come most likely in an Update (-> 29.1.0) and Tennogen also exclusevly comes in Updates.
  4. Gauss works really well but how on earth is his 4 one-shotting anything?
  5. You already mentioned weeping wounds, so just mix in some Slash with your Viral and Heat (although Heat is not that mandatory as the other 2) and you´re melting everything
  6. Is anyone having the same issue? I am able to play normally , but as soon as I go unter Esc -> Options the game freezes for a second and closes with no error what so ever
  7. You are new to this game and demand DE to nerf a weapon, only because it is capable of killing low enemies fast in standard star chart? Is this a joke thread or what am I reading here?
  8. I actually put 1 into Excal Prime to have the same build as my Excal Umbra Makes that sense? Not really Do I use any of them? Not really Was it worth it? YES
  9. Level scaling seems kinda broken (hope thats not intended) in Survival Missions. Half an hour in MOT, the level went from about 140 to 155
  10. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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