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  1. Even still, I wouldn't pay an extra $50-$60 for the added platinum and boosters when I could wait for a 75% off and get 4200-ish plat for the same price. Really hope DE makes a different choice on this one.
  2. Hey man, I'd take a gold-encrusted ship that flaps around on my loading screen over some earings and mouthpieces for "the-shekeler-that-lives-inside-me".
  3. Everything looked great until I got to the Prime Accessories. I've never been interested in buying Prime Access until now, with Mesa being the next prime, and I've gotta say... it seems that without a Syandana or Armour there really isn't much value in "Operator Accessories". I dont tend to see myself fawning over how good my operator looks when I'm void dashing to get that energy spike, and then immediatly switching back to my frame (which gets the most screen-time). 😂 Like others have said, Prime Accessories really seem to be lacking in this one. Sounds like I'll be saving $60 and just be getting the main access w/o the accessories.
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