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  1. Here's what I think about it. I've been playing railjack in the last weeks for the mastery points. Its gets more fun the stronger you get. At first I didnt have fun because I didnt understand anything and warframe has a common habit of not explaining anything so wiki is a must. For example I didnt know about the artillery fire, getting slingshot with archwing and that you could forge things in the back. I thought once your resources reached 0 the game was done for. I didnt know what an omni tool is, later on that you can teleport to your ship with it. I discovered these things thanks to s
  2. Shotguns are good to charge up antimatter drop quickly. I like to use tigris (prime or sancti) as a primary or euphona prime as a secondary.
  3. Not sure if this was reported or not. I noticed this a few weeks. Kitguns show up as unranked under the "primary" category. In the "secondary" section they appear correctly as maxed.
  4. There seem to be server issues in the game right now. So its probably not you. Give it some time.
  5. Yup its buggy. Doesn't always absorb the damage. I wish they would also add a counter to it like they did with Nyx's absorb.
  6. Are you kidding? I found Mirage the best when it comes to customisation. But yeah any frame will probably get an immortal skin eventually. Trinity should get hers first.
  7. Considering the constant changes on Trinity I have the impression that she isn't very liked by the staff and so it might be a while before she gets her immortal skin. RIP Trinity
  8. Slash damage is great but not effective on all type of mods. The hardest mobs like heavy gunners and ancients have armour and puncture is more efficient on them. I'm disapointed about the new mods myself. Mostly because its just additional slash damage. As event mods I feel that they should be more special. They could've been dual slash mods with additional crit chance or damage for example. Just throwing an example.
  9. Noticed the same. What I also noticed it that it only happens when you're not the host. Same with you?
  10. Pretty much this. Zephyr doesn't contribute much to teamwork. Her ult tornado can be a good crowd control but most people seem to find it annoying because it ragdolls enemies everywhere. Other then that she's fun to use. Fast, agile and mobile.
  11. We are space ninja's. Logic doesn't necesarilly have to apply imo. If all of Excalibros abilities get a rework so that they're usefull then I won't mind the change though.
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