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  1. Same here. Kogake is the only issue.
  2. Nice to see all the feedback people gave about arbitration saying the same thing about revival not being the issue but the length is didnt matter one bit. And seeing more items added with insanely low droprates gives me a bad flashback back when some rare items were datamined to have 0.67% droprates. I’m not liking the direction the game is heading.
  3. This is a bug I noticed the last time it was on nightwave few weeks back and it seems to still persist. Basically when you try to use the echo lure to mimic the animals never respond no matter where you aim the lure and the sound volume. In my case the mimicing wont work 4/5 times no joke.
  4. I thought these nightwave missions were supposed to be challenging. Instead we got boredom. Or is fighting the boredom a whole hour the challenge? Pisspoor thought out challenges.
  5. Can we maybe instead keep the perma death and have the reward rotations the same as normal missions and not twice as long? I'd prever that.
  6. The issue is not Itzal being too good. Its archwing in general that sucks and Itzal provides the abilities that bandaids the issues with archwing. This thread explains it well.
  7. Ok so last night I did the challenge and got the 5k points for it which were subtracted. It didnt show as completed so now I did the mission again and gained 3k points instead of 5k and it still doesnt show as completed??? This is an odd bug.
  8. Still no fix for bug where you're unable to skip intro cutscenes.
  9. I know it says that everyone who logged in the last 7 days gets Ash prime. However I didnt watch Tennocon at all. Is that still intended or?? I just read back and it seems intended. I will humbly accept the gift. Ty!
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