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  1. Heya, bit of a late reply but thought maybe you'd be interested in knowing. You were right. I recently got a second display and checked out the GPU usage and it turns out the usage is the same for borderless and normal fullscreen. Minimizing the game does show different data on the task manager. Limiting the frames appears to be the factor in the GPU usage. Thanks for all the info :)
  2. Its on unlimited yeah, but its the same on just fullscreen. Which is why I found it odd. Putting a limit on borderless does make a difference in the GPU usage. But then why doesnt it make a difference on fullscreen? Like idk man.
  3. Yes its exclusively the mode that makes the difference. When I switch between the two modes literally nothing changes in the settings from resolution, framerate, refresh rate, Vsync etc. Nothing out of the ordinary. I have one display only. Nothing changes between the modes. The performance doesnt seem any different between the two. The only difference is the GPU usage as far as I know. The Vsync is off on both modes. I will check out on the GPU monitoring software. Thank you for the tip! As the other guy mentioned though its probably the GPU taking advantage of its capabilities. There havent been any issues. I was just wondering and concerned in case it might cause trouble later on.
  4. I'm not sure how long this has been the case since I didnt check GPU usage before. But I'm wondering if its normal that warframe uses 99% of it during borderless fullscreen mode. On normal fullscreen its about 30%. I do have most settings on med/high but my pc should be able to handle it. This is how it is on normal fullscreen (excuse the Dutch): This is with borderless fullscreen. I know borderless reduces performance but isnt this very high I'm wondering. My specs are: ASUS Prime B360M-A Intel core i5 8600K- 3,6Ghz NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB Memory: 16GB (2666Mhz)
  5. As far as I can remember its been like this ever since Limbo was introduced. Shooting at antimatter drop will not absorb the damage inside Limbo's cataclysm.
  6. I think the biggest issue is that they spawn too much. Dealing with one or two is alright but I often see them stacking with 3 to 6 or more at the same time and that can be annoying. Notice how I said annoying not difficult or hard.
  7. Nice to see all the feedback people gave about arbitration saying the same thing about revival not being the issue but the length is didnt matter one bit. And seeing more items added with insanely low droprates gives me a bad flashback back when some rare items were datamined to have 0.67% droprates. I’m not liking the direction the game is heading.
  8. Can we maybe instead keep the perma death and have the reward rotations the same as normal missions and not twice as long? I'd prever that.
  9. The issue is not Itzal being too good. Its archwing in general that sucks and Itzal provides the abilities that bandaids the issues with archwing. This thread explains it well.
  10. Still no fix for bug where you're unable to skip intro cutscenes.
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