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  1. This update feels like work, not fun. Whats the point of making the liches so damned tanky? The fight isnt even fun. I see no improvement on the supposed murmur buffs and the lich going to saturn proxima is an unnecesary change which makes the whole experience more frustrating. Sorry but this update is very lackluster.
  2. kubbi

    Nova Prime

    Whoa thats real nice! I especially like the details of the braton.
  3. You're right when you load in mission it does show a bit of color. In arsenal its completely black. However at the start when the ephemera was introduced it was still a lot more visible. Even when you use bright colors now its still barely there. Here's a video from august 2020. Its a lot different than it is now.
  4. The ephemera is always completely black and cannot be colored. I've tried all available color slots on appearance and it stays black no matter what. Also related but unsure if its a bug or intentional. The tenebrous ephemera directly on warframe also cannot be colored. The smoky aura of it can. Here's how the ephemera currently looks. I'm using bright purple and bright yellow in the emissive colors.
  5. This thread is a good refresher for me to be reminded why I no longer participate in the forums. This poor op actually makes some good points and I see peoples posts with "dont like it leave/ it used to be worse/ game not 4 u/ this grind is normal" dominate. Warframe being known for having a nice community is definitely not because of the forums. Op you're better off dropping this thread and seek for support in the game itself. Good luck.
  6. Posting to let know that the electrical malfunction glitch still regularly persists. Even when the mission is finished. The glitch only goes away once you exit the dojo. This is what it looks like:
  7. Yeah same here. 0 friends, 0 clan online. My friend from steam cant see me either.
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