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  1. Please completly revisit Client performance issues in the new Railjack missions. The longer the mission progresses the higher Client pings are becoming and the more desync issues (e.g. can't interact with stuff, falling through map, dying without being able to revive, crewships won't spawn until client leaves squad) pop up. Only hosts (or simply solo squads) are able to finish missions most of the time. Fix it pls
  2. Just tried playing the new Railjack mission with two friends... One word: Unplayable. We tried swapping hosts mutiple times, with same result: Host has completly fluent gameplay, while allies' ping is increasing during mission progression. As soon as it hits 150 ms, you can see enemies teleporting around, desyncs happen every time you interact with turrets, entrances/exits to ships, etc. barely fixable with operator. Then there was this one time my friend wasn't able to revive himself after being downed in space. It just kept going on like this. Sad to see after we wanted
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