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  1. Are you sure you're not just forgetting what was unlocked from your relic? I ask 'cause this has happened to me tons of times, thing is, what Ordis sends you isn't random. He sends you whatever item from your relic when it was opened i.e. if you got a Braton rec or something from your relic, but chose your squad mates Gram blade and then lose connection thanks to hm or whatever, Ordis will send you a Braton rec (arguably he should be sending what you chose, but that isn't the point here, not mine anyways). It's not random. As I've said, I have had this happen many times before too and made a thread (with shocker, no response) about the issue as it was starting to get highly aggravating.
  2. You think that's bad? Try Ancients + Arby Drones + Orokin Drones... More troll tier than an Artic Eximus Nully.
  3. Okay, two problems here... First: Am I the only one who keeps getting told "an updated version of Warframe is now available. Missions cannot be entered until the update is installed. Please exit and run the launcher." after playing a mission only to then do what the message requests and see that there isn't any update being applied at the launcher and then getting "Login failed. Check your info."? Having to repeatedly restart the game for either or sometimes both of these reasons is getting really damn annoying. I already reinstalled the game and that clearly didn't change anything. It could possibly be an internet issue but all my other games are working fine, so I'm wondering if this is just me. Second: Host migrations + Arbitration Alerts = me pulling my hair out. Host migrations are annoying enough as it is in any game, but it's especially annoying in this game considering that enemies spawn in before you do and all your abilities are reset... Meaning, if I'm an invisible Octavia standing in the general vicinity of enemies pre - hm, post - hm I'm likely to be a proper ****ed and dead Octavia... Fortunately, I didn't get to see this come true as wouldn't you know it, problem one applies to host migrations too and therefore wouldn't let me reenter the mission. I really do enjoy wasting ten minutes just to get absolutely nothing. Edit: I've look up some stuff and this has been an issue since 2014... Seriously? A bug that essentially makes the game unplayable that has been talked about on the forums in threads (some of which have zero responses) hasn't been fixed for four years? It seems like everytime I look for a solution for some issue in this game, I find myself looking at threads made by people who have the same issues only for there to be zero answers from anyone. I've reinstalled, hard reset my xbone, still the same thing. Either "new version, please update" after going to literally any node, including relays and my dojo or I get that plus "Login failed. Check your info." (which is absolutely ridiculous as there's no "info" to check, this isn't pc)...
  4. That's nice and all, very much requested and needed, but how come we still can't rearrange the actual loadouts? Some of us put things in alphabetical order, some by use, some of us have four Saryn Primes and want each loadout right next to each other.https://i.imgur.com/78UlaD7.png
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