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  1. Daily Tribute Boosters 3 hour > 5 hour visual bug

    Can confirm. It happend to me multiple times.It also affects Milestone tributes. I got my 550th day reward today (it includes a 3-day credit booster), as seen here:
  2. Coming Soon: Devstream #97!

    A while ago we got the ability to equip non-prime aspect on prime Warframes and Helmet. Could we get he same options for prime Weapons and Sentinels ?
  3. Vends fulls set (Prime, Wraith ...)

    mis à jour le 3/8
  4. The research pictured asks for Fieldrons, Mutagen Mass and Detonite Injectors. In the inventory pictured, you actually have Fieldron Samples, Mutagen Stamples and Detonite Ampules; i.e. the tier below the required items. You can either get the required items as a reward for playing invasions, or craft from the items you possess after you complete the corresponding researchs in your dojo's other labs.
  5. Incorrect Tooltip - Acid Shells

    So it's currently the same radius as other "explodes on death" mods such as the Jat Kittag's (6m) and the Detron's (6m) ?
  6. Empty weapon slot acting like its full

    That's not an empty slot. Empty slots says "available" at the bottom instead of the weapon name, and don't display mastery laurels.
  7. Codex scans help required

    I'll do my best, but some entries only show up once you've scanned them (and not as black outlines), so I may be off here and there. Anyhow, here we go: Going through the codex, Enemies -> All -> By name; I've left blank thoses I don't know. Anti-Moa Eximus?: Most likely, Arcane Boiler from the "Stolen Dreams" quest. Attack Drone Eximus?: I've got 2 of them Attack Drone Eximii, then Attack Mutalist, (from the Jordas Golem fight ("The Jordas Precept" last Mission, then Jordas Golem assassination)) then Auditor (The Index) Charger Eximus?: Another Charger Eximus ? since there's 2 Chargers right before ... Chroma?: Clem (from the "A Man of Few Words" quest and/or the Clem Weekly mission) Corvette Eximus?: Councilor Vay Hek (Earth assassination) Executioner Zura? (Feyarch Specter I suppose): Yep. Frontier Eviscerator? (Eximus version?): Don't have it, but I suppose. Isolator Bursa?: I have 4 empty slots after Kavat: 4 flavors of Kavor Defector (I got from the Pascifism Defect event). Kuva Eviscerator?: Kuve Flameblade. Lancer Dreg? (Eximus version?): Yep. Lynx Osprey?: Lynx Turret. Mutalist Alad V?: Don"t have Mutalist Alad V yet, but I'd say Mutalist Lightnig Carrier (Jordas Golem fight, see Attack Mutalist) Mutalist Osprey Carrier?: Mutalist Toxic Carrier (Jordas Golem fight too) Nemes?: Nemes RT (The Raptor assassination) Orbital Strike Drone?: Don't have it either, but from my own research, I'd say another Orbital Strike Drone, exclusive to "The Law of retribution" raid. Strike that. If you filter by faction, it shows in the Corpus tab. Dunno then ! Penta Ranger? (eximus ver.?): Yep. 2 blanks spot after Penta Ranger: Penta Ranger Eximus, then Phorid. Ratel?: Razorback. 2 blank spot after Scorpion eximus: Also missing the first, but reportedly Security Camera; second is Security Infested Hive (somequest or another "The Jordas Precept" quest) Shield Hellion Dargyn? (eximus ver.?). Yep. The Hyena pack?: I don't have it but my guess: Infested Mesa from the "Patient Zero" quest. Zanuka Hunter?: Zeplen, from the Fomorian battles. Now the objects: Blunt: Core Pipe: ? Maybe the tumor from the Raid version of the Jordas Golem ? Maybe ... Ferrite Deposit (seems a grineer cache): probably the new grineer container than drops captura scenes ... exclusive to the Earth. Grineer system: ? Maybe the tumor from the Raid version of the Jordas Golem ? Maybe ... Kuva syphon (a shark from Uranus?): Yep. It's named Lanx, and good luck to scan it ten times. Neuroptic mass: I've "missed" it, but I know it's the Nightfall Apothic Imprint. ("The Silver Grove"/Titania quest) Rare Orokin storage: Reinforced Corpus Storage Container Reinforced Grineer Storage (looks like a reinforced orokin storage): Yep. Ruk's claw: Wikia says, "Security Camera" Sunlight threshcone (prime version? XD ): Sunrise Apothic Imprint. 2 blank spots after Toxin injectors: Wikia says, "Transport" (from Archwing Rush mode) Turret: I've "missed" it too: Twilight Apothic Imprint. Legend has you can ask the support to give you the Apotic entries since the quest was bugged at release. Now, if you (or somebody else) could tell me what entries are ... 2 entries between Dargyn Eximus and Denial Bursa ? between Detron Crewman Eximus and Draga ? between Excalibur Scepter and executionner Dok Thul ? right before and right after Isolator Bursa ? between Manic Bombard and Mesa Scepter ? between Nauseous Crawler and Nemes ? between Nox and Nul Comba ? (Nox Emimus ?) between Scorpion Eximus and Security Infested Hive ? Cheers.
  8. stop allowing potatoes to host!

    There's an option to check; "display framerate" or something similar under options/interface. (4th 5th line on the 4th option tab, I'm not sure about the english names since i don't play in english) It displays framerate, ping and RAM usage in the bottom-left.
  9. Hi. It's not game-breaking or anything, but ... 1) Sit at the nav console in the Orbiter. 2) Use the built-in "change loadout" button to switch to a loadout with an empty weapon slot. 3) Quit the nav console. 4) Roam your orbiter with the newly equipped loadout, and the weapons from the previously equipped loadout in your empty weapon solt. 5) Grofit, I guess ... Exemple: Say I have a {Volt Prime, Amprex, Akstilletto, Nikana Dragon} loadout equiped, and I witch to a {Mirage, <empty slot>, AkLex Prime, Heat Sword} one with the nav console, due to this bug, I'll roam the Orbiter in my Mirage loadout + the Amprex from my Volt Prime loadout instead of no primary weapon. As far as I can tell it's a visual thing only since it doesn't carry over to missions.
  10. Vends fulls set (Prime, Wraith ...)

    mis à jour le 3/7
  11. Hello, j'ai à vendre les sets suivants, tous complets: Boar Prime Carrier Prime Darka Prime Gorgon Wraith Mag Prime Nekros Prime Odonata Prime Vaisseau Mantis Vasto Prime Viper Wraith Jumeaux Si vous êtes intéressés, prière de faire offre par MP.
  12. Riven Reward for "Octavia's Anthem"

    Ok, so Octavia's not this week ?
  13. #3: Participation Reward: (i.e. personnal weapon BP) I think it should be easy to obtain. It should be something you get for participating in the event, regardless of your performance in said event. I also think it shouldn't be tied to your clan's participation in the event at all. Instead of the current goal (260 points for a ghost clan), I think it should haven been something along the lines of: "Extract 20 (or 25, or whatever the threshold for C to spawn is) survivors, alone, in the easiest mission." Something that proves you understood the mechanics of the event, but doesn't requires a specific loadout, only a little bit of skill. #4: Competitive Reward: (i.e. Overcharged weapon) I'm both okay and not okay with the current requirement. 400 point for each players' personnal best on hard is fine by me, however ... It should scale with you clan participation, instead of assuming 100% clan members will participate (and a full clan rooster). What I mean is: at the end of the event, you take a look at the number of clan members with an event score ≠ 0 (we assume clan members with a score of 0 didn't participate in the event at all), you multiply that by 400, and bam, you got your clan's goal for the competitive reward. Edit: Also: that's assuming the scoring system doesn't derps itself: My personnal best, (in a PU team), is 100 or 101 evacs. Yet, somehow, my personnal best score is only 384. :'( #not numbered: Cooperative Reward: (i.e. Clantech research) Not asked about, but while I'm at it: Numbers aside -I think top 10% in each tier is too low- an alternative in my mind would have been something like that: (numbers for explanation's sake only) At the start of the event, the research automaticaly open to contributions in every clan. The research only requires one thing, say 100 000 ... let's call them "Ingis shard" (scaling with clan size as usual) Ingnis shards drop in, and only in, (and only during) the event's missions, by stacks of 10 in easy, 20 in medium and 30 in hard. However, if multiple members of a same clan are in the mission together, they each get a bonus to the number of Ignis shard in a stack: *1.5 for two players, *2 for three, *2.5 for four. (so a full team of 4 members of the same clan would get ten times (4 players * 2.5 bonus) more shards than a solo player) At the end of the event, clans that have fully funded the research have it researched instantly. Clans that didn't have it cancelled. (and hidden from the research menu.) All Shard remaining in the players' inventory after the event are destroyed. #6: Wraith weapons: How about this: Yes, but only partially. All wraith weapons are red and black, right ? What if you couldn't recolor the red & black parts, but you could change the accents and energy colors ?
  14. You spelled Orokin Derelict wrong. I mean, obviously, you're going there to show us firsthand how it's [airquotes]raining[/airquotes] mutangen stamples in there, right ? ... Right ?
  15. The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.6.3

    A handful, but not all. After a quick glance at the Codex, I'm *still* missing the Darvo, Maroo, Arcane Boiler and Security Cameras entries.