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  1. Well, it's still a consumable this year. ****.
  2. Last year's Valentine's Day Eros arrow skin was (and still is, fyi.) a consumable. Should it return this year, could you please consider turning into a proper skin ? Thanks !
  3. You spelled Orokin Derelict wrong. I mean, obviously, you're going there to show us firsthand how it's [airquotes]raining[/airquotes] mutangen stamples in there, right ? ... Right ?
  4. A handful, but not all. After a quick glance at the Codex, I'm *still* missing the Darvo, Maroo, Arcane Boiler and Security Cameras entries.
  5. Well, since the latest patch note links to this thread: after a quick look at the codex, I'm still missing some entries, namely: Darvo Maroo Arcane Boiler Security Cameras However, I did got back Infested Chroma, Bailiffs and Vem Tabook entries.
  6. Are you sure it's not the Kubrow Eggs alerts that are bugged ? (ATM they give a whole Kubrow egg instead of ... Half an egg, I guess ?)
  7. I dont know about feral kavat, but there is something in place for the plants: the Chesa Kubrow does harvest them, even if they're fully scanned. He also picks up the Void reactant.
  8. up: mis à jour le 1/1
  9. Hi. So this morning I completed an Ayatan treasure mission/alert through Maroo's Bazaar. Later this moring I went to the Ayatan tab of my mod inventory and found I had 0 sculptures ... Fine, maybe I was distracted and forgot to grab it the first time. So I went back to Maroo's Bazaar and did a second Ayatan treasure mission, this time paying attention to what I did. But nope, no ayatan treasure the second time either ! So I took screenshots of the mission rewards screen and copied the EE.log file to another location, just in case. Also, ATM the alert tab of the navigation console on my Liset doesn't show the weekly Ayatan alert, but going to Maroo's Bazaar and talking to her, I still have the option to launch an Ayatan treasure mission. (If I did, that would be the third one today.) I don't really care that much about the "lost" ayatan sculpture(s), but this looks like a bug so I thought I'd let you ([DE]) know. I can open a support ticket and provide screenshots and the .log file if you want me to.
  10. Bonjour. J'aimerais présenter mon clan, les Silent Raven. On est encore là ... et on pourrais utiliser un peu de sang neuf. On ira pas au-delà du grade de clan Ombre, et on est pas pressé d'y arriver. On à un dojo (minuscule, et pas très bien designé. Par moi.), mais on à le minimum vital: labos et borne d'échange. Jusqu'a hier, on pouvais se vanter d'avoir toutes les recherches, mais depuis la sortie du Hema ... Une particularité de notre clan c'est qu'on utilise pas de chat vocal, uniquement le chat textuel du jeu. Et qu'est-ce qu'il aurait besoin d'améliorations. Au delà de ça, aucun prérequis, ni de présence, ni de rang de maîtrise, si ce n'est d'écrire un français à peu près correct. On avance chacun à notre rythme et si par hasard il se trouve que plusieurs membre sont connectés en même temps, alors on papotte. Il nous arrive même de faire des missions ensemble, selon les besoins de chacun. Voilà. Si jamais vous vous reconnaissez dans cette présentation, libre à vous de me contacter d'une manière ou d'une autre. Débutants bienvenus. tl;dr: Si vous aimez jouer dans votre coin mais que aimeriez bien quand même profiter des recherches de clan, pourquoi ne pas nous rejoindre ? On pourra tous jouer ensemble chacun dans notre coin. Et on agrandira le dojo si jamais on devait manquer de coins.
  11. Huh. Really ? Well in that case: foul move, DE. That's even worst than Itzal's research costs changes. (Which we still don't know if they was intended or not, BTW.) As the Warlord of a ghost Ghost clan (we're ... 3 'active' players ATM, including a MR3 who's not gonna contribute Stamples anytime soon.) who funded almost all research by himself, I can tell you: we're not gonna get the Hema BP anytime soon. before I retire. (And I ain't working yet.) My first reaction was to fill this post with profanities while explaining that my trust in [DE] was broke, but as a veteran player, this ship sailed and sunk long ago. I learnt my lesson and don't except anything from them anymore. Yet, somehow, I keep playing ... it's not Stockholm Syndrome, (I think) but today's a big step toward it. Sigh. Edit: I forgot, but @[DE]Taylor : if you really, seriously, think that: a) every clan has full membership; b) every clan member is an active player and; c) every active clan member farms for, and contribute to clan research; then, I'm sorry to tell you but you've lost all touch with reality.
  12. I could use an affinity booster, if anyone has Plat to spare ...
  13. Nope. There is an alert going on ATM. It's only 1 Kavat genetic code, not 10.
  14. up accru: mis à jour le 29/11 J'ai enlevé le listing des mods à vendre car c'est trop de travail à tenir à jour.