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  1. It would also help that if you melee with a Simaris scanner equipped, you don’t unequip your Simaris scanner for whatever reason since the implementation of Melee 2.75 with gun&melee quick swap.
  2. On the PS4 side, I’m always willing to give away free Ignis Wraith bps. I don’t think I have a trade tax in my clan. Just ready an Ammo Drum and you’re gucci.
  3. If you’re allowing enough time to have a Nullifier one-tap you on the field as a Banshee, you’re too slow. There’s also plenty of weapons in-game to strip Nullifier bubbles extremely quickly, and you can slide into a Nullifier and perform a high-risk melee attack to OHKO Nullifiers if possible. The end story with Banshee is your comfort zone with balancing how you play her and adjusting your range stat appropriately so that your CQC with Silence in effect isn’t going to backstab you because you stood in one area for too long during Silence’s 3-second stun duration. Since the introduction of the Skiajati, it kinda helped with Banshee’s aggro-drop during that brief window when you can perform a standing finisher on an enemy affected by Savage Silence. Arcane Trickery also helps for being able to survive just a bit longer if you can proc it on Finisher. I might try doing a solo run with Banshee and Cyanex. That gun is very good with its AoE, slight homing, and fire rate.
  4. People are anticipating the Operator Prime Accessories that are coming with the Valkyr Prime Accessories pack. Knows deep down in his heart that they don’t want the Prime Operator suit. Deep down, they want the Liset Prime cosmetic. 😏
  5. She went through a lot of nerfs. The Blessing nerf from the self-dmg mechanic to what we have now was the worst offender. All they had to do was dial-down the damage reduction to 90% from 99% and it would’ve been fine, but having it at a maximum 75% DR is terrible. It doesn’t help allies stay alive with a 75% DR, and for Trinity to have close to a 90% DR for herself she needs to have Link up and sustained to mitigate up to that damage threshold. Making Blessing an on-cast-on-demand ability from a technically-intuitive high-risk -> reward mechanic just felt like a brainless decision. The nerf also hard-capped Blessing’s range to 50m that can only be increased with Mending Unity to up to 75m, but honestly at this point I’m fine with that change. Patching Nuke Trinity didn’t really help anything anyway. She can still nuke, but requires a team synergy of abilities to make it work like it was before with far more effectiveness. Regardless, from an argumentative standpoint for Trinity’s support, I felt that the constant nerfs to Blessing was the deal-breaker for me in using her (and I mained her when I starting playing this game about 4-5 years ago).
  6. Nerf Trinity Wednesdays were a thing. And nerfed Trinity to the ground he did. Sure, dry sense of humor.
  7. Verlorum Prime sigil is what Nova Prime Access had. Both Verlorum Prime and Cycuta Prime sigils NEED THE PBR UPDATES THAT WAS PROMISED WITH THE RIFT WALKER PRIME SIGIL’S RELEASE. The wait is too long encumbered.
  8. Please for the love of GOD, PBR the Cycuta Prime sigil that was promised ages ago when Limbo Prime’s Rift Walker Prime sigil was first released with PBR textures!
  9. To be fair, I’m glad this skin wasn’t considered. Not a fan of the helmet with the horns/ears, facial design certainly displays some semblance for eyes but there’s a jewel in the middle (awkward), the facial and head structure of the helmet is very big and round because of the red cheeks and overall shape of the head. Thunder thighs: We have enough of those. Legs and stumps: Not a fan. The only redeemable feature is the long cloth running down the chest to lower torso and the cloaked arm over the left arm. That’s it. Otherwise everything just screams Furry to me.
  10. Nty, Banshee should stay as a glass cannon with one of the best damage buffer cast abilities in the game. She should stay as a technical-CC frame to survive. The one and only few points that I agree with Rob from AGGP is that if you can play as a Banshee solo, you can survive just fine in the game. A lot of abilities and passives in Warframe creates bad habits for the playerbase, Banshee is the antithesis of this methodology and her kit is one of the few things that helps to improve players to overcome those habits.
  11. Imho, I feel like Bounce nades is a legacy ability that doesn’t really need to belong in his kit anymore. It was great for situational CC/“Super Jump” but it’s no longer necessary beyond the use of memes. Giving him a turret ability would be great, but this has been debated and disputed by the community to be detrimental to his kit. It would be great imho, and I agree with that suggestion, but it ultimately falls onto DE on what they plan to do. His passive certainly opens up some avenues on what can be done and improved, and giving him a turret ability would synergize with his CC kit in dishing more damage on incapacitated targets. But, because Vauban is succumbed to the traditional cast cost structure of 25/50/75/100 having to utilize Vortex as a chokepoint closure is very cost inefficient that it forces players to just use him for only Repelling Bastille and augmented Tesla that it works just as good, leaving his Minelayers and Vortex just not being effective beyond situational gameplay. Right now, Vauban’s kit just feels all over the place with a lot of legacy choices and undertones in abilities that’s keeping him back. I hope the rework really boosts his efficacy to the point that CC would be more fun to play.
  12. Fortunately for you, I did make the build for a 100% armor strip Shred nade Vauban way back when his pseudo kit rework was first introduced: 250% Power Strength is the threshold to make the base 40% Status Chance on a fully ranked Shred nade bump up to 100% Status Chance. I chose to use Blind Rage and Transient Fortitude for this because, at the time his pseudo rework was released, Umbral mods weren’t available. Duration is, I believe, to be at 227%. Base duration of armor strip is 4 seconds, so at 227% duration it’ll be bumped up to 9.08 seconds. Every other mod is just QoL in how I usually play Vauban, and I’m a QT/Primed Flow player. Granted, now that Umbral mods are a thing I might just swap them out for those, but the unfortunate circumstance to his ability kit is that he’s still succumbed to the traditional 25/50/75/100 cast cost structure that most old Frames have. Would love to see how his ability economy is restructured. What’s not shown is two Arcane Energize sets. Energy Siphon is to pad for more energy on any orb downtime. I might just swap that Aura to something else like Enemy Radar if I feel like it.
  13. Devstream #130 did say that the Riven Cap is getting raised from 90 to 120 in the next mainline update or upcoming following updates within that roadmap. That’ll definitely ease some stress off of me for running Sorties now.
  14. I like it since watching devstream #130. Like I said before, give it a couple of color changes and impressions can change. I’m getting a very intense Sengoku Basara vibe from the skin. The emissives on the helmet is certainly going to break me away from her amazing Youkai helmet, which I’m not sure is a shame or a sidegrade/upgrade at this point. I’m a fan of the Deluxe skin’s changes. And that Artemis Bow skin. 👌🏻
  15. I used the first Umbra forma on Equinox Prime for a very specific build involving Peaceful Provocation. Second Umbra forma I used on Ash Prime just to bump up the Power Strength super high for Rising Storm.
  16. I’ve seen enough Rhino Charges to tell you that that’s not Rhino Charge that’s happening with the gif. And I’ve seen that happen quite a bit with melee. It’s an uncommon bug, but it happens very often if you fight in differentiating elevations. What’s happening in the gif is that attacks/combos that have forward momentum is being accelerated off of a cliff-ledge or tile-edge in such a way that the game engine is trying to understand if you’re slam attacking or not. Or that it’s storing data to boost your character movement in a way so that it can force your character model past an obstacle. It either thinks you’re slam attacking or you’re stuck against an obstacle, preventing your forward movement. But because some combos have forced forward movement, or that slide attacks have forward trajectory on the character model of the Warframe, the boosting mechanic indirectly boosts your character model forward trajectory exponentially that it gives the old “coptering” after-effect that was supposedly patched ages ago. If you had bullet-jumped on a set of stairs and on the right frames did a slide-attack, you might have seen your character model and slide attack boost you across to the other side of the map sometimes. It’s an awkward interaction between forced forward movement, collision, and the game’s engine trying to subsidize your character model via boosting to go past the collision phase. I’ve had this happen to me quite a bit on normal gameplay. Trust me, it’s not a Rhino Charge. edit: Look at the gif closely. No energy was spent and there’s no laylines that show Rhino Charge taking effect.
  17. I’m just happy already that you can use the Limina Weapon Skin on the Pox. Those Infesticles needed to be hidden. And they explode just fine as exploding cards.
  18. I’m ready to have fun with those augments, and I’m excited to see more development on other augments in the future.
  19. It’ll happen eventually. I’m anticipating Primed Smite mods just so that I can push some Bleed and Gas melee builds as well. We can only hope @(XB1)Kuljack. Otherwise, other Primed mods might take precedence. Primed Blunderbuss and Streamline is something I’d like to see.
  20. Anything involving K-drives, Simaris target scanning, and Silver Grove.
  21. Migisi helmet for Zephyr is currently not available on consoles, at least on PS4, so whoever typed that info into the wikia prematurely typed in the platinum cost for it. Since there is no Tennogen console release for it, there is no platinum cost whatsoever.
  22. I’ve taken Ember on a number occasions to Arbitrations. Went up 60 waves of Defense with her once in Arbitrations, but usually it’s with her powers being buffed. Her kit is doable in high-level play but you need to flex a bit because she can easily be one-shotted. A lot of peeps say that her kit is very passive, but as a player you kinda have to be more dynamic with her to control the field well with her. Would like to see some improvements, especially to Heat damage and procs.
  23. My favorite loadout on WuKong is going for a Bleed build with multi-status proc’ing firearms to buff Condition Overload. Basic premise is giving WuKong Steel Charge and Arcane Fury, go for a high Power Strength build. I went with a 225% Strength build with two Umbral mods (Vitality and Intensify), with 200% Duration, 100% Efficiency, minimum Range. Then stack Gladiator mods on your melee as a psuedo stat-stick. Iron Staff is equipped with Condition Overload, Primed Reach, specifically one dual-stat mod (I use Vicious Frost) due to proc weight for Bleed not being over-encumbered by elemental combo, and a Bane mod. Primal Rage augment for juicy crits. Sacrificial Steel is optional, but provides approx. a 12% dps boost, but Organ Shatter is a must. The important part is not equipping Primed Pressure Point, due to diminishing returns from Steel Charge + Arcane Fury. Cyanex and Pox is what I usually use to proc whatever element I want to go with. Cyanex has more coverage due to homing projectiles. Cast Primal Fury, shoot enemies, unload with Iron Staff melee combos. Enjoy the 47k Bleed tics.
  24. With regards to Titania’s Lantern, the damn ability should actually “tether” enemies in place to where you cast on it instead of having the enemy blasted to the stratosphere if you shoot your Tigris Prime on that very target. Fix that first then adjust Beguiling Lantern.
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