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  1. Old Blast used to be a knockdown. And it used to count as two status effects: Stagger, then knockdown. It wasn’t effective for people that wanted to keep their LoS for headshots, but it was really effective for crowd control. Genuinely if we want a semblance of what the old Blast used to be, a swap/shift between it and Impact procs have been the most plausible argument where feedback is concerned. Impact procs are very crowd-control-centric, it staggers enemies, and it makes enemies prone to finishers. Impact procs can also be annoying where it’s not needed, like on Impact automatic firea
  2. DE never listened to the several (if not many) suggestions for Blast to be changed. The one change that made sense is to swap Blast and Impact procs so that Impact procs would lower accuracy and Blast would stagger enemies to the point of opening them to finishers. It would make both procs relative to how they’re implemented too, since it would make Impact procs less annoying on IPS gunfire and melee, and staggering/opening enemies to finishers would be an opt-in elemental combo players can mod for (and Blast weapons would appreciate the knockback/stagger that it used to have). Being that
  3. Did Vulcax get buffed? When it was introduced, it was pretty terrible.
  4. This is silly. You can easily test this via the Simulacrum or in-game. In the Simulacrum you can spawn 20 enemies in a enclosed area. Or if necessary for on field results, Steel Path. Ensnare or Magus Anomaly is best suited to show this concept. Once the amount of enemies are inflicted via the disc aura’s DoT damage has been reached and capped, you can have additional enemies enter the aura and they will not be affected. So only a few enemies can be harmed by the disc aura at a time until the duration of the DoT has been expired or they end up dying by other means.
  5. The disc aura doesn’t count dead bodies as LoS obstruction, no. However, the aura is a bit finicky on verticality when the disc is deployed (meaning if there is any obstruction above or below the disc aura, it counts as a horizontal obstruction). Still, the number of enemies affected and once the cap is reached is what people tend to mistake for enemies that remain unaffected even if they themselves are in the disc aura.
  6. I wanna chime on this notion. Yes, it’s easy to have its duration extended with the combo meter initially. But once the disc is deployed, your combo meter is dropped because it counts as a heavy attack. The disc aura dps is then still tied to the combo meter, therefore to get optimal disc aura dps you need to build combo again to get the most out of it. Yes, Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds is affected with the disc aura, so this is important. Since Glaives were buffed recently with Heavy Attacks not consuming combo, it would behoove DE to implement a similar concept with the Zenistar,
  7. I doubt DE cares any more. I’ve made suggestions and requested a fix since March 2020 with radio silence. It... just doesn’t matter to them. And it hurts how that’s been reciprocated.
  8. I gave it a test drive when the console Warframe update landed. It pretty much gave the same impression as the rework before: It still felt clunky unless you modded Attack Speed from 1.8-2+ (Berserker is inclusive). The slight pause/stomp on the downward slash opener to Threshing Grain feels awkward, it only needed the downward slash without the stylistic stomp. Less animations would make it feel more fluid in execution. Still, I feel that prior to Melee 2.9999~etc/3.0 Wise Razor was where the stance shined the most. The combos in the stance’s execution felt fluid and felt right. It
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