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  1. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Akvasto prime has really aggressive recoil.

    I made a topic with regards to the AkVasto Prime’s muzzle climb as well: It’s quite honestly very weird that the AkVasto Prime has this feature and yet the regular AkVastos don’t. There’s barely any muzzle climb with the Vasto Prime as well. One can say that both the AkVastos and Vasto Prime are fairly accurate. So DE, why do the AkVasto Prime have this weird climb when performing steady fire? This has to be an unintended oversight. This is the AkVasto Prime, not the AkLex Prime, let’s not make the former behave like the latter when the unprimed variant never had this issue to begin with.
  2. Yep, muzzle climb. The next shot is directly above the first shot when performing steady fire with the AkVasto Prime. This is not a thing in the regular AkVastos. Nor is it on the Vasto Prime, or presumably the regular Vasto (I don’t own the regular Vasto anymore).
  3. Exactly. @BiancaRoughfin, it’s fine that you would like to bring real-life physics to explain your argument, but space ninjas, space magic, and space athleticism. edit: Thank you moderator, for the topic merge/relocation.
  4. So I just built the AkVasto Prime just now and figured I give it a test run on how it fires. The one thing I noticed was that it had a bit of kick when it fired. Normally for akimbo weapons you wouldn’t think otherwise since this is the setback for them to their single variants: higher mag, faster fire rate, slower reload, increased recoil. And I was comparing it to the Vasto Prime to witness the differences. And then I tried out the regular AkVasto and noticed that with steady fire, there was no recoil at all. So, why does the AkVasto Prime have recoil, but the regular AkVasto doesn’t? This doesn’t make any sense. I’ve tested all three weapons with an unmodded loadout. I would like others that have the appropriate weapons (including the regular Vasto if necessary) to share their thoughts about this. This is just weird if you ask me.
  5. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23


    Umm, uh... Did you... Did you put 5 Forma into your Paracesis? 🤔
  6. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Sentinel Weapon Balance Pass when Fortuna goes global.

    Yep, Hush is an amazing mod on Sentinel weaponry. I’ve built my Artax for utility - punchthrough, Eagle Eye, Fire Rate. The weapon is a beast with its guaranteed Cold procs and has helped me and whatever lil’ guy I’ve used to boost its survivability while attacking any enemies in range. With regards to the other Sentinel weapons, it would be exceptionally great to see how they can be updated. Will Deth Machine Rifle remain as a pure damage AR? Can Sweeper Prime covet the desired base 30% Status Chance for pellet shotguns to make it a great proc’ing weapon? Can we at least get some pittance in boosting Vulklok’s Fire Rate? Or what about Primed Laser Rifle being the crit-based Repeater Rifle with an accuracy boost and having a base 2.0x Crit Multiplier? There is a lot of room for improvement with Sentinel Weaponry, and I really would like to see what their future will entail rather than dismiss their existence.
  7. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    now that we are close to MR 26

    The MR25 to MR26 is as follows, as per H3dsh0t’s video: Unless something was changed since the Fortuna update, this should be the actual test. Save some pathing in which the Capture orb target traverses over out-of-bound areas or going vertical, this was not a thing since its previous iteration of this test.
  8. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Is sharpshooter mod not suppose to work on vulklok?

    Sentinels don’t use or need energy. Nor does the mod generate energy orbs.
  9. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Moa Feel Underwhelming

    Honestly, this photo is pretty self-explanatory @Akisohida. Thank you for the photo, Tyler. First impressions will always be lackluster. Devote your time in ranking up the Moas and the appropriate survivability mods, use a Warframe that can pair well with the Link mods equipped, and put a Reactor and several Forma into them. In time they’ll be amazing assets, I can’t wait to dabble in Moacraft when Fortuna arrives on consoles.
  10. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Riven disposition problem evidenced by the changes

    Honestly, who genuinely knew people used Miter, Panthera, and Buzlok that it warranted a disposition nerf? I’d like to see the usage statistics for those weapons. Some transparency on that would be appreciated. I remember having a Buzlok Riven with +300% on both Damage and Crit Chance with -Dmg to Infested. Some might consider it a God Roll, and since I’m on PS4, I was only asking for 1k plat. Imagine my surprise from the people that replied to me with two-digit to a maximum of 250p offers, and then *****ing at me that I’m overcharging and arguing that no one uses this weapon. With the Buzlok’s disposition nerf, OBVIOUSLY SOME PEOPLE ARE USING IT? Really, really confusing.
  11. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Sentinel Weapon Balance Pass when Fortuna goes global.

    And when you’re at max MR and have already maxed out all of the gear you wanted maxed along with your Focus Schools? There’s several reasons why people don’t use Sentinel Weapons. This could be one of them. But my opening post already described the risk of drawing aggro to the Sentinel if it had the option to dps with their own weapons. However, my point still stands that now that Fortuna has landed Moa companions are an option for the playerbase to use. As is Sentinel weapons for dps purposes on them and the growing minority that wants to use them.
  12. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Dev Workshop: Riven Disposition Changes

    I’m pretty upset with the removal of Sentinel Weapon Rivens. Since Moa companions can use Sentinel Weapons it was inherently very bad timing to execute this proposal on the Riven Pool. That’s not to say I’m not thankful about being able to keep the Sentinel Weapon Rivens that I have now, I’m just saddened that if there is a balance pass for them and a growing minority of players having an interest in boosting their Robotic companions’ dps DE cut down a big potential opportunity here. Also, I was kinda hoping that Twin Kohmaks and Simulor Rivens would at least get a bigger buff based on their performance levels. C’est la vie.
  13. Hey DE, With word that Sentinel Weapons can be equipped on Moa Companions I believe it’s only right that they should receive a Weapon Balance Pass to compensate for their years of neglect. The popular opinion to them is that they aren’t equipped by the majority of players that do use Sentinels is to keep them from aggro’ing enemies and boosting their survivability in missions, but for the few of us that do use them and will be using these weapons on Moas it would be well appreciated to see an update to their overall efficacy. Please consider giving Sentinel Weapons a Balance Pass when Fortuna arrives on all platforms of Warframe / Fortuna is updated on the global build.