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    The two quotes were relevant in my post. There is nothing wrong with using them in the context of my argument. You should still micro-manage the size of your Strangledome for yourself and for your potential squad. Don’t just argue that you should go for max range on Whipclaw and then give the availability to players that, unfortunately, they have a max range Strangledome. Seriously, wtf is that noise? You’re pretty much advising players to fail to begin with. addendum: Khoras that use Strangledome are also going to be using Whipclaw to kill their trapped targets. The issue is advising players to use Overextended, which is a net drop on Power Strength even with Accumulating Whipclaw. Dome size is accounted for, but so are the factors of augment stacks, Power Strength, and how you mod your statstick. There should be no problem in killing enemies with a 145% Range Strangledome, but any higher and there will be issues (for the Khora player and the squad mates).
  2. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23


    First of all, this is the reason why you shouldn’t maximize on range, because it makes Strangledome a hassle to manage. And you’re losing burst damage potential (even with the augment) by emphasizing on range than applying more power strength to boost that damage further on all targets in Strangledome. Strangledome only takes a fraction of Whipclaw’s initial damage on the affected target to be redistributed as damage to other targets affected by Strangledome, and you’re using a weaker version of Whipclaw to attempt to hit other targets in that Strangledome that may not be in that radius of Whipclaw. Also, it’s another cast of Whipclaw that could have been used as the initial kill. Dude, it’s like micro-managing range with Banshee. You should consider the range of your abilities that is comfortable for you and your potential teammates than blindly advocating for maxed range and thinking that that is an effective motive.
  3. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23


    It has a base 10 meter cast range with a base 5 meter radius around the affected cast target to implement damage at max rank. Why would you even want to deal damage past a 9 meter thick wall? Object obstacles don’t even surpass 9 meters most of the time.
  4. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23


    Strangledome is the reason why Khora is the queen of The Index. Every enemy besides the Auditor is affected by Strangledome.
  5. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23


    Whipclaw hits through walls regardless of the range stat.
  6. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    No Frame Fighter Data for Baruuk

    Baruuk should be the referee for Frame Fighter fights.
  7. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23


    This is my Khora build. Arcane Fury really helps in boosting that damage even further. With your statstick, build for crit since Khora’s Whipclaw is a pseudo-exalted weapon that takes melee mods in its calculations. Sacrificial Steel and Riven mods certainly helps in boosting that crit even higher, especially on weapons that have Syndicate mods that can boost damage/elemental damage (Mire, Prisma/Skana, Jaw Sword, etc.). Whipclaw has a 25% base crit chance, 2.0x crit multiplier, and a 20% base status chance. Wherever and whoever you choose to fight, always adjust the elemental combo to fit the situation. And honestly, if you want to go for range above the 45% that I have shown in my pic, I did craft a build for that as well. Imho, dead is a better status than going for max range for the sake of utility (or for the sake of not annoying your squad mates in mass-CCing enemies into your Strangledome and disrupting their LoS on enemies with such a large dome): Again, Overextended is not truly necessary. Arcane Energize is how you want to approach it. Arcane Fury, Guardian, and Rage mods certainly help to keep you dishing out high damage and keeping your energy pool consistently replenished.
  8. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23


    You don’t even need max range. Heck, +30% Range from Augur Reach is all you need. +45% Range is large enough for both Ensnare and Strangledome. And 155% Power Strength is enough to beast through lv155+ content. Players should also use Ensnare to boost the damage from Whipclaw. Not using the Accumulating Whipclaw augment is a travesty for any Khora build. If you can hit for 500k-1.2kk damage from a max stack Whipclaw, you’re not falling off from damage. She’s a very good burst damage dealer.
  9. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    NSW is at a huge disadvantage with the community event

    My thoughts as a PS4 Tenno who communes with XB1 and PC Tenno with regards to our NSW Tenno underclassmen’s concerns about the Community Event:
  10. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    who is Nora Night?

    Correlation != Causation As you say, Lotus left us due to unknown reasons. It did not help her case that she regressed back into an enemy faction, and seemingly apathetically stood back and watched as a Sentient attacked us at the end of the Sacrifice questline. However, as the community seeks the loving embrace of Nora Night’s sexy R&B radio broadcast voice, this is just a reaction in filling the empty space that Space Mom Lotus left to us when she independently abandoned her children. Siding with Nora Night is not why the Lotus left us. Lotus left us because she’s a cruel ***** that went and did her own thing, and we’re starting to grow up, learn the adult ways of pettiness, and seeking our undue child support and entitlements from the universal guardian of the Tenno in the name of civil Steel Meridian court justice. edit: We need Judge Judy.
  11. RIP to pieces aimglide blocking with melee.
  12. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    melee 3.0 losing manual block

    I dunno man, that’s a whole another can of worms that I’m not sure what Steve and his core melee-rework team at DE is planning to do. It’s better to side with caution than be overly ecstatic or excited/hyped about it since it’s in a position of high risk of breaking down the melee system for what might be a less-than rewarding experience. Me, I’m just saddened that I won’t be able to aimglide block anymore. I use that extensively for the DR and parkour, if ADS puts me into gunmode immediately I’ll be gunned down in the air. Especially as a Toxic Lash Saryn.
  13. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    melee 3.0 losing manual block

    Imho, it was a missed opportunity to merge the ADS (Aim Down Sights) button with the Block button. On Twitter and even on some Devstream commentary, it was noted that if you pressed the key to fire your gun you’ll be switched to gun mode but this was also mentioned with the ADS button. If you pressed the melee button you’ll be in melee mode. From my understanding, DE is planning to remove holding the weapon swap button to go into melee mode entirely, and will be streamlining both gunplay and melee into a single instance in your keybinds. The weappn swap key will only be used to swap primary and secondary. On a controller, they’re going to designate two buttons that are the dedicated gun and melee attack keys that will quickly swap the modes. However, they mentioned that the ADS keybind will also switch to gunplay mode, and in that regard I feel like that portion could have been used as a universal keybind that could be streamlined for both modes (in my argument, to aim-down-sights and blocking altogether). What’s going to be finicky is that if we are going to have auto-block, Guardian Derision, Electromagnetic Shielding, aimglide blocking and I believe gap closers will cease to lose their on-command functionality. It’ll just be odd to have an auto-parry system and not have any control over how we block and when we want to block. They may as well remove these alternate utility mods or features tied to blocking if we’re getting an auto-parry, since it’ll be somewhat too clunky to take advantage of. Another thing is on controllers (unsure about KB&M) we have a keybind called “Context Action.” Context Action, I feel, might be the button used for Heavy Attacks since it and the alt-fire key is never used in melee mode. Heavy Attacks can have this designated keybind if we’re going this route (and if gap closers are NOT Heavy Attacks but their own type of attack), while gap closers can be utilized as a combination of two key pressed at once (the wide belief was that it would be block+melee, but several peeps in the community have disputed that crouch+melee could be integrated - imho as long as it doesn’t conflict with slide attacks). In any case, I’m interested to see what DE plans to do after making this announcement. I’m not happy with the removal of the block mechanic in favor of auto-block/parry. It just seems nonsensical since you always want to do a specific action at a specific time with a specific key stroke/button press. Going for auto-block just makes melee 2.99997-something more in favor of streamling more gunplay options with melee mode and removing certain actions in melee. This was already apparent when you would go into gun mode when you fire your gun or ADS, whereas when going into melee mode it’s pressing the melee button. tl;dr: Missed opportunity in linking ADS key with Block to make that into a universal feature that works for both gunplay and melee. Fire trigger and ADS enter gun mode, to enter melee mode it’s pressing melee button - why? There are more than enough buttons on controller for melee mode with Fire trigger as designated gun mode button to utilize Block feature, but DE either did not pursue that juncture or plans to utilize it for another melee feature. Still questioning why gun mode has two activation keys while melee mode only has one key, thereby enforcing gunplay as being more streamlined than melee instead of having the two work in tandem.
  14. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    who is Nora Night?

    Dammit I was about to say “Your [new] mom,” but you already beat me to it in your opening post.
  15. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Lotus, Void, Holy Rell.

    The only truth I know is this: