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  1. I agree that the Simulacrum needs a dire change on its tileset, the suggestion to use Captura scenes to change the arena is highly recommended just so that players don’t have to deal with out-of-bounds areas / level holes to make testing much more accurate. It is always frustrating to have your character fall out-of-bounds or launching enemies out-of-bounds whenever you’re testing in the Simulacrum with the arena as it is now. Testing Impact weapons (or weapons that have guaranteed Impact procs), Blast weapons, or melee weapons that have a high slam radius and/or ragdoll lift on slam is extremely inaccurate if the enemy falls out-of-bounds. Also, it would be worthwhile to have the old orange Simulacrum tileset come back as a Captura scene for nostalgia purposes. I miss being in that retro space.
  2. Wow. Thank you for this post. With the Ember rework I was trying to think about what I should do with Dargyn pilots when WoF is getting removed, since I usually use that ability to kill them while in the air. Never knew you could use Titania for that, since I felt the trigger was always “Dargyn pilots need to set foot on the vehicle then fly in order for ‘airborne’ to count.” Thank you.
  3. Have you seen the Riven Disposition changes? It’s a good time to quit cold turkey.
  4. Of course farming Kuva missions and Kuva Fortress Survival is faster. However when you amassed so much Emissary Creds and haven’t spent them on anything other than the Kuva Offering shown in the Nightwave shop, what is there to spend? If you already own all of the items in the Nightwave shop and have a large stockpile of Nitain and Potatoes, it’s just lackluster to spend whatever Emissary Creds you have on, again, Nitain and Potatoes.
  5. If you ask me, removing Speed pads and putting Teslas into Minelayer would be fine. I honestly doubt there’s any need to keep them exclusively apart: Teslas are a nade just like anything you see in Minelayer. Teslas taking the first grenade option in Minelayer and bumping down Minelayer down as a power 1 is fitting if we’re doing this, and it was already mentioned in the devstream that Minelayer will be a 25 cast cost ability. That then leads to opening another potential ability for power 2. Whatever it may be, it gives DE more wiggle room to refine Vauban even further. But the most important change that I encourage everyone to keep in mind is the energy cost dynamics for Vauban, especially where it pertains to Bastille/Vortex. Bastille and Vortex has always been the core abilities in Vauban’s kit, and as players that run Vauban we will be casting them very often on the field. Please do not justify Bastille/Vortex as his ultimate or power 4, as it would imply a cast cost of 75-100. Vauban is a caster frame, and making the one ability that will be cast very frequently to have a high energy cost is not a good thing. Bumping Bastille/Vortex down to a power 3 is an appropriate change, as it would entail a cheaper cast cost for how players can utilize Vauban on the field with a potential 50-75 cast cost.
  6. Seriously, this is what I’m saying. Make Bastille/Vortex as it is now a power 3 so that we can potentially have it at 50-75 cast cost, than leave it as a power 4 which will subsequently be defaulted to a 75-100 cast cost. No one wants to have Bastille/Vortex as a 100 cast cost ability. It’s an ability that will likely be spammed on the field, and will ruin his energy and duration economy. Having it at 50 cast cost would be ideal considering how important the two combined instances of the ability is used for Vauban’s CC. Please bump Orbital Strike into power 4 and make Bastille/Vortex remain as a power 3. It’s only right and feels more suitable for Vauban’s kit.
  7. I’m going to follow up with my previous point in case it gets lost in translation. Orbital Strike should be Vauban’s ultimate. The ability has so much visual impact that it looks like a power 4, the cast animation for it is exaggerated enough to feel like a power 4, and the way the ability is utilized feels like a 75-100 cast cost ability. It also looks like it can deal a lot of damage if modded for it. Orbital Strike should be a power 4, not a power 3. With regards to Bastille/Vortex: Bastille is Vauban’s most widely-used ability. It’s pretty much the ability that a majority of players that play Vauban are familiar with, and they use it to lock-down the area they are CC’ing with it. If we’re going to lock-down areas with Bastille, we will be spam-casting it. However if Bastille/Vortex is a power 4, imagine the cast cost for the ability if this is to become Vauban’s ultimate: 75-100 cast cost at best! This is utter nonsense. The core CC ability that Vauban players are systematically drawn to use will forcibly have a higher cast cost because it got bumped up the ability hierarchy chain, with armor stripping on Bastille and a team buff on Vortex? I’m sorry, but I’m going to say no on that. While the ideas listed with the buffs on Bastille and Vortex are great and the transition from multiple Bastilles to one Vortex is amazing, I cannot justify an ability like this that we will be using liberally to have the cast cost that is suitable for a power 4. That is going to be too expensive to cast. If Bastille/Vortex were a power 3, we can justify cheapening the cast cost to 50 or have it remain at 75 to make it feel like a decent buff to the ability and synergetic qualities in merging them together. Speed Pads. Remove them. I can think of many scenarios where I can see this ability be used to troll other players and grief them with it. Please do not implement that particular ability into Minelayer and gives us something useful. Bounce pads should have been blipped out of existence like Tonkor’s grenade jump and Excalibur’s Super Jump as they were intended to be, but the implementation of Speed Pads is just a reinvention of Bounce Pads except it’s the removal of verticality for increased forceful lateral movement. This is not a feature we need in Vauban’s kit, and we certainly don’t need anything in-game to grief other players with. If anything, please default to keeping Concuss grenades from the original Minelayer kit as Rad-proc’ing enemies is a good distraction and Eximus-aura off-switch. Otherwise, think of something else to fill this slot.
  8. Why. Is. Bastille/Vortex. Still. A. Power 4?! Please DE, I implore you. Make Orbital Strike his Power 4 and keep Bastille/Vortex as a Power 3! I don’t want to see Bastille/Vortex as a 75-100 cast cost ability! At least amuse us that it can potentially be a 50-75 cast cost ability as a Power 3! Digital Extremes. Scott!!
  9. Why. Is. Bastille/Vortex. Still. A. Power 4?! Please DE, I implore you. Make Orbital Strike his Power 4 and keep Bastille/Vortex as a Power 3! I don’t want to see Bastille/Vortex as a 75-100 cast cost ability! At least amuse us that it can potentially be a 50-75 cast cost ability as a Power 3! Digital Extremes. Scott!!
  10. Honestly, just make a buildable gear item that revives Sentinels back to full health. I’d say that would be the easiest solution. Make it into a Corpus Tech Dojo Research.
  11. When can I see Atlas Landslide into his Tectonics to shoot shrapnels at enemies in a frontal cone AoE?
  12. To be fair, after 5-6 years the starchart is already pretty trivial no matter what you bring.
  13. Agreed. The misconception in reading paper/UI stats is that peeps should pay attention on weapon type. That’s why a handful of players rag on Artax and Deth Machine Rifle not being able to apply [other] status ailments efficiently because of the low base status chance. With automatic rifles and beam weapons, applying status ailments is based around fire rate more than boosting status chance. Of course arguing for status chance is a valid argument, but the dps for ARs and beam weapons damage ticks is tied to fire rate which in turn is also tied to status application. This is something that arsenal UI stats won’t tell you. Just bump the fire rate of DMR Prime and use your preferred elemental combo. Have fun.
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