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  1. I was expecting DE to be accurate in their advertisement. We got a laser pistol with a railgun attachment. This is Destiny 2’s Devil’s Ruin. A Side-Arm with a Fusion Rifle/Laser attachment. Still not a handcannon.
  2. What bothered me is that DE was hyping everyone about a handcannon. And I was expecting (from the stats when it was linkable in in-game chat) was that it was an automatic handcannon that would shoot hefty shots. It didn’t matter that it would be weak to me, I was expecting some heft and weight with each shot. Being an automatic firing-type would compensate for base dps loss over a semi-auto. Imagine an automatic version of the Lex or Lex Prime? Those were feelings going into the weapon when it was initially announced. Instead, we get an automatic Plinx. That shoots these really, really small bullets/projectiles. And it has a mechanic that rewards, if not implicates the player, to skillfully aim for headshots. Sure, the alt-fire is a Klamora Prism, but what is the Klamora Prism? A Railgun. Precision Pea-Shooter Primary Fire. Railgun Alt-Fire. Perk on Headshot, increased fire rate and ammo efficiency on Precision Pea-Shooter Ptimary Fire. Locks out Railgun Alt-Fire. Where in the bloody heck on the Athodai does this gun QUALIFY AS A HANDCANNON?!!
  3. For the entire 6 hours of the stream, [DE]Megan heavily advertised it as a handcannon during each downtime/break between panels. And yet it is NOT a HAND-CANNON but a remodeled/buffed PLINX. False Advertisement.
  4. More like, “Why would I use this when there are better secondaries than the Plinx are available?”
  5. I was actually hoping for something close to the Euphona Prime’s Primary fire, with a larger projectile that’s plasma and had some heft and weight to the shots. What we got feels like a water pistol. Or a Star Trek phaser.
  6. With some peeps around certain chats and Discords, I’m slowly convinced that the Athodai is basically the Devil’s Ruin from Destiny 2: ... Which is basically an energy sidearm-fusion/beam rifle. Still not a handcannon.
  7. The more I think about it, the more it feels like a remodeled automatic Plinx. The Plinx. That’s automatic on both firing modes without a regenerative ammo battery. With 24:48 mag-ammo ratio that kills its efficency unless you trigger Overdrive and/or use Arcane Pistoleer + Pistol Mutation/Ammo Case to keep your reserves refilled. Thematically it doesn’t feel right. The initial advertisement of it being a “handcannon” is false. I...
  8. Just... gimme a handcannon. Not a precision shooter. This is just remodeled automatic Plinx with some extra perks and extreme ammo inefficiency that doesn’t help its delivery. There’s no weight or heft in its shots. It doesn’t even feel right to use.
  9. It’s a precision pea-shooter. It’s not a handcannon. I’m happy that it’s a heat elemental weapon, but given that it’s a secondary that’s automatic on both firing modes with a 24 magazine capacity with a 48 ammo reserve it’s an extremely hard sell for me to make an ammo efficiency perk work well for this type of weapon. Primary fire just feels like a remodeled automatic Plinx with a Knell perk slapped on it with ammo efficiency during its Overdrive phase. Alt-fire is Klamora Prism in a nutshell, which is great conceptually to put in the hands of the Warframe and not the Operator (especially with Heat as the primary element) but given the aforementioned 24/48 mag:ammo it is extremely ammo ineffecient. And I wanted a handcannon. That’s what the Heart of Deimos TennoCon announcement thread advertised to me. There’s no weight or recoil behind each shot. I was expecting the primary fire to hit like a truck with a plasma slugshot. What we got is anything but that.
  10. As per the TennoCon Twitch Drop Heart of Deimos announcement thread: This is a secondary that utilizes this perk: On headshot kill, trigger Overdrive, locking off secondary functions while maximizing your fire rate and ammo efficiency for a short time. The primary fire is an automatic pea-shooter, the alt-fire is a beam weapon relative to Operator’s Klamora Prism. Where in the context of the announcement for the Athodai does this weapon describe itself as a handcannon? To me, a handcannon shoots beefy shots with a serious kick/recoil that deals a lot of intense upfront damage. Maybe with an explosive payload or not, but I was expecting hard-hitting slug shots. Instead, the Athodai is delivered as a precision-automatic pistol that has a perk similar to the Knell with a beam alt-fire. Not only to add more gasoline to the fire, but the ammo reserves are 48 with a magazine capacity of 24. On an automatic weapon. This is not a hand-cannon. Did anyone else feel bamboozled when they expected a handcannon but got this... dinky pistol?
  11. I’m really loving the Urushu skin. Definitely has a lot of great potential for fashion frame. The abdomen isn’t colorable, could be an artistic intention to leave that blotched white. Overall a very pleasant deluxe skin:
  12. That’s a rather... inflated comment (off of left field) that doesn’t necessarily argue or specify against my comparison here? ... What? DethCube’s Energy Generator and Sahasa’s Dig for energy orb generation on frames that don’t have an ability kit generates energy orbs and for players that don’t want to use the Zenurik Focus School. Wyrm’s Negate for status relief. Djinn with Fatal Attraction and Shade with Ghost for aggro drop. Carrier’s Ammo Case for ammo inefficient weaponry. Regarding Sentinels, DethCube, Djinn, Ghost, and Carrier have extremely beneficial precepts that can change or alter how people approach content. I’m personally not a huge fan of Shade’s Ghost precept, but Djinn’s Fatal Attraction behaves like a passive close-quarters version of being an aggro drop. And we all know how Adarza’s are utilized in Eidolons with Cat’s Eye, and the predominance of Smeeta used in the loot farms. If Companions are made immortal, these precepts that we get from them will become ever present. There won’t be any risk management ever and we’ll retain blanket buffs in keeping these features. Why would this make any sense, if not a severe compromised nerf to them in exchange? Regardless of this segued discussion, pets and robotic companions can be revived by the player’s engagement. Sentinels cannot. This needs to change, and the proposition I set forth is a means in attempting to have the player engage in a set of motions to resolve their long withstanding situation (permadeath) with the Gear Wheel and an expendable Consumable that can be crafted via Corpus Dojo Research.
  13. Crafting Gear items is still a preparatory aspect in Warframe as a means to provide in-mission utility. And using a Gear consumable to revive a Sentinel is still relative to Corpus in generating an Osprey. When Companions are made immortal, that is essentially throwing out the risk management in taking the time to revive your Companion or keeping them healthy with Pack Leader. There is no exchange in taking the time to bring them back into active status, or utilizing the features in game to get them back into their feet (revive them normally, or taking the extra steps to go invisible or going into Void Mode then revive). Having an automated revival system with a cooldown... doesn’t make any sense, and only serves to give players a blanket buff in having a companion equipped with them. The system we have now in keeping Companions mortal with the current revival methodology is fine. However, Sentinels need to have a comparable system as well. Making Companions and Sentinels immortal is just overpowered.
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