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  1. On a speculative note, the Lacera was supposedly the Corpus Blade&Whip. Then we were surprised with the Ceti Lacera. A Corpus-styled kusarigama would %€£¥ing blow my mind.
  2. It’s a Grineer weapon, so your best bet is a Wraith version.
  3. No. Just like the Skull Badges, they should stay retired. I would rather have newer Sekharas made available if Trials do come back. edit: Addendum.
  4. I was expecting a special cosmetic. While my Fashion Frame obsession was not properly met in commemoration for reaching MR30, the showcased rewards are, uh, palpable. :V
  5. Swapping Blast procs with Impact procs. Impact procs inherent Blast procs’ accuracy debuff or get an overhaul entirely (again). Revisit Telos Boltace and actually addressing the second slide mechanic, removing it entirely and buffing the first slide mechanic. Making Trinity into a starter frame, because she’s been “rebalanced” so much that it makes sense for her to be the supporter starter frame.
  6. All jokes aside, when was the last time I took you up on your word for that Scott, and wasn’t disappointed by the resulting changes?
  7. I believe loot frames are still categorized on how additional loot gets generated, but whatever restrictions they used to have were alleviated due to mass protest by the community. Ultimately, any body parts on the ground will be desecrated, and when I was testing it last night I was seeing petrified enemies get desecrated as well. It’s just that rubble doesn’t get generated in the process. It’s hard to tell how much more loot you gain to be fair, because Ore Gaze is dependent on Power Strength to gain additional loot. But I can attest that petrified enemies can be desecrated.
  8. Banshee, because it’s fun to stun enemies, do massive amounts of damage, and relying on Rolling Guard and Augur mods to keep your survivability in check. And you always have a foot near the grave because you’re going in as a glass cannon. Steel Path, Arbitrations, you name it.
  9. Rest&Rage on Octavia, augmented with Calm&Frenzy and you see the DoT skyrocket. Ensnare for Zephyr, if only Funnel Clouds could be tamed. Ore Gaze and Greedy Pull on Nekros, cuz loot is loot. Smite Infusion Volt for Eidolon hunts. Fire Blast Capacitance Volt for... y’know.
  10. Old pics. The only thing that I changed was the shoulder pieces to the Avia Prime shoulder guards.
  11. Mag Prime. I think this is a sign that we need to gift more Mags to Quiette Shy.
  12. Saryn Prime. Because of Nita Moda and Napellus with Primed Details on. Then Banshee Prime came along and it was a love story all over again with her Soprana skin.
  13. Still waiting on DE to implement the Mycona Colony anywhere outside the Glast Gambit questline. Subjugating them as a filler story for the Nidus quest is undeserving, and they have a lot of potential as an Infested Syndicate.
  14. I did the same thing to my Nyx some time ago, I subsumed Silence into her. However in all honesty it’s very difficult to legitimize Assimilate Nyx anymore. The change to Absorb’s algorithm siphons way too much energy, and even if Assimilate doesn’t take friendly fire the absorption rate to energy siphoned from enemy fire is too much still. Like superiouz here, in my belief I think it’s counterintuitive: To have a tank ability like Assimilate Absorb work in conjunction with an aggro-mitigation ability like Silence. And then you have Chaos which also functions as an aggro drop ability as well.
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