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  1. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Rubico Prime

    Give Vectis/Prime the unique perk of Explosive Payload. Each shot has a chance to explode on contact. Ridiculous suggestion, I know, but let’s have fun with it. 🙂
  2. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Operator's Way Bound Passive

    I find Magus Vigor and Replenish far better than Vigor x2 or Vigor + Husk. Best eHP for the Operator as it stands is Vigor and Husk if you have both Vazarin and Unairu’s Waybound passives activated and equipped. Vigor x2 is a means in which to rectify a glitch that apparently happens during Eidolon hunting where your Operator’s armor stat (is there a stat?) becomes ineffective and doesn’t consider Husk as an equipped Magus to boost it with Basilisk Scales (can’t confirm and never experienced it myself, can only explain reports from other peeps of the issue). However, when fighting against the Gantolyst and Hydrolyst, their AoE attacks can drain huge chunks of HP from your health pool that the delay in re-Transference and the slow upkeep from Vazarin’s health-regen Waybound makes Operator health-checking a bit of a hassle. Magus Replenish helps to ease that strain and indirectly keeps the Operator dps up during these situations that you can merely Void Dash to replenish HP. It’s a big QoL improvement that you can replace one of the potential “tank” Magus slots to have in your arsenal.
  3. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Make Tonkor Great Again

    Noob tube with no self-dmg, less base dmg, and however amount of CC would be fine with me. I miss using Tonkor with Jetstream Zephyr, tbqh.
  4. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Mag Prime with Edo Prime please?!

    Volt Prime and Odanata Prime were already “unvaulted” in the form of relics sold by Baro Ki’teer. There won’t be a release of his Access and Edo Prime Armor, ever.
  5. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    I’m pretty sure they’re not supposed to grow this big.

    Fund it.
  6. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Arcanes like not change for each Config

    Apparently this isn’t a PC issue, but intrinsicly a console issue since the last remaster update. It needs to be rectified.
  7. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Mesmer Skin's visual effect is extremely obnoxious

    Yeah, the visual fog clutter from Mesmer Skin is really annoying to look at. It really hurts the eyes and it’s difficult to path your way through tight corridors with the ability in effect. Can’t honestly make any clear distinctions about my situational awareness when the ability is on.
  8. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Arcanes same on all configs

    So I submitted a support ticket with regards to this issue and this is the response I received: And the ticket was listed as “solved.” So this “feature” with Arcanes and Exodias overriding all configuration slots is not an appropriate gameplay issue to report? Are you kidding me? @[DE]Danielle, can we get some clarification on what’s to be done for Arcanes/Exodias sharing and overriding all loadout Configurations for Warframes and Zaws? This was not an issue before, as each configuration loadout had its own independent Arcane/Exodia slot intrinsic to the configuration. Now all configurations are shared since the last console update.
  9. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Arcanes same on all configs

    Yeah, I noticed this on Exodias as well. DE, this is quite literally a gamebreaking bug. What happened here? This is most certainly unintended and needs to be fixed asap. edit: I sent in my support ticket with regards to this issue. I hope Zen Desk sees this on Monday and goes to work on this asap. A lot of builds have been jeopardized because of this, and it might take close to 3 hours or so to reslot the appropriate Arcanes/Exodias when a fix for this issue does arrive.
  10. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Memories of :: Draco ::

    I miss the old mayhem at Draco. So much chaos, so many adds swarming in.
  11. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Looking for some advice on a Khora whipclaw weapon

    Go Amphis or Mire. Mire has Toxic Blight so you’ll be proc’ing Viral, gain more Movement Speed, and won’t be starved for energy. Or just go with your favorite 3/5 Zaw Riven. I rock a Dokrahm with MeleeDmg/Slash/-Puncture with Exodia Hunt.
  12. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    So... how is Nezha now that he was reworked?

    Pyroclastic Flow needs to be reworked to make Firewalker into a channeling ability again. It kinda forces a hardcap on how much damage you can accumulate in a certain amount of time, and it makes using the augment somewhat clunky when using it with the duration-based version of it whenever it runs out and forces the “kick” animation to unleash the accumulated damage.
  13. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Wukong Feedback

    Every exalted weapon in-game somehow displays a small buff that could compete with regular melee or gun in-general to a certain extent (knowingly that regular melee will always be better performing in comparison to exalted melee due to Acolyte mods). However Iron Staff/Primal Fury, no matter the circumstances, always underperformed even with Wukong’s augment Primal Rage. Increased melee range and slam radius is a great feature, but it was highly accentuated due to the unorthodox synergy with Exodia Hunt. With that removed, the reality that Iron Staff is purely Impact based with a 10% base Status Chance, along with sub-par crit statistics that is improved and mitigated because of Primal Rage shows that it truly is the bottom of the barrel of the Exalted Melees we have in our arsenal. In fact, with Titania not melee-suiciding in Razorwing, her Diwata might even be better than Wukong’s Iron Staff. 😞 So, DE, what are your plans for Wukong? Are you going to let him simmer in his own rotten kit until it ferments into something unexpected? Is he going to be left untouched with no further improvements to indirectly showcase how disapproving a Warframe he is? Will he be nerfed even further? We need answers here.
  14. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    PS4 Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.5.0 (LIVE!)

    “My brothers, did I not tell of this day? Did I not prophesize this moment?”