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  1. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Braton vandal is just a reskin prime

    http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Telos_Boltor http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Boltor_Prime
  2. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Initial Feedback on Melee "3.0"

    It actually won’t depending on the level geometry and how melee punchthrough can possibly get a cap at a fixed amount. Take for instance about attacking behind the crate, which you mentioned. Let’s say melee was given a base 1-2m punchthrough that is fixed and cannot be adjusted via mods (with the exception of glaives), what about the crate behind that crate? Level geometry around or behind that crate? At 1-2m punchthrough, melee won’t connect at enemies behind layered geometry.
  3. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Weapon 3.0... broken.

    Completely agreed there. Maybe it’s just a matter of viewing how things pan out from DE’s side and how to initiate damage control.
  4. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Weapon 3.0... broken.

    That’s the thing: Enemy spawn locations are still glitched and level geometry still hasn’t been fixed to a good extent in which melee form factor can favor the current change of completely removing melee punch through. There are certain factors in which level geometry and tileset borders cannot be changed. This is why I’m arguing that some punchthrough be left on melee even if it behaves as a bandaid/placebo solution. I’m doubtful that no one with reasonable intent would want melee to have its original infinite punchthrough back. Melee should never be able to clip through tileset walls. However, enemy bodies, small obstacles, and certain level geometry which could cause awkward “ghosting” enemy engagement on melee contact from the player side should be resolved with some punchthrough at least to resolve these issues. We should also consider from a developer standpoint on how much work could be involved in fixing some issues with melee when punchthrough is removed and the aforementioned inconsistencies still haven’t been fixed years ago. In any case, I’ll see what’ll happen in the next hotfix and what DE will say about melee’s present state with its puncthrough removed.
  5. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Weapon 3.0... broken.

    Imho, a complete overhaul on all of Warframe’s map tilesets to the slightest and finest detail would take a lot of time and work to implement with the current system that was enacted for melee and its lack of punch through. Melee is a valued aspect in Warframe, and there was a reason to have it as a bandaid solution to the glaring issues of tileset geometry having invisible walls/borders and glitched enemy spawn locations. By implementing the current change to melee and still witnessing the same upsets from years past shows that the work to improve level geometry still has its inconsistencies, and further work on it with the melee changes will still aggravate players (that were in favor of how melee once was) but the timing for level adjustments only granting diminishing returns for improvement. Realistically, on a developer standpoint, there should be some finite melee punchthrough even if it is still a bandaid solution. The idea of melee not punching through walls is clearly favorable, but providing some for obstacles, objects, level geometry, and etc. would help to settle down on a good medium for melee form factor for the player base. Link to a post from a similar topic to summarize what I feel that DE should do for melee punchthrough:
  6. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Initial Feedback on Melee "3.0"

    Appropriate changes that should be made in light of the adjustments on melee punchthrough: Tileset walls are unable to be puncthrough by melee whatsoever. Obstacles, objects, level geometry, and variations of height are granted a 1-2m puncthrough that is fixed and cannot be increased/readjusted. That’s what needs to be done to make melee feel comfortable and help to restrict camping playstyles with long-reaching melee weaponry.
  7. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    The new spores don't spread consistently

    With regards to the discussion of whether Spores are LoS or not, have players tested the new Spores on the basis that they’re not the host? It could be a bug where spore spread is not working correctly via client-side, frame rate, and host-side connectivity having a detrimental affect on other players.
  8. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    From a console standpoint, this is my concern with the melee implementation that happened in yesterday’s PC update. Imho, I’m perfectly fine with melee not having any punchthrough through walls. This has been a growing concern for a lot of players for a very long time in terms of camping near walls or corners and exploiting enemy spawn kills. However, by completely eliminating melee punchthrough we have level obstacles and geometry behaving like walls where enemies don’t get hit, enemies spawn within the level geometry itself, melee showing the illusion that the enemy should be connecting a hit but have been unaffected, and even enemy bodies becoming a level obstacle(s) that prevents melee connection completely. If any of these have occurred since the PC update, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible and not be put aside for the sake of melee form factor, quality of life in engaging enemy close-quarters-combat with melee, and player sanity within the realm of dealing with mass enemy hordes in terms of certain endless game modes that’s not Onslaught/ESO. I mean I’m unsure if it’s difficult to implement, but I wholeheartedly feel that melee should have at least a 1-2m innate punchthrough and tileset walls should negate all melee punchthrough whatsoever. This would push for a QoL improvement that I feel that most melee users, like myself, could attack and engage enemies comfortably through level geometry such as crates, boxes, thin pillars, and etc. while restricting abusive camping methologies of connecting melee through tileset walls with all fairness in mind. Is that fair or reasonable to ask for? Anyone?
  9. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Should I use Vigilante Armaments or Crit Chance for Rubico

    Serration, Split Chamber, Point Strike, Vital Sense, Hellfire, Stormbringer, Vigilante Armaments, Primed Fast Hands. That’s what I’d run for Eidolon Hunts. Be advised that if you ADS and use a further scope on the Rubico, you’ll get increased critical multiplier damage (+35% crit dmg at 3.5x zoom and +50% crit dmg at 6x zoom).
  10. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Please nuke "Nuke" Trinity

    “Did you assume what my role should be in the team just now?”
  11. I’m just curious how DE is going to approach the Artax, Death Machine Rifle, Laser Rifle Prime, and Sweeper Prime. Those weapons have been used by a lot of players in the past, and are still in use today. I’d like to see how they’ll be adjusted with what we have in our current weapon balance pass (this especially so with the Artax being the only status/sec beam weapon in-game).
  12. My question is, will Sentinel weaponry get a weapon balance pass at all? Some of us want our tiny companions to get a buff to their attack power, or better utility. They’re in need of it.
  13. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Gram Prime...?

    If it’s weaker, give it an innate/special perk that makes it competitive to other Heavy Blades that players may likely compare it to. ... Like innate Seismic Wave for instance, or increased slam radius. ‘~’
  14. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Suddenly I have yet another main.. Bastion. Warframe concept by Adam Burn.

    I need shield-bashing and shield-charging to be a thing in Warframe. I am so down by this Warframe concept!