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  1. This has always been the case since Kuva Siphons were first introduced. It’s nothing new.
  2. Xbox One has the Prestige Cassowar skin. I feel this is rigged. Rigged I say!
  3. I’m always looking at the news console, so that responsibility lies with me. But I think we have a lot of players in Warframe that have their duty to the starchart, be it within their sensibility or whether they’re inebriated:
  4. Bring Manual Block back, eviscerate Auto Block with rusty forks like pulled pork. Auto Block is getting out of hand and doesn’t do much for furthering player engagement. Auto Block really needs to be removed asap. It’s extremely easy to combine block and ADS into a single universal command that could be used intermittently between gunplay and melee. Why that wasn’t proposed is beyond me, but the more we have to deal without the use of manual block the more autonomous and monotone Melee 2.9 feels to me rather than supposedly reinvigorating gameplay action as advertised.
  5. Never bring Prisma/Shade out for anything serious like Spy or Rescue ops, only bust it out for the memes. The little ****er will backstab you in any way it can. It’s Ghost precept only cloaks you when he wants to, not out of the necessity to do so. It may as well be considered that it procs via LoS because if an enemy goes behind a stack of boxes he’ll ****ing disable cloak and get your presence known. The Sentinel is useless. The more I hear Brozime say that Prisma Shade is a “good sentinel” I’d like to take a Pyrana Prime to it and its base variant out in the backyard for a mercy consignment to Lotus.
  6. A friend and myself has confirmed after some playtesting with the Phage the vibration it reciprocates when firing is still ongoing even when firing the beam weapon has ceased. It’s pretty annoying for some of my friends who are very sensitive to their form factor on their controllers. I believe there may be an incorrect filepath in which firing the Phage corresponds with controller vibration, and that ending the vibration functionality is desync’d with regards to letting loose the trigger on weapon fire.
  7. Honestly I feel that Ice Wave Impedance is Frost’s best and scaleable build in-game. It’s great, cheap CC. Very simple, but it’s effective. And Ice Wave doesn’t prevent stat procs which is a huge boon.
  8. I’ve had a friend that took 41 runs just to get the mask. And over the past month I was spamming Hydron PuG 5 waves just to fight the Wolf every night. RNGesus is a sacrilegious boob.
  9. Only ran hard mode and got the mask on mission score 27. I’m relieved that I don’t have to farm public missions anymore just to hope he spawns and drops the mask. Pretty much have several sets of the Wolf Sledge in my inventory with only the mask remaining. These past months had me burnt out from playing this game each night after work because of this cosmetic’s low drop chance. The mission is pretty easy to go through. Highly recommend an Inaros with Arcane Grace or a Hunter Adrenaline Fire Chroma just to go through the molotov mayhem. As always a rad crit weapon is preferred, but it feels extra rewarding to cut him down with melee. He’s pretty squishy even at lv103 that you don’t necessarily need Sharpened Claws, but having that on your kavat is recommended if you choose to bring it.
  10. Aura Forma should be applicable for Melee Stance mod slots. Can’t tell you how many times that area is necessary for some weapons just to slot in a certain stance polarity or open it entirely just to accommodate multiple stance polarities.
  11. Atlas’ Rock Wall needs to be Power Geyser a la Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury except it’s a towering Stalagmite. Upon punching down the ground the stalagmite deals damage and ragdolls enemies upward, creating a spiked up rock wall. There should be no deactivation on the Rock Wall on recast to summon a boulder, but Landsliding on the Rock Wall should project scattering boulders on a forward cone that deals damage. Please DE, I need this Earthbending fantasy realized. On the matter of Rumblers, there needs to be work on the Titanic Rumbler augment that justifies its usage over regular Rumblers. Regular Rumblers seems to be in every shape and form to be better than Titanic Rumbler. It needs some love. Other than that, I’m excited for either Atlas or WuKong to be primed. I play with them on occasion and I absolutely love the rework that Atlas has had (it needs to be refined, but I’m satisfied with it). Would love to see what is done with WuKong.
  12. Gonna flat out say that I hate you so much right now. Gib Mask!
  13. @[DE]Rebecca Any word as to why the Hildryn Alt Helmet is not listed on the Wolf Creds shop for Nightwave? At least on consoles a couple of friends of mine have been dutifully waiting for it to show up with no avail. And now that Series 1 is drawing to a close morale for it to show up is drawing low for my friends. Can you please check to see if her alt helmet is actually a listed item and see if it can be patched in if it’s not?
  14. Cassowar, Guandao, Lesion, Plague Kripath+Seekalla/Shtung+Jai II.
  15. If anyone follows Darthmufin on Youtube, Sharpshooter is really good on a Hushed Snipetron/Vandal for energy sustain with Ivara’s Prowl. Energize still does a better job, but it is what it is.
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