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  1. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Make vacuum a universal mod for companions

    “Shade does Cloak better than a Huras.” Shade gets me killed more often than Huras due to the Line of Sight restriction Shade demands for its Cloak precept. If Shade is not facing an enemy, or an enemy is hiding behind an obstacle, its Cloak precept turns off. Shade is undeniably worse than a Huras. That is a load of bull. If a Huras detects an enemy at first glance in a room, its Cloak precept will not turn off as long as the enemy is still within its vicinity due to its inherent detection of possible danger within its range. Shade DOES NOT have this concept when cloaking. If there is no Line of Sight of the enemy within Shade’s frontal cone-view, IT WILL NOT CLOAK. Load. Of. Bull. Shade is a TERRIBLE companion to use Cloak with.
  2. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    The reason why the people at Solaris have robot heads

    It’s the Corpus version of “Repo! The Genetic Opera” and Nef Anyo is the indirect mastermind behind it all. Not gonna lie, however morbid it is I’m really stoked about this lore direction.
  3. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    who they think will be the next prime mesa or chroma

    There’s no “thinking” on this matter. The next Prime is Chroma, and then for the holiday seasons / end + beginning of the year releases the next female Primes are either Mesa or Equinox (whichever DE chooses first).
  4. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    [Spoiler] "Now we fight on two fronts, my child."

    I’m at the point where The Lotus gets transferred to another host and @[DE]Danielle voices New Lotus or Lotus 2.0. Yeah I’m a heretic. Fight me.
  5. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Goofy Riding Those Hover Boards

    Hard to deny this for 5 years now.
  6. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Goofy Riding Those Hover Boards

    All Warframes are left-handed. It’s only natural that they’re left-footed.
  7. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Why I am at odds with Frost mains

    When Explosive weapons used to be exceptionally good, Frost bubbles annoyed tf out of me. It truly destroyed my enjoyment seeing a ****er put up a Snowglobe in front of me and then killing me outright because I was using an explosive weapon on a target and it ricochets back to me OHKOing me. Not to mention Snowglobes littered all over the damn map can really be a huge deterrent for explosive gunplay that it was literally cancerous to be matched up with a Frost in PuG matches. Since Saryn 2.0 and maining her since that first iteration, or since Saryn Prime’s entry into the Warframeverse, I have made it a goal to make Frosts feel illegitimate in-game. Useless. Keep using your Snowglobes. Be that bubble boy. I’ll just kill everything on the map so that you can stay still and camp. That vengeance, my rancor for Frosts knows no boundaries. Still to this day my hatred for them is still unsettled. If you PuG with me as a Frost on PS4, let it be known that I will do all that I can in-game that you’ll barely lay a finger on an enemy.
  8. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    So I'm confused about Ballas's motivations...

    Ballas isn’t the main villain. In fact, he’s under the servitude of the Sentients. It’s in the dialogue of the Sacrifice and he clearly stated that he betrayed the Orokin. His dialogue under “Maggots” for the last player choice in the quest dictates that he is lower than Margulis in terms of the Sentient hierarchy. Also, Margulis clearly mentions “Mother,” which is the Matriarchical “villain” that we’ve come to anticipate at the end of The Sacrifice.
  9. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    So I'm confused about Ballas's motivations...

    When you choose Light side on the quest line choices and follow the dialogue throughout the Sacrifice, it looks like Ballas defected to the Sentients and the Tau System over the Orokin. The last Light choice has him saying “I’m but a stone... She is the hand...” or some ****. He also makes the statement that he sacrificed love for faith, so all along it kinda confirmed with some peeps’ lore crafting that Ballas’ ulterior motivations with Margulis was with the Sentients and Tau overall. If you rewatch the quest and listen/read closely to Ballas’ lines, they’re all open statements. I doubt there was a single specified tense he used in conversing with the bed-ridden Dax, there was certainly a doubled intention behind his words and reasons in defecting.
  10. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    PS4 The Sacrifice: Update 23 (+hotfixes)

    Great quest. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was also great watching everyone else’s choices on the quest from watching archived videos of The Sacrifice and evaluating the context even further of who the important figures are. It was much appreciative. However, we still have... Well, when I get the time I’m going to Akkad-grind these Exalted weapons out. I might make a new Valkyr Prime or so just to experiment with further mod set-ups, who knows. Thoroughly enjoyable update so far.
  11. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Rift Sigil, when?

    I. Hate. You. (We’re in the same clan, btw.)
  12. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    DE, it’s July 4th. Where’s the 4th of July Color Palette?

    I’ll take “Red, White, Blue” and “Bastille” color palettes, for sure. I’m just unsure why politics and popular opinion dictates a restriction on releasing color palettes to the community. It’s pretty silly if you ask me.
  13. It’s been, what, 3 years and still no rerelease on this color palette? It’s grilling season on the Plains of Eidolon.
  14. (PS4)Lei-Lei_23

    Rift Sigil, when?

    The Rift sigil drop chance needs to be improved. A Thousand Cuts, Project Undermine, the Halloween events, the one Defense Tactical Alert where you have to do 25 Waves in protecting an escort... all of them had brutal drop rates.