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  1. I disagree. Platinum is a source of income for the game Developers to earn money from. [ Players can already gain Platinum through trading as needed., ] Don't expect the game Developers to pay Players.
  2. Players complaining, or wanting something nerfed on Warframe.
  3. From my gaming experience, Specters seem to attack the Player on "Nightmare" missions only. [ The unspawn problem is a game bug, not due to encountering the same enemy type.]
  4. I disagree. There is no need to make changes to ESO, when Players can form their own squads through the use of the "Recruiting" chat channel, and discuss all of your concerns before starting the mission. *If you are joining a "Public" ESO mission, you can't expect the other Players to have the same goals.
  5. Saryn and other warframes are not broken. [ All warframes have different abilities that enable the Player to defend themself without relying on weapons. ] If you have a problem with other Players out-performing you on a "Public" game, then play the mission on "Solo" mode or join/create a squad through the use of the "Recruiting" chat channel. Welcome to the game, Tenno!
  6. I disagree. All players have their own preferences and play style, and use different warframes, weapons, companions and sentinels that they enjoy. [ It is selfish for wanting to nerf anything, when other Players enjoy using them. ] *If you have a problem with other Players using Saryn, play the game on "Solo" mode or create your own squad.
  7. I agree. Every warframe is capable to complete missions or quests as needed. [ This post's topic is subjective, due to every Player has their own preferences and play style. ]
  8. I do hope the next update will enable Players to get rid of their excess of relics in large volume, similar to my suggestions.
  9. I would like to see an future update that will enable Players to make changes to warframe's abilities damage types.
  10. I would like to play an "Invasion" mission on the Kuva Fortress too.
  11. The ""open world" locations look too desolate without having more animals appear on them.
  12. I suspect you are, since you can't accept you are wrong. [ All of your comments in reference to this conversation reveals you are in denial. ] *There are Rejection hotlines available that can help you with your problem. I wish you best and hope you get the help you need.
  13. People can play "Warframe" any way they want to. If Players want to buy everything with Platinum instead of grinding or farming, that is their choice. If Players want to use weapons and warframes that enable them to out-perform other Players, that is their choice. There is no right or wrong way to play the game, but calling other Players who use weapons or warframes that enable them to complete missions with little effort, "braindead," is pathetic. [ Perhaps, you should play other games if you can't tolerate other players on a PVE game. ]
  14. Let's settle this! Your first comment: "Well, there goes any credibility you may have had. Wukong wasn't outperforming anyone in missions, and has only been made better with the rework." Your second comment: "Being truly immortal only allows you to outperform other frames at incredibly high levels, and since those levels are completely and utterly irrelevant to any discussions, you have no point." [ You can't add stipulations after acknowledging Wukong's immortality does allow him to out-perform other warframes, even at high levels. With this mentality, I guess you think it is acceptable to throw away evidence at a crime scene that can prove a person's innocence.] Yes, you did contradicted yourself with last response... you were wrong! *Stop trying to make excuses or say otherwise, cupcake! HA! HA! HA!
  15. I disagree. The rework was released on June 19th, and Wukong Prime was released on the July 6th, which are almost two weeks apart. Trying to claim the current peak usage of Wukong due to its rework is reaching. [ If the developers release a new warframe tomorrow, the focus on Wukong will drop significantly. ] Nerfing is bad, when it disrupts another Players enjoyment.
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