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  1. 2 weeks only? are you a new player or something?
  2. inventory slots? ok cute, forma and orokin potatoes? yeah that's great. But i still have a question here, is there gonna be any kind of reward for a player that already has every warframe and weapon in the game full forma and potatoed and every cosmetic that can be purchased with platinum? is it gonna be veteran worth playing? or just for newbies and mid game players? it would be nice if we could get some high tier weapons and gear exclusive from these events would be nice. And please make it last, fortuna grinding lasted like 8 days for me and spiders like 3...
  3. pretty much like most of us..not even doing my daily login
  4. Hi, when are you going to fix the cache finding bounty? when one of the 3 caches never spawned. This bug was present even before fortuna in PoE and it is still happening very frequently making us fail the bounty
  5. Don't worry. We all know that pleasing veteran players is never intended 🙂
  6. I totally agree with you, that dmg shouldn't come from damage, but it was a perfect mix of enemy AI, tactics and damage all together, now, it doesn't matter if they CC you, if they have some nice tactics and behavior, if your HP doesn't not go down, what's the point in them? DE did a fantastic job with orb vallis enemies, too bad it all went to waste now...
  7. lol you're probably one of those who cryed about the removal of the old shadow step from naramon. Keep running your quick thinking lokies kids... I don't need any mod on my warframes to beat any bounty from PoE or Vallis.
  8. the damage was perfect, i was never oneshoted even with Nyx. You don't seem to understand the concept of effort and skills...
  9. OMG!! Do this people really want this game to be just easier and easier? Do they really enjoy just pressing one butting and winning? what is wrong with this community?
  10. 1_ What's the deal with the 0,0000000000001% drop chance of medical debt-bond? 2_ Why did you nerf Enemy damage? it was so damn perfect the way it was, now there's not even a reason to move around and dodge some bullets...you guys suck at balance sometimes...
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