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  1. Yeah no that's exactly the line I'm referring too. They're saying if you don't have one, they're in relays now and it seems implicit that you can't build them in clans anymore (but any that currently exist will remain). However I'm not sure.
  2. It was never specified and I hope that's not the case. Hope they answer it, somehow, or I guess I'll find out when the update gets pushed.
  3. Nobody else seems to be asking so I'm gonna do it -- are we still going to be able to craft the Dry Dock in our dojos after the updated, or is the room being antiquated like the old dojo rooms?
  4. All of this. Test server needs to be used for this. Railjacks being dumbed down for an audience that never enjoyed it. The fun for me was the complexity and I'm unsure how these changes will mesh, and honestly if I can't play an entire Railjack mission doing nothing but piloting the ship that'll be the end of Railjack for me.
  5. Agreed. A bit upset they're shrinking the size of the ship. Also as much as more windows makes it look nice, some of us get motion sick pretty easy and more windows = more motion sick for me. I liked some of the areas with walls.
  6. This is what has me worried. Individual energy use? Sure. Having it all attached to Warframe energy? Less sure. Makes certain builds less effective or untenable.
  7. So it's not the hood that drops from the Wolf of Saturn Six? It's a different one?
  8. Cracks knuckles Personally I felt Railjack before the revision was a funner version of Railjack then the current revision, which was stated to only be a half revision so it makes sense why it feels so off right now. Command Intrinsic in Railjacks current state is unneeded for solo play, especially after the first Revision and for a game mode that is supposed to be team based I think that's a problem. I am 10/10/10/10 on Intrinsics right now. Intrinsics: Tactical Rank 4 should probably be something everyone has access to at the get go, or should be the first unlockable thing from the Tacti
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