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  1. This made me laugh so hard thank you xD Well I do appreciate all the comments, and yeah I did incidentally freak out a little bit. I was too focused on the chronological order above anything else, so I was worried they purposely skipped Atlas for Wukong. But thank you guys. xD
  2. Unless I'm braindead and forget the order of Wukong and Atlas. Which is most likely the case. LOL No joke though, I thought Atlas was before Wukong so that might've been my own mistake and forgetting the chronological order. I'll probably just delete this thread cause I realized how silly this was LOL.
  3. I see Wukong is being primed, he should've came after Atlas. I am rather sad to see that Atlas isn't being primed. Idk if a DE is able to respond to confirm, but isn't Atlas supposed to be primed? I'm pretty sure many of us Warframe fans really hoped for that.
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