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  1. Been here 6 years, and when Nightwave came out it was the first time I had lowered the transmission volume (or volume period, before we could lower transmissions separately.) Then when Ropalolyst came I turned the transmissions all the way off. It does get annoying. Nothing has been worse than that enormous Lotus head taking up half of the screen though! There is no reason at all for her transmission to be that big, no matter how important it wants to be. I'm all for a Narrative Content toggle that works after you play the mission once, but it would also be nice to have a way to either shrink transmission videos or at least lower the opacity so that it doesn't block the screen completely. Thankfully she is at the beginning of the mission, cuz if it was that big during a major fight it would be death. Especially when you consider how much screen garbage the infested throw out. I'm looking at you Ancient Infested fueled Eximus Mutalyst Moa.
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