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  1. I agree, it is very confusing. A few pages back [DE]Megan said to use these. They're all live streams. So I imagine it needs to be live. Hope this helps!
  2. Thanks! But does this mean that the last 3 hours I've had [DE]Danielle playing the PS4 on my screen won't count? 🤔
  3. Keyse

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.2.3

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Sometimes the objective (an assassination target flying down, or a supply cache to destroy) falls outside the marked area and you have to risk running out to get them. This will help a lot! Thanks!
  4. Keyse

    Status Thread: Specters of the Rail (SotR)

    It's back on. xD FALSE ALARM GUYS!!! FALSE, ALARM!
  5. Keyse

    Status Thread: Specters of the Rail (SotR)

    I can't log in either. Restarted to make sure, now I can't even get the launcher to go past checking for an update. I'm trying not to get excited! lol
  6. Keyse

    Update 17.4.0

    Thank you SOOOOO much for the Ninkondi!!!!!!! One of the few things I had to rush because I couldn't wait to use it!! Was hoping they would have impact damage for the "thunk thunk thunk" feel, but I'm not complaining! We finally have nunchaku!!!!
  7. Keyse

    Do You Keep All The Weapons And Frames?

    Yes. One copy of all of them, including MK-1's. Not just for collecting's sake, but also for buffs/nerfs so I can replay them later without having to rebuild them.
  8. Keyse

    Update 17.1.0 - 17.1.4

    • After switching out of your equipped Codex scanner, your best weapon will be equipped. Feeling iffy about this one. What decides which weapon is the best? For example, I use my secondary a lot for the syndicate blast to clear many enemies at once, where as my main weapon can do more damage per single enemy due to it's outright damage. I would hate to be using my secondary, pull out the scanner to take a pic, and then have my primary come out; or vice versa. Also what about those who use melee and have a primary or secondary back up weapon? It will be a hassle having to swap back to melee because you keep pulling out a gun after each scan. I know it's only one keystroke, but that could take a whole second to pull out in some occasions. That's one second that could potentially kill you and your team. Sounds like it would make a better toggle in the options than a definite change, since different people play with different styles. :\
  9. Sprinkles some water... "Grow little forumlings, grow big!" That should help you get through the drought a little quicker. :)
  10. Stupid error!! It did it again! That's crazy! As he swoops in to take the kill. lol