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  1. Since Grendel and Gauss are best friends, I imagine they've come up with some clever buddy combos to fight with. How about Gauss dashing towards Grendel, then Grendel swallowing Gauss and holding him inside? Then when they are ready Grendel can regurgitate Gauss out at the speed he entered giving his AOE impact when he hits something? It would be like a swallowing a "human cannonball" and then firing him out at enemies or towards high places.
  2. Nope. Her set reminded me a lot of other frames too. Like Gara for example. They both have a slashing whip type skill. And slightly of Frost's 1st. It goes from hand to enemy, just in a different way. I really did think of Nidus with her Ensnare though. I wish we could have Larva and Ensnare fight of enemies. lol That would be interesting seeing them pulled between skills. xD Strangle Dome peaked my interest! Especially when Reb said enemies can walk into it and get stuck even after it's casted. And that you can close off choke points with it. That will be nice.
  3. Ya never know what could happen. The scepter could get stolen or "accidentally" turn up missing, someone could defect and give it away; who knows, stranger things have happened. I'd still be more comfortable with someone who can't be bent to someone else's will.
  4. I don't know. Teshin seems weak. He did briefly side with the Grineer Queens after all. Which wasn't exactly his fault, I know. He has to follow orders. I don't want to follow someone who can be mind controlled by the bad guys. Also, every time I hear his voice I want to buy insurance. Ballas is scary. I think that's because we don't know a lot about him and he's "new". He did help create the Warframes though, and had reasoning behind each one. It may not have been good reasons, but here we are. Lotus... augh. She's a genocidal maniac IMO. Tenno, kill this. Tenno, kill that. Assassi
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