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  1. My download just finished and now my SSD is almost full, making this a HUGE problem 😭 Why does it have to be installed TWICE in the same PC, although i try to use same path? I would like to someone from DE to address to this, because i don't know how else to solve this, but to delete all instances of warframe. However, this still wont solve the problem WHY this happens. It doesn't make any sense. EDIT: I can't find the warframe from the list of programs at my secondary windows accout, making this even weirder issue. It seems that warframe has installed itself twice in my primary wind
  2. I have warframe installed on my primary windows account. I tried to open warframe launcher through my secondary account. It reads it from the primary account path, but still starts to download new patch, although my primary has the update. I started to wonder why this happens, and will my computer lose space because it seems that its making a duplicate ??? Also, it takes a lot of extra time to process all that data before i can launch the game. It's basic version, not steam.
  3. Oh, i didn't realize that there was this thread, so i have made another thread elsewhere. Mainly because i was really disappointed about "New player experience". I don't see reason to repeat myself, so here's the link: Beginner wouldn't even know what in the earth is ostron. EDIT: I want to keep that thread alive, if anyone has some ideas to add. I love the game, but it really needs something to bring it to the new heights. So if nothing i hope it's not closed anytime soon. Thanks - Ryuurik
  4. Actually.. its propably not good idea after all, since it requires range. Augment (greedy pull) pulls items to you.
  5. It does but "plat system" does not. We start with 50 starting plat, and to be honest that is not much. You can get one potato and almost half is already gone. It's especially bad for the new players, and trading system without auction house makea it just worse. Not to mention that when i started the game, sentinel slots were all free and limitless. All this is super negative for newbies. Instead of this pay-/ grindwall new players should have chance to have fun without worrying about few slots for weapons and so on.
  6. Effort based thank you. I hate the fact that i still don't have Harrow, despite i have farmed the parts for so long. RNG is just pure mockery towards those who see effort, but have bad luck.
  7. Just putting each item to CODEX and providing the link to wiki that opens with your PC, or PS4 or whatever is your platform deafult browser would already be time saver and woudn't require too much effort from DE to do 🤔
  8. The confusion is because the tokens look all goddamn same, and i don't AGAN have any idea what of them i need and for what.
  9. I completed the Heart of Deimos, and unlocked "The family businesses" there. I'm pointing to different family members and their tasks. I couldn't be more confused when i see a weird coin like things and i don't have any idea what they are used for. The same thing happened at Fortuna. Debt bond this and debt bond that.. Im tired of it. Back then i had will to learn it all from outside source, but not anymore. Why does this have to happen again and again? I feel so frustrated and angry
  10. Well.. I'm not sure if it would help much if Lotus would point out to open some star chart, because it's good to remember, that whole star chart is a big job to do. So that's why i think it would be better to introduce it with smaller parts. That's why guiding towards next junction would be a way better idea. However, i'm not sure if that would fill the feeling of emptiness and wouldn't answer all the so many questions. Feeling of threat/pressure to fill emptiness? Only time that feeling of threat is introduced before start of mission is at the beginning of the gam
  11. Why so many new players guit so soon? I hope DE read this as i see its really important for the future of warframe. I don't think i have bulletproof solution for new player issues, but i think i might have some useful points. I have tried to get my real life friends play warframe with me for a long time without results. I wondered long time, why do they quit? So.. i started to test. I tested the early game several times with new accounts, asked from my friends who quit what was their reasons why they didn't like it and put really thought to it for a long time. Just recent
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