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  1. It doesn't help to ask DE to rush, if it's not ready. "I wouldn't like to have my pizza half raw." Let's just give them time to finish it, and we will probably be saved from the worst bugs.
  2. I hope that Melee 3.0 will allow us actually AIM our slashes. I have hoped from the start, that we could just aim and slash floor traps, and disable them using melee that way. (Always ground slamming is boring.) And coptering units above us too. It's just weird, that we are not able to swing above our warframe head with melee weapons. Or dealing damage to specific bodypart. (Head for example. Make melee headshots a thing.)
  3. I love idea about roof/floor fish tank. That would be super awesome, but i want to have it also at my orbiter. ( Not only in the personal quarter, but at any other room in orbiter.) That would be so sweet ❤️
  4. https://www.twitch.tv You need Twitch account (There is also mobile app.) I hope this helps 🙂
  5. 1. Can we craft dual kitguns? 2. Any plans to add kitblades later on? (Corpus style Zaws.) 3. Will we be able to add some new armor decorations to our moa pets? I'm hoping to see some tube like accessories at least. 4. About archwing controls. Can we atleast get option to choose between old and new controls? (Personally i hate those useless barrelrolls as cool as they are. They re just nuisance to me.) 5. Can you remove or atleast increase archwing flight altitude in freeroam worlds? 50meters is really low, and limiting it doesn't make sense in the first place.
  6. I don't have time to read all 53 pages, so i will ask: How will this rework affect to Maiming Strike?
  7. I love your ideas, but i would still add one thing. I want to be able to hit enemy with a shield. It's stupid, that it exist there only for blocking, when we could be moving forward warframes another idling arm a little and send enemies flying with awesome shield punch!
  8. Ryuurik

    Update Failures

    I figured too that VPN works, except 50% of the times i launch the game, my screen goes all black, and only thing that allows me to exit this bug is force shuhurdown my pc!! 😞
  9. Ryuurik

    Update Failures

    I got same "Blank launcher" problem few days already. t seems many are experiencing same issue. I have never had similar issues with launcher. I contacted support and got help pretty fast, but any of their method's didn't work. I started to test other games, if i those got same problem, but there was not any kind of issues. I even downloaded Arc launcher, to test their games, and no issues there either, so i concluded, that this cant be in my end. Today i started to wonder, if maybe Warframe is under DDoS attack, because of upcoming Ubra update? (As far as i know, some founders and people with Excalibur Prime are pissed about Umbras being possibly superior to Primes) That would explain this IMO. (If its true)
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