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  1. I mean, I'm not gonna stop you from wasting your time, since you've already did waste it. And if you understand this is pointless, the question is why do you do it anyway... you don't need to explain though, frankly I don't really care.
  2. If you're posting in fan concepts, you should be posting a fan concept, how is that difficult to understand? DE will create Octavia Prime, not because of your "idea", but because every frame is to be primed one day. This thread is utterly pointless.
  3. Why is that surprising? Forums are known for heated discussions. Keyword: Discussions. There would be no discussion if everyone was negative here. There is actually a bunch of people praising the game on here, all the time.
  4. I stay as long as possible to leech off a guy that charitably allowed me to do so.
  5. Enemies over level 100 essentially don't exist, so this point is kinda null.
  6. If anything, then it would need to be renamed to "ready/readied chamber". Since that's the meaning of "primed" in the case of this mod.
  7. If the host is lagging, transference can take a long time to actually register.
  8. Hey, if I can have a 4-page long list of ignores, you can do it too. And I got the hint, I'm simply too much of a nosy and annoying person to give a damn.
  9. Uhhh, you might wanna upgrade your amp, I easily chunk the sentients that spawn in lua or (recently) neptune for like 1/3 of health with each shot.
  10. Except it's them being wrong and needlessly stubborn. Primed Chamber is NOT a primed mod, end of discussion. There is so much proof already mentioned in the thread, arguing otherwise is evidence that one is legally blind.
  11. Fair point, still feel they are too big. Considering we have many abilities that DO use mods from weapons I feel there is no need for this. You could totally just copy mods and have it be less affected by strength in return.
  12. There will ALWAYS be meta mods. This specific topic isn't actually an issue with Warframe, it's just how games work. Even if DE removed serration and stuff, people would find another set of "must haves" that would replace them, and so on, so on. At this point, making base damage mods into passives would simply make weapons even more powerful, since that would free up a slot.
  13. As with literally everything else. Use the wiki.
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