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  1. Was gonna say this thread is stupid, but it's all worth for this one comment.
  2. Athem? Doesn't ring a bell, I'm afraid.
  3. Where exactly? It's literally "shooter-Diablo in space". Without the random loot. Not saying that's bad (it's not), but saying Warframe is innovative is just plain wrong.
  4. When you know your "competition" is pretty much dead on arrival, so you make a good guy move for publicity points. Nicely done, DE.
  5. Which is why you posted this in off-topic subforum, instead of sending a ticket to DE support. Seems legit.
  6. I swear, they should have auto-locking after a week or so, at least in General Discussion.
  7. There is also the fact that Warframe's universe seem to have a lot more differences in terms of laws of physics* and certain astronomical bodies than Halo's. Uranus is an endless ocean made of water. Not even close to what that planet is IRL. inb4 "Uranus isn't water, it's the moons"; Wiki says this: "Submerged deep below Uranus’ oceanic surface, and hidden from prying eyes, is a research facility for cloning and reproduction". Not to mention Ceres', Eris' and Sedna's size. And (retconned) Phobos settlements being completely impossible, judging by IRL size of that floating rock. *Mostly talking about Void-related stuff, obviously. Halo tries to be "scientific" for the most part. Warframe is "space magic, ain't gotta explain it" in most cases.
  8. If you got banhammered, then you said something banworthy. Simple as that. No "muh friend did it" will help you.
  9. Not a backstory per se, but I based my operator's looks on one of characters from my own fiction, namely Alicia Slayer, a 4th wall-breaking, time-and-dimension travelling story-vampire*. *instead of drinking blood, she "eats" people's roles in a story they belong to, generally usurping the place of the original villains. e.g. She comes to the world of Red Riding Hood, erases Big Bad Wolf's existence (by "eating" his role) and replaces him as the villain.
  10. She has clearly a spider-like abdomen. Not to mention the ability to create nets.
  11. Oh, yeah. It's kinda funny how they made the ranking up super easy with everything being buyable right as you need it.
  12. Just report and move on (they would definitely get burned for that, DE's moderation works really well in that regard). If you don't know how to report players in-game: 1. open chat window (default binding is "t"); 2. Click on the player's nickname in the chat window, a menu will appear, where you will be able to select "report" option; 3. That's it, you helped mods deal with a bad guy 🙂
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