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  1. 1. Jump. 2. Look downward. 3. Press melee button (default: e). 4. ??? 5. Slam attack. Here you go.
  2. Your point was that it's advertising, not that there was a video in the OP. Also, it's a little in bad faith to completely ignore the rest of my post, isn't it? You know, that part where it's explained how the video exists for a comparison's sake? Unless comparisons are advertising too? Are your posts perhaps an advertisement for badly constructed arguments and taking things out of context? Sorry, I'm not buying.
  3. Oh, I get it, you didn't read the thread. But if so, you have no business commenting in it, good old forum etiquette: "lurk before posting". I'll explain: The video shows a reaction to a rare drop in a game called Destiny. OP wishes to sarcastically compare said reaction to the reaction he assumes a Warframe player would get out of getting a Vidar Reactor Mk3. Obviously one could discuss if OP's assumption is correct. Certainly, they could be criticised for speaking for the entire community, but pointlessly searching for non-existent controversy? Too much.
  4. Uhh, no? That's not how that works... Are you advertising for DE? You are on their forums after all, generating activity on their website, making it possibly more visible for others. If I eat a burger at mcDonalds, am I advertising for them? I guess throwing a cola can into a trash bin is advertising now, since you can still see the logo. See how ridiculous you sound? And about theorYcrafting: It's a word that means you're making stuff up, in this case you are making up a conspiracy about a big bad person "advertising" their channel.
  5. That really isn't more to the point though. Conspiracy theorycrafting is literally "the least to the point" you can get.
  6. I'm afraid that's completely impossible. Amps are made out of Sentient parts (and are designed to be anti-Sentient weapons), and Sentients are well-known for their COMPLETE IMMUNITY to Infestation. Infested Amp would be: a) impossible to build, since the base material would reject Infestation. b) useless, because Infestation would not be able to do anything to Sentient defenses.
  7. You do realize you didn't waste their time, you wasted YOUR OWN? you could be in another mission already fighting your lich. But nah, gotta show off muscles. Lmao. If you want to fight your lich that badly and someone else is "blocking it", just go to the next mission. Every time they don't appear the chance they will next time increases.
  8. No. Something needs to be done with the system that makes avoiding the fight the best idea most of the time.
  9. The list is already on the wiki. The amount of elements available is limited.
  10. CC IS a stepping stone for DPS. That ISN'T bad. You think it is, and that's where your arguments fall, because you're wrong. Your problem is that you seem to have forgotten we're playing a shooter. We shoot people dead to win. CC makes shooting people easier, that's what it is for. There is no need nor reason for CC to be some sort of "alternative to DPS". And if you really think "moar damage" is always better even in a game based around killing stuff, you have NO idea about game design, and you have no qualifications to be trying to come up with "fixes" for any game whatso
  11. Except literally everyone going for super long survivals takes at least some form of cc or defense, making you completely wrong. Lmao, I'm talking way before trials, I'm talking old void. Ok, so you literally have no idea what you're talking about, good you clarified that. CC is specifically a way for DPS to be safe, that's what it exists for. Next time you try discussing game design, try actually learning about it.
  12. On the contrary, we established it's 100% true. In the first comment of this thread, lol. We had a CC meta. It was a CC meta SPECIFICALLY because enemies were harder (relative to our power back then). This literally proves that if enemies were harder we would need CC, in turn disproving you.
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