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  1. Updates will return when I'm done with finals (middle next week). In the meantime you can check out my Warframe concept: Click! (There is minor teasers about future content there as well 😉) Soontm
  2. Fair enough. Good to see you've put thought into it.
  3. Nice idea, wanted to post a similar thing in Feedback, but you were faster 🙂
  4. I'm assuming this is his 1. That means it needs an effect other than just mode switch. Think about how you'd feel if you build a new warframe, and you want to level it, but your first ability does literally nothing (until you get the second, but still). Edit: Why not have it increase the Guardians' attack range?
  5. 1. The "Onslaughter Infested Mega Invasion" Add-On? (1 Vote) 2. The Burstfire multi-shell shotgun (Lost due to a period of Warhammer focus distracting me before I could publish it.)? (1 Vote?) 4. The Toggle-Trigger Solar Gun? 3. The Plasma hand/ Gauntlet Blasters?
  6. Strategy Update: – Added more Stratagems (including the Favourite enemy for each faction and making Corpus more scaredy-cat like lul); – Added some Tactics for each Faction (Tactics are like reactions to specific situations in-game);
  7. What's the point of making a resource time gate, if you're gonna remove it's time-gateness instantly?
  8. There are enough hints in the thread for inquisitive minds to find answers. It's nice to actually get feedback once in a while. Regarding Corpus weapons, I intend to roll out a large scale retooling of existing units as well as adding a ton of my own original ones (art for 30-ish is on my DeviantArt already, if you don't mind spoilers), it will come out this week maybe. Not to mention I do want to make several Corpus Reinforcements (I use the word reinforcements for thread updates containing new weapons), which will be used by my units. About Nullifiers and Combas, I've removed them as unique units instead they have become Corpus-exclusive Eximus types, read more here: Link The more the better. I am of an opinion that we could use way more fan concepts that aren't just "new warframe #32434654642"
  9. Another somewhat skeletal post, but I want to lay some groundwork now. This time, I'd like to introduce a system, which makes the enemy factions more unique, a way for all those units I create to also act differently, based on what faction the belong to. Enemy Faction Tactics: Each faction fights differently, not only because of their equipment but also due to completely different strategic philosophies and military traditions (or instincts if we're talking about the Infested). The main systems at play here are: Faction Focus: What the given faction emphasises and what they do best; but also what they do worst. Stratagems: Broad and general behaviours of the given faction. Tactics: More specific ways that the enemy will react when faced with given situations. Grineer: Corpus: Infestation: Back to the Main Post
  10. Reminder that Chroma was similarly "stolen" from a fan idea by @Endrian.
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