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  1. What's the point of primary weapons? At this point, if I'm going tryhard, I literally don't equip a primary, cause it would only delay me from taking out my kitgun, lol.
  2. Really makes your noggin joggin'
  3. This "depth" is exactly what i don't want, thanks, I already knew that. As I said, I don't want to play league of legends. Besides, "lol, you need to press 1 to press 3" isn't depth it's adding unnecessary fake complication. Not to mention, if you put in rules (like, every frame levels up for x stats, every frame can use all abilities with energy, etc) you keep these rules. Because breaking them only invites chaos and badly made mechanics into your game. Just like in league, where every new character is more overpowered than the lastg one, because they can't stop breaking rules harder and harder. None of those additional gauges actually added any "depth" to anything, they are simply tedium, like the entire design of league of legends or world of warcraft. Addditionally, Nidus is the only warframe that actually operates within the idea of "kill stealing". He cannot access half of kit if he isn't the one who's killing most of the enemies. It's blatantly terrible game design. It creates frustration either in nidus himself, or other players. What if I wanna make a full healer nidus that doesn't use his 1 to kill stuff, cause I prefer guns? Can't do it. You have to get stacks lol. What if I wanna build any other frame for whatever ability? I can easily just do it in any way I want, because they are better designed. inb4 "that wouldn't be meta" Meta is literally irrelevant in this game, and is only needed to for bigboi e-peen survivals. I've never been in a survival for longer than 20 minutes, so thanks, I don't give a flying biplane. Not to mention his sound effects make me want to vomit. He's disgusting, I can't understand how people can play him. He's blatantly overpowered, yes, I agree. He should be nerfed to fit a role, instead of being perfect at everything, yes, I agree. (funnily enough this leads bacvk tome calling him a lol character, cause that's the riot games design to make someone able to do everything by themselves, in a goddamn team game nonetheless) Revenant is alright mechanically, his lore is a bad as nidus'. His abilities are simple and don't require much thought to use, allowing you to focus on the actual game (a shooter) instead of Nidus "me press 2, unga, me press 1, bunga".
  4. Give me a break, my greatest moment on the forum (see below) already happened, it's all downhill from here. I'm old, and my genetic stability is going down with every second.
  5. I find it mildly amusing have such a huge amount of commens on the forum compared to you being only mr 9. Not everything needs to be some sort of deeper thought you know.
  6. Wow, you really are a forum player, huh...
  7. Daily reminder that Djinn and Sacrifice exist.
  8. Better question: If you could make a fear-mongering, click-bait thread would you do it? OP's answer is YES!
  9. Before you talk about changing something, learn what it is and how it works. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Armor
  10. It really did. All faults aside, that game has some great weapon ideas. Just be careful not to find mine, or you're gonna spoil yourself a LOT.
  11. CC IS a stepping stone for DPS. That ISN'T bad. You think it is, and that's where your arguments fall, because you're wrong. Your problem is that you seem to have forgotten we're playing a shooter. We shoot people dead to win. CC makes shooting people easier, that's what it is for. There is no need nor reason for CC to be some sort of "alternative to DPS". And if you really think "moar damage" is always better even in a game based around killing stuff, you have NO idea about game design, and you have no qualifications to be trying to come up with "fixes" for any game whatsoever. Come back after you do your homework.
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