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  1. It doesn't even have to be fun, it can be totally braindead.....BUT it needs to work....
  2. Pretty much the title, Cat was infected, got the templates, made a Vasca(Vaska?) kavat and moved on. Until I ended up on the plains at night for an unrelated whoozle and boom reinfected. No harm no foul because I still had cures, or so I thought. Cured my Kavat and next mission it's glowing red again, cured it and next mission again with the redness. I think I did that three or four times and just gave up. Everyone else tells me that the Kavat looks normal but very much not so much for me. Been going on for probably a month or so now.
  3. I'm pretty sure just logging in and handing it out is about as uninspired a delivery mechanic as there is especially when they have established the Lotus's helmet as a conveyance for her current experiences. Which only apparently works if it works because I never got any prompt on logging in and even after watching the cutscene in the codex (twice now) it still hasn't flagged as completed. So god only knows if that's going to be an account ticket in the future if it's "completion" is required for whatever is next. As for the Anomaly.... that was a bit convoluted BUT it isn't like it was some sort of hardship. Going in and hitting one thing once was never an imposition, the imposition was the time gated misery of successive trips for the Shedu and the hopes of an ultra low drop chance ephemera. \
  4. Having done every quest in this game..... I see no reason why people should require quest completion if they want the prime variant of a "quest" frame. In the end if they want the MR from the quest frames they will, play the quests tho I'm also pretty sure you can just buy the questframes outright from the marketplace soooo, there is really no bar for getting the questframe in the first place therefore who cares? If they "cheat" themselves out of the quest lore, that's on them. As far as lore and enjoyment of the lore both are highly subjective as I will demonstrate. See for me the atmosphere of the first Harrows quest level was on point, spoopy as all get out and then they ruined it with copy pasta. They used that nonsens like six more times for NO GOOD REASON. Every time I though it was going to end... NOPE.... there is another stupid level dragging on this nonsense. I think there where two or three blank levels and then recycling "lets play tag" like three times and then again a fourth time because you can't just do something three times you gotta have a "do it again but this time all in one go" for good measure. By the end of that quest my mood had shifted from "OMG this is premium Spoop and I love it" to "Lady could you tell your kid to stop kicking my heccin seat!?!?" Where as my personal favorite warframe lore nugget did not come from a quest, it came from the Sigor Savah coded messages. What I feel to be (subjectively) the best lore in the game, that actually managed to move me to tears. Having said that it was also quite possibly the single worst execution of lore delivery in the history of Warframe. I kinda think that's why they've switched to the (what ever that library museum thing is called) where you just click on the Warframe in the market, click Go and then it gives you exposition about some element of that frames past without having to slog through a billion BS RNG drops.
  5. Really? that seems..... kinda uninspired. Oh well here I go and thanks for the tip, I would have been looking for a MacGuffin for the next couple hours.
  6. How does one get to see the new trailer? Oh I probably have to talk to the hat don't I?
  7. OK guess I'm kinda blind does look like you tried to create two different rulesets with two different ports. .
  8. Sry but 99.99% of the time I don't want my Sentinel attacking. I want it to sit there like a good little Swiss Army Knife. As for survivalist I'd love to see that get a boost along with some way to revive them during missions. Even if that is some sort of gear wheel consumable, I'd take anything at this point.
  9. Honestly the one I'd go for is Nullifier but like others have said it's arguably less stress and more cost efficient to just snag it via trade for plat.
  10. Eh picked it up because it seems like a meme mod (not in a good way) mostly for completion sake. Too many restrictions on where it can be used, literally everything I would have used it on is excluded.
  11. Yeah honestly it's a super lame passive. Thank god we're keeping Trampoline, I'll get a lot more use of of that in the minuscule fraction of time during a level when I'm out of Razorwing. Best we can hope for is it gets reworked in four years *Ba dum Tss*
  12. Great "It's not a problem for me therefore it is not a problem" attitude *winkeyface*
  13. Ciphers are in the tenno lab, I'd have to log in to be 100% sure but I'm reasonably sure thats where the research is. the cost on most of them is pretty Ok(ish), I know I solo funded one, pretty sure I solo funded the second and partially funded a third. The only one that was strait up LOL NO was the Mutagen Sample cost on the health restores.
  14. I don't think it's so much been just an issue of things being broken at launch (obviously broken things can/will be fixed) it's also been an issue of needless opposition to reasonable changes. For example with the Liches, they launched with that stupid "you guessed wrong you die, lol" mechanic. People hated it but DE refused to change it even tho it was a quick fix and the alteration didn't change the encounter mechanically it just made it feel good for the players to not be arbitrarily killed for reasons outside their control. They eventually changed it after a small forever but it never should have made it into the game and it should have been one of the first things to get cut from the Lich experience. Bad ideas are being clung to that don't add anything positive to the game experience for what feels like purely ideological reasons. Edit: Two more example issues struck me this morning. The updated UI starting off without any labels, forcing the player to rely on the mouse over tooltips to identify any number of graphically identical items. In short order they added labels to the UI (I want to say within the first one or two UI hotfix patches) BUT it was OFF by default. I can't recall for how many patches, mainlines, expansions, etc. I want to say it was at least a year.... before it was finally set to ON by default in the most recent QoL update. That was pure form over function thinking. Seriously WHO WAS FIGHTING THE UI CONVEYING INFORMATION TO THE USER? WHO? To this day we still have to select a Riven in the mods station so the game will display our Kuva so we can know if selecting the Riven was worthwhile in the first place....Why is it so hard to just display Kuva values if the player has Kuva? Then there is the Simulacrum, which we still do not have access to from the Orbiter. Ostensibly because it would "devalue the relays", that's it, that as far as I am aware is the only reason that it isn't happening. What does that omission add to the game? Like three more loading screens and having to access the quick travel menu on the Relay, that is all that having it exclusive to the relays adds to the game. But to this day we don't have convenient access to a canonically virtual space.
  15. Affinity is already based on enemy level is it not? So the affinity is naturally going to scale. As for other rewards, I personally don't believe in scaling rewards because it will encourage the community to self segregate even harder than by simply having the option to fight higher level enemies out of the gate. Challenge should be IMHO it's own reward.
  16. Initially I thought something like that was what was going on when there where all the point discrepencies between my friends and I as one of us always runs with boosters and they where pretty much sitting on double our points. Due to Warframes consistent inconsistencies I had nothing but best guess, turns out it was just an actual failure of the servers to correctly update the event credits. Which while seriously unfortunate and a particular souring point to the event..... is still significantly better than the idea of having boosters effect the credits. It's already bad enough that the event had reward scaling..... which is in itself selfdefeating, as it rewards the very people who complain the most about Warframe not having any content with more credits and thus allows them to burn through the event that much faster. tl;dr No.
  17. I'm going to be blunt because I ran into this issue yet again with Baro and the Odenata Exilus skin and I can not stand it. At no point ever do I want to have to sit and wait for a diorama to maybe possibly take it's sweet time to rotate to the part of the (cosmetic in question) that I'm interested in. In the case of the Odenata Exilus it literally never does because it just zooms in and out of a fixed frontal view which doesn't in any way convey how it looks from the back of the Odenata Exilus look nor is it actually mounted like an actual Archwing in the game would be. So it is completely non conducive to it's original purpose, that being to display the thing. I do not need/want a fancy battle pose/scene, I do not need/want a curated tour of the item(s) in question where it can take ~30-60 to rotate to the actual point of interest. I just need be able to zoom to the aspect of interest to determine if it is indeed of any interest or not. Thank you.
  18. I'm glad something was attempted but it seems to me like it missed the mark. It disproportionately rewards people who where not effected by the credit loss and doesn't do much for people who lost out on more than half the credits they should have gotten. Because you essentially have three groups of people People who where not significantly negatively effected Those people do not particularly need compensation for their event experience. People who where significantly negatively effected Problem here is it is very possible that they lost significantly more than half of their points so doubling their points still doesn't bring them in line with the point values they should have had. People who held out on playing the event because it was clearly broken Clearly they do not technically need compensation for what they didn't lose points wise but at the same time they lost time on the event that they can't get back. Even if the event where to be extended, you never get that time back. The people who receive the most out of that type of compensation scheme are the people least likely to have "need" it. I guess all I can say is if I was going to issue compensation based on my own error (servers not recording points correctly in the first place), for which I had no way of creating a proportional scheme. I would have just lump summed it across the board. Just here everyone you get like ~15k credits which would have been tantamount to "We're sorry. have a free Basmu blueprint" or if you already have that, something else. unlike Dogdays where where in which I have been a proponent of a proportional reward for playing the event as intended because unlike this event Dogdays tracking actually worked. So there was a method to determine if people had been playing the event as intended vs people who had been exclusively leeching the event. Thats just my 2ducats.
  19. I didn't notice it being too difficult but if people where having trouble I don't see a point in not changing it.... not like I'm going to notice anyhow.
  20. Good to know, I was briefly mulling it over but ultimately decided it wasn't worth the mod slot. Mostly because for the scant few instances where I actually care about starting at full energy I have energy Pizzas. Even then I seldom bother using them even in those situations because more often than not an energy orb is just a kill or three away and I'm off to the races.
  21. What is this game to me? To me it was an good scratch for my Phantasy Star Online itch at a time when there where no good PSO style tile based procedural looter shooters around. I love the tile based gameplay, it is the core of my enjoyment.
  22. Not really a bonus when they factored the expectation of people receiving it into their event pricing scheme.
  23. I dunno I actually enjoyed Dogdays until they added that killstealing mechanic.
  24. Yarrr an be suren ta give em a lemon wedge to stave off the scurvy
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