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  1. Where sorties originally manually curated? Did I miss that historic age of Warframe?
  2. They stopped making new seasons like two seasons ago, Its just been filler reward tracks for some time now. At this point they're probably better off automationg the reset every couple of months.
  3. Grineer are already fairly diluted at a 1:19 chance to RNG into the weapon you're after and that dilution is only positioned to increase over time. Corpus are going to get there in short order as every weapon added to the pool reduces the chances to pull the weapon you're after. This effects everyone but is poised to have a much more predominant effect on newer players. Warframe already has several other systems that could be leveraged for a much more fluid experience. Syndicate currencies lenses Instead of spending potential hours just on the initial RNG angle switch the Lich over to a Syndicate currency, thus making literally every Lich worth accepting. But how does the elemental damage type factor in? Lenses, instead of dropping a weapon at the end off the run the Lich pays out in the appropriate syndicate currency along with dropping a lense with the elemental % that can be fused/added together and socketed into the purchased weapon. Additionally allowing people a pool of evergreen rewards to spend the surplus currency on helps to keep the Lich system engaging even after people have completed their collection(s);. That retains both the Larvaling/Sister spawn mechanic along with the RNG of the elemental % while removing the frustration of not being able to even engage with the system because it refuses to offer up the weapon you're after. Thank you for your time. As a side not I would also really appreciate a mechanism for dismissing Liches that have been converted, not trying to trade them away, just dismissing them. Tho possibly even better, integrating a customization system into the syndicate currency system. Allowing the players to change the behavior and aesthetic appearance of their Liches.
  4. Yeah just ran into this while helping friends with thermia fractures. I initially wondered if they'd just removed that part of the ability all together.
  5. I think the why is that DE is gunshy when it comes to resources that potentially build up unchecked over time. Because of how the rest of the game has gone with no real persistent resource sinks to keep long term players in check. Then they can't really balance costs towards those long term players because it throws all of the new players who don't have insane stockpiles of resources. So new players kinda struggle while older players just brush off the resource costs like they're nothing. So undoubtedly DE has a visceral reaction to the notion of letting any new system be one where the currency can be infinitely carried over. The thing is who expunging credits hurts the most are the newer and more casual players, who are going to end up having a bad experience because of the nullification and will as such be less likely to stick with the game. There is the intent of the action and then there is what it actually accomplishes and the unintended consequences. I'm going to go on a tangent about companions really quick. So originally companions used DNA stabalizer to stave off death and that ticked down regardless of when the player was logged in. So if you didn't log into the game for a period of time your companion would strait up perma die. The clear intention was to use companions as an additional incentive to interact with the game more regularly. For some it worked however the unintended consequence was a lot of players (myself included) simply avoided compainions all together because of the added hassle. And the big unintended consequence was for returning players who then get hit with "Oh and BTW your pet is dead" welcome back. And if they are already on the fence about coming back, that is a really lousy way to encourage them to stick with it. Eventually, thankfully DE changed course and repurposed stabalizer into more of a buffing item and retired the companion perma death mechanic. To me this has similar questions that should be reflected upon. What is the goal? Does the current system accomplish the goal? what are the unintended consequences?
  6. I think the issue players (from my perspective) would have with converting credits at a loss is that its still going to cause conflict because it ultimately still removes players points without giving players agency in the action. Yeah they still get to keep some but the way I think that would play out would be a lot of "why don't I get to keep all of them, I earned those points" I get what DE is trying to avoid with clearing the ledger between rounds but the current issue is that there are too many variables within the present setup that can result in removing player agency in achieving that end. A final store that just happens when the game registers that the last NW they where in is not the current NW and they still have enough pts from that previous NW, lets them clear the points between rounds and guarantees player some degree of agency in that action.
  7. Issues as described in this thread are going to be a persistent issue for as long as DE continues to adopt the policy of converting any unspent NW currency into game Credits during NW resets. I would propose a far more player friendly mechanism assuming that persistent credits will never be an option. Is to have the game present the player with a final shop upon their first login (if they have enough points to afford anything) after the previous nightwave has been ended. Once their purchases are made any remaining points are converted to credits as per usual. Even if that shop was purely evergreen just to simplify the coding angle. Tho it would be better if it was extended to include previous NW exclusive mods. Recurring items/cosmetics are less important. Because not everyone is going to be aware that NW is ending and for newer players (those who would be most effected) every forma/potato/Nitain counts and just having the points yeeted away is going to cause needless conflict. I'd probably also toss in a confirmation window if they try to leave without spending all (could still potentially afford something) their credits. Letting them know unspent credits will be converted when they leave. EDIT: I can logic my mind around someone coming into this thread and removing the internal link to a closed thread that dealt with a very valid (and inevitably cyclical grievance) that was closed because some people took the "It doesn't effect me so I don't care about you" schadenfreude angle of being terrible people. HOWEVER it caught my eye that I didn't recognize the thread I was in because THAT ISN'T MY TITLE. This is my title for the thread "A better way to handle Nightwave resets than yeeting players points. Final Shop. " Thank you autofill for remembering the history of things and the crux of my feedback/suggestion This is NOT my title but what I loaded into. "I honestly don't see any logical reason for NW credits to not carry over other than FOMO enforcement. Now I did entertain the notion that the my thread had been merged with a loosely tangential thread except none of the replies read like I would expect had anyone started a thread with that edited title. Please don't change something as fundamental as the title of a thread without being accurate to the first post and owning the change.
  8. And? Even if players did perchance to see a notice that is burried off to the side of the UI that doesn't magically make deleting players accumulated points a good mechanic. Is it? Seems like you're making assumptions about what the playerbase knows/is aware of, kinda dangerous. Fun fact, only a very small portion of a games overall playerbase will EVER interact with it's forums let alone any other external sources of information. So if DE want's to hold onto the whole nuking players effort then they sure as hecc better be ready to hold those players hands to make sure in no uncertain terms that they are aware of exactly what is going on. Alternatively they could sidestep this whole scenario by simply honoring the pts that the players earned. At the end of the day the door prizes that are going to really motivate people aren't the shop offerings, it's going to be the reward track. So leaving the points intact is IMHO going to have little to no effect on engagement with Nightwave and you're not going to run into instances like this. Aaaand? Admittedly I experienced one of IMO the worst handled events in the history of time in WoW and refuse to touch it with a 10ft pole. However I am still capable of entertaining the very real notion that even a stopped clock can be right twice a day. At the very least seems that some of DEs choices here are alienating some of the playerbase and might warrant some reflection.
  9. Counterpoint, update all those bulked out intro/outro cinematics with a quick quarter second corpus teleportation. It's like erryone wins.
  10. Honestly the easiest way that just works would be to convert the whole Kingpin system over to a currency system. 100% of the problems with the Kingpin system solved, where do I collect my check?
  11. ..... Now thinking on that, that means that all of these years we've been getting a song and dance about how Sentinels (Two slots) can't be revived by players mid mission so when they die you're just hecced. While Companions (One slot) down you get a lengthy grace period to correct that? So for years we've been getting convoluted Band-Aids for sentinels that are twice as expensive to retain. Think I'm going to go not Warframe for the rest of the day....
  12. And if they hadn't forced a system that required me to micromanage this, I probably never would have noticed. That bit aside, it's bunk that Weapons are eating Companion slots.
  13. So finally sat down today to liquidate my small stockpile of Hounds because I want to collect some of the mods I don't currently have. Starting out I had exactly room for one companion in my pool as I was able to remove a hound from my Foundry. So that means removing one from the foundry and then juggling through menus to delete them from my inventory because outside of the mods and possibly weapons they are useless to me. I delete the first one and it's dupe weapon fine. I pull out the second one which has a new weapon, it is deleted and the weapon is retained. I go to pull out the third Hound and am told that I will need to plat up because I currently do not have any space for companions.... So I can only assume that the game is counting the companion weapon against my companion pool? Are you actually counting the companion weapons against players? I mean I'm already kinda irritated that I have to virtually blind pull these things because other than the head you don't know what the components where. So there is no telling what mods they actually have. But to also be told that I can't pull out a COMPANION because ostensibly the WEAPON is taking up a COMPANION slot?
  14. Waaaait, waht is Baro selling? I'm curious now, gonna break my oath real quick to check in on his shop to see if I missed anything..... Quick update: The oath in question is hitting either 4 attempted Liches for a specific weapon or until I get change of plansed (Only lasted two missions today before the game hecced me over with CHoP). At which point I Alt+F4 out of the game and go play something else. In this instance I'm leaving to IRL stoofs so a quick peek didn't seem like it'd hurt cause I'm 100% leaving either way. Aaaaand secondly I forgot that DE has him leave on Sunday.... for whatever stupid reason, instead of having him extend over the whole weekend. Just like add the extra day already.
  15. I mean I don't think you can get more than one of each at this point and pretty sure the can't sell them was to curb people who got them, sold them and then realized months later that "ZomG i AktuALLy WaNt thAT WeaPON!!!one!1!One11!!Uno!!". So now they don't have to harass support to go digging through their account to get it back. Tho if by some chance it can be done and by some chance they have gotten 100 Zenistars, they're probably memeing like those chunguses who have 100 forma on a frame.
  16. If that's true.... could Mesa stop ruining exalted weapons for everyone? Like seriously, every time they make some kneejerk revision to exalted weapons it almost always tracks back to some sort of Mesa related BS. Could they just I dunno admit that her "weapon" is actually just a power and leave the other weapons alone. Not that I personally use the "on aim" mods if I can avoid them but for the love of..... it's always Mesa.....
  17. Whelp I'm back to the point where I'm just going to run the Lich spawn to check for the weapon I'm after either 4 times or until the game "change of plans" me at which point I'm Alt+F4ing out of the game and going to play another game. Because I am not spending nine billion hours trying to spawn the correct weapon just so I can START to engage with the kingpin system. Srsly just change to a currency system and let me pick up the weapon I want from the console in the orbiter after the Kingpin cycle is complete. Especially now that you have virtually flooded the grineer drop tables, that is just strait up a hot mess. Nor am I putting up with that lame "change of plans" BS, I chose to do X mission not Y mission. Changing the mission type after the mission has been completed is not cute or surprising, it's disrespectful to your players, if I'd wanted to run an exterminate I WOULD HAVE SELECTED EXTERMINATE FROM THE STARCHART. So please remove that nonsense full stop. That's pretty much my final take on the Kingpin system.
  18. Yeah I still remember my first sister encounter going in solo.... that was strait miserable. Chip dinged the shields, then she'd either teleport turn invisible or both... regen her whole shield and the misery continued. Went on like that for like 10min before I just said hecc this nonsense and quit out of the mission due to overwhelming boredom. Only managed to get her health down by like 8-10%. Then my friend offered to help and we found out that because of the needless extra step DE tacked on that they couldn't because they didn't have an active Sister on the Railjack stage.... just a perfectly iced cake ~chefs kiss~
  19. I mean Umbra was literally yeeted before our eyes. I mean a much shorter list would probably be, Warframes that we can confirm are actually still alive. I think the only one that we actually canonically interact with is Chroma, at least that's the only one that comes to mind. The rest are "they died, plz superglue" or "the legend of (insert frame)~ plz superglue"
  20. The whole Kingpin acquisition system is just wonky. The fact that you can spend potentially hours farming for the correct weapon drop BEFORE you even start engaging with the actual system, is actually maddening. The number of times I've thought I'd try Liches again only to spend like 20+ minutes NOT engaging with the system and ultimately just saying hecc this nonsense, is not insignificant. That said one of the easier bandaid fixes I can imagine would just be letting everyone who is present at the time the Larva is downed engage/accept the Kingpin. Allowing up to all four party members to be able to engage the system without turning it into either a fight to see who gets the thing or ending up with someone who doesn't even want a Kingpin accidentally getting the kill, thus blocking erryone else. The next thing I'd do would be shifting away from RNG weapons to a currency system where whatever Kingpin you got gave you enough currency to buy the weapon you wanted from an NPC. The weapons could still sport the RNG bonus and they could retain whatever the system is that merges the percentages. With those changes engaging with the system becomes more consistent to interact with as any and everyone can get a Lich from a single mission. Coupled with ANY lich now representing forward progress.
  21. OK so that's the Melee class weapons? Full disclosure didn't even know there where melee weapons until just now but yeah the whole cycling system sounds kinda needlessly time gated.
  22. I have no ide"That was supposed to be warframe resistant!?!?!"a what you're talking about?
  23. I've kind of given up on ever seeing the weapon drop mechanic change. But if it ever was to, I'd much rather see it change to a faction currency instead of another convoluted system that relies on mitigating the RNG. All the current system does if I want a specific weapon (and I do) is literally waste my time and adding a bunch of steps that slightly alters the RNG is still wasting my time. Just now with extra steps. Strait switching over to a currency system, at least you're always making progress regardless of what Lich you get saddled with. Every Lich gives you enough currency to either outright buy the desired weapon from (insert faction NPC) or upgrade an existing weapons elemental % from the arsenal. Cause right now burning time with RNG before you can even truly start interacting with the kingpin system is just maddening. To the point that I have frequently fired up warframe, thought "maybe I'll give the lich system another shot" followed by myultiple runs just trying to get the right weapon to START the kingpin encounter... getting fed up and going to play another game. Faction currency is the most strait forward, tried and true way to just git-r-dun.
  24. Hardest task is probably the Kdrive race in each category by proxy of everything being easier/more consistent. Compound that with the fact that some Kdrive races don't even give enough points if you score them perfectly to complete some of the tasks. So you have to watch the race you're taking on like a hawk. Most annoying task over all has to be getting the kills by landing on enemies with a Kdrive plunge attack. Easiest task had to be the 10 seconds of air time
  25. From a solo experience, can't say I really enjoyed the new "kingpin runs off to Railjack for an additioanl phase of the battle~" aspect of the new update. Now I would consider myself to be somewhere floating around average to slightly above average and didn't have much trouble clearing the Sister out of the starchart. My friend did help near the end because I was just done enjoying the experience and they pushed me to finish. Then the sister heccs off to railjack and I was prepared for that because I'd seen enough "where did my lich go?" Q&A So we head out and the game imidiately kicks him because he doesn't have an active Sister (at all) let alone one who has currently hecced off to railjack. So I figure that I'll just go back to soloing it since I have an OK crew and tolerably acceptable railjack. Flash forward through the "fun" of slogging through Railjack to actually dealing with my Lichette, who's schtick is to teleport (read: jump through solid objects to the level above/below) and sporadically turn invisible. Resulting in a fight where I spent several seconds chip dinging her shields before she'd hecc off somewhere in the area and regen her whole shield frequently while invisible. Which was so incredibly enjoyable that after managing to get her down by maybe a ninth of her actual health in about 10minutes.... I just got bored and left. All to apparently prevent people who don't have a kingpin at the same stage from getting an RNG doggo part? Could those have not been handled in a more elegant fashion that would not require an extra step that excludes players?
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