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  1. Waaaait, waht is Baro selling? I'm curious now, gonna break my oath real quick to check in on his shop to see if I missed anything..... Quick update: The oath in question is hitting either 4 attempted Liches for a specific weapon or until I get change of plansed (Only lasted two missions today before the game hecced me over with CHoP). At which point I Alt+F4 out of the game and go play something else. In this instance I'm leaving to IRL stoofs so a quick peek didn't seem like it'd hurt cause I'm 100% leaving either way. Aaaaand secondly I forgot that DE has him leave on Sunday.... for whatever stupid reason, instead of having him extend over the whole weekend. Just like add the extra day already.
  2. I mean I don't think you can get more than one of each at this point and pretty sure the can't sell them was to curb people who got them, sold them and then realized months later that "ZomG i AktuALLy WaNt thAT WeaPON!!!one!1!One11!!Uno!!". So now they don't have to harass support to go digging through their account to get it back. Tho if by some chance it can be done and by some chance they have gotten 100 Zenistars, they're probably memeing like those chunguses who have 100 forma on a frame.
  3. If that's true.... could Mesa stop ruining exalted weapons for everyone? Like seriously, every time they make some kneejerk revision to exalted weapons it almost always tracks back to some sort of Mesa related BS. Could they just I dunno admit that her "weapon" is actually just a power and leave the other weapons alone. Not that I personally use the "on aim" mods if I can avoid them but for the love of..... it's always Mesa.....
  4. Yeah I still remember my first sister encounter going in solo.... that was strait miserable. Chip dinged the shields, then she'd either teleport turn invisible or both... regen her whole shield and the misery continued. Went on like that for like 10min before I just said hecc this nonsense and quit out of the mission due to overwhelming boredom. Only managed to get her health down by like 8-10%. Then my friend offered to help and we found out that because of the needless extra step DE tacked on that they couldn't because they didn't have an active Sister on the Railjack stage.... just a perfectly iced cake ~chefs kiss~
  5. I mean Umbra was literally yeeted before our eyes. I mean a much shorter list would probably be, Warframes that we can confirm are actually still alive. I think the only one that we actually canonically interact with is Chroma, at least that's the only one that comes to mind. The rest are "they died, plz superglue" or "the legend of (insert frame)~ plz superglue"
  6. Hardest task is probably the Kdrive race in each category by proxy of everything being easier/more consistent. Compound that with the fact that some Kdrive races don't even give enough points if you score them perfectly to complete some of the tasks. So you have to watch the race you're taking on like a hawk. Most annoying task over all has to be getting the kills by landing on enemies with a Kdrive plunge attack. Easiest task had to be the 10 seconds of air time
  7. I think the problem is that Rifle is such a nebulous and ill defined term in this game that saying something is a Rifle skin doesn't really mean anything. So I would be inclined to extend that beyond just Rifle Mods because I'm relatively sure (without checking in game) that the Zarr doesn't use rifle mods but is considered by the game as a Rifle for the sake of "Rifle Only" Sortie missions. inb4 the Zarr does use rifle mods, it's been such a long time since I finished it's build that I can't recall without actually loading up the game. I want to say that when I searched for launchers it didn't come up but I could be mistaken there too. If the issue is the firing animations, I'd think some sort of if/else would work EG If the weapon in question uses projectiles that are compatible with (I assume) the water animation of the skin then use the water animations. Else use the weapons default munition animation applied to the coordinates of the end of the skin. Probably over simplified but Either Iether way I really feel DE needs to make a push to identify what is what within the game itself. Cause I've played this game for years now and frequently have no clue what exactly things are classified as.
  8. OK so saw the new soaktron skin and the first thing that came to mind is that is literally the perfect skin for the Ignis which technically uses rifle ammunition but I don't think it's a "rifle" exactly but I can't recall it's sub category and the game doesn't' seem to say and even the Wiki is hit and miss for what exactly weapons are. I mean I think it's a "thrower?" but only the Ignis comes up when searching that not the Wraith so, I kinda give up on the "what it is" front. That said I was holding out hope that it was compatible with the Ignis because aesthetically it is heccin spot on for the Ignis series and it really seems unfortunate that it doesn't.
  9. The mods say 'thrown weapon' and the Wolf Sledge is a thrown weapon. Plus just like Glaives it's quick attack is a normal(ish) close range melee while it's charge attack is a throw, again just like glaives. And while it does have an explosive component to it's kit, that is only if you manually recall it mid flight. Not if it was to hit an enemy. So I feel that the Wolf Sledge both meets the criteria for the mod as well as the potential to benefit from the mod(s)
  10. For the most part the main quest itself was fine and IMHO a nice (if not a tad short) lore drop. The only thing that stood out to me was the Arena melee fight, I got like nothing out of that in terms of getting a feel for the frame and it's power set. Which to me seems to be the only reason to really have that segment. The problems where the lack of any real feedback for the player. No UI No damage feedback and only sparse "press X to use an ability" suggestions(?) Ability wise I have no clue what this frame does from that encounter (outside of melee) 2 seems to dash(?) and 3 causes him to throw his arms up in the air and maybe do a thing? At the end of that "fight" the only real feeling I walked away with was that it existed because you made that song and I was going to listen to it weather I wanted to or not. And while the song was decent I honestly would have preferred an "on rails" railjack quasi-cinematic space battle while the song played out.
  11. I mean, probably not. As much as I love DE they do have a track record of either ignoring things or acknowledging them as issues and almost immediately repeating them.
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