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  1. Visually it's an interesting fight but so much of that fight seems to be just standing around and waiting for the transport to do transport things I think rounds are like 1:20 or 2:00 (I kept forgetting to look at the start of the round) and then there is the additional half minute of waiting as the transport flies away before the next round starts. Between the two you're essentially looking at something like a 10minute+ fight regardless of how well you preform since you're just going against a hard timer. I just wish there was something we as players could do that felt like it influenced the fight. Or maybe at least increase the Ambulas spawns and tack on an additional failure chance or two?
  2. Wouldn't really matter since that particular ability fizzles out at higher levels.
  3. That needs to stop being a mechanic. it disrespects player agency, why ask me what mission type I want to play then change it last second because some dev got tweaked about people finishing that mission type too quickly.
  4. That would be triggering. At most it should be you should only be able to subsume a frame that you have previously mastered regardless of current level.
  5. Not really, since the Derelicts use that abysmal key system. Tho DE did start saying something about the Derelict Keys but my friend decided to talk over that exact bit so if anyone recalls what they started to say about Derelict keys (hopefully they're dumb and we're getting rid of them) I'd really appreciate it if you could drop that knowledge bomb on me.
  6. Friendo, if I could give you my CornGolem statue I would in a heartbeat. Since it's just going to be gathering dust in my bin of decorations to never use. Could definitely possibly be the Xbox gold thing since it might just be tossing you in a clientside relay? Where totally sure you where in the special Tennocon Live Relay? or just a standard relay because there was a special one that popped up around earth for the event. Also I think it is heccin terrible that Microsoft charges you a monthly fee to essentially use your own bandwidth and that DE has signed off on it.
  7. Probably and honestly mostly why I don't bother with them, did the Jordas quest and stopped caring that they existed. Unless for whatever reason they are a requirement for furthering an objective, I'll just walk past them like they don't exist. The way the game recycles enemies eventually they will teleport to you at which point you rinse wash and repeat by walking past them like they aren't there until you reach the exit and they stop being your problem.
  8. Every once and a while it will sorta rear up on it's hind legs for an attack and you can shoot it's glowing belly. I think the glowing spot on it's back is also technically a "weak" spot but it barely qualifies.
  9. I love how so many distinctly different topics just got buried into this abomination of a thread. Well since I can only assume this is where my topic went and where this reply will get sent if it was made anew..... I just realized why they are holding off till the ~27th (daemos street date) to make the changes to the Simaris Syndicate price tables and it's consoles. While DE could thanos snap those changes on PC like well a thanos snap, consoles would likely require some level of cert. And since if any of the platforms can't have it then it wouldn't be "fair" and as such no platform gets the update until launch. Which pushes everyone's frontloading farm back as far as possible unless they want to spend double the syndicate standing in the interim. good times, good times.....
  10. Eh at least there seems to be a logic to the pet teleportation. Whenever the owner enters a new tile the pet appears at the entrance to that tile. That said if the owner doesn't care enough to stop to rez their own pet, you shouldn't worry about them either.
  11. Giant Enemy Crab Juggernaut, Attack it's weak point for massive damage! More seriously tho I just kinda ignore them, I mean there really isn't a reason to bother with killing them and while kinda sorta irritating they are mostly ignorable. But when I do have to kill them I just hit em really hard. I guess the next question would be what weapons are you using and have you checked the Wiki to make sure you're exploiting their weaknesses?
  12. The selling point for the NSW for me would be the whole "on the go" angle but since Warframe requires a network connection that's kinda mostly out the window for general application. So I'd probably stick to the PC. It isn't difficult to be overwhealmed, hell I remember coming back after Starchart 3.0(?) and being all what the even hecc is this for like a solid month. Eventually you're able to pick up and move past it. Ultimately tho, whatever you feel is going to work for you is the way to go.
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