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  1. At this point in our current year, it's pretty much a basic/standard feature especially if you want to respect your consumer/player base. Trying to log into the game and having a patch, isn't a huge deal until that patch is going to suck every bit and byte of your netwroks traffic for the next hour+, essentially grinding everything else to a halt. I dunno maybe it's the fact that Warframe has lost a lot of it's luster with me so I'm not as willing to put up with my network being locked up for Xhrs time so I can spend 10min remembering why I haven't logged in in a week. But the gam
  2. Will definitely take the tips into consideration. It's not that I expect it to be difficult now that I've encountered it the first time but more that the first time I encountered it that it was such a hot mess of gimmickey gotcha mechanics that strait made me Excalibur Face. It is like literally (and I can not stress this enough) every mechanic I have ever hated about boss fights rolled into a single boss fight and I just don't know if I have the investment to want to deal.
  3. Lets start off with some positives The base reward track is as always pretty solid. The unique enemies where pretty OK (even if they did dip into that previously abandoned invulnerable eximus shtick) The story IMO was also pretty heccin solid (actually kept my interest) Now for the less great aspects/stumbling blocks The Crime Scenes, while theoretically OK they had multiple stumbling blocks The slow crawl, I know the tenno are supposed to be like hundreds of years old but who decided they should move like they needed a walker? The pulse,
  4. Wait they actually expect you to hop through the clue (I am not calling that a gauntlet) hopscotch again? OK leaning even harder to "sword ain't worth it".
  5. Bad? friend, bad is an understatement. I am currently weighing how much I actually want the sword cause that "fight" if it can be described as one, manages to amalgamate every aspect I have ever hated into one single encounter....... it's almost impressive.
  6. Eyyyy enjoy those floor colored objects strewn about in floor colored rubble all while watching infested snails pass you by. Tho in all seriousness they almost all seemed to be in/next to floor rubble, not that that really narrows it down. Except for one that was on some stairs.
  7. If I'm guessing correctly what you need to do is avoid the things he throws at you, pick them up and then throw them initially at the objects that where unique to your playthrough of the crime scenes. Which will cause him to become vulnerable so you can then pick them up and throw them at him while he continually breaks the platforms until the mission either becomes unplayable because there is no arena left OR you get to the next phase. Its thoroughly unenjoyable
  8. It could have been a spooly bedtime story but the problem is it wasn't, unfortunately instead of shining it was just sorta milquetoast. Instead of ending up bland they could have shot for spooky campfire story and again who better for that than the character for whom they portrayed as being big into Nabaris. The character who (again) actually has a special outfit/costume because they are big into Nabaris. Who would be stoked to tell the story of Nabaris. It just felt like we got a Goosebumps recounting of a Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark story. It had the potential to be spoopy
  9. I mean it's like her thing, she even has a costume for the event which is an asset which could have been leveraged for the story..... and then it's just Grandmother being sorta monotone. Maybe she was emotive, I just don't really recall it if she was.
  10. Hmmm didn't know that the status for Void was bullet attractor. I pretty much just pulled Xaku out of the foundry and marched him over to the dentical chair for subsumation. Slapped it on my Titania expressly for eventual anti Sentient shenaningains but if it is functionally self defeating because of their, how did they put it "hitbox porn"..... cause everything dies too quickly for me to really notice and I haven't had a reason to fight sentients. I'm not sure if it's just a terrible oversight or in intentional slight to the ability :/
  11. I'm confused, so Xatas Wisper has an innate bullet attractor mechanic or are you talking when used with Mags bullet attractor? Cause I can't think of a time when I've seen Xata's wisper do anything that resembled bullet attractor.
  12. Conclave is a myth that developers tell their playerbase to keep us from wondering into the woods at night.
  13. I'd say it was meh out of ten. There are some positives but I keep finding myself not wanting to log in because of it.
  14. Honestly not sure why they don't just make the Ephemera tradeable. Unfortunately they are hellbent on never doing that so we got this approximation of trading with extra steps instead. -ascii shrug-
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