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  1. Wait..... did they learn literally nothing with Nekros that people don't like constantly having to hit a button to glean extra loots? Also since thy nerfed loot frames across the board (I assume that's still in place) getting a bonus loot ability is kinda butts these days.
  2. The counsel of the seven Wukong mains shall not be pleased~
  3. Ugh the keys weren't "cool" it was the feeling that people got from being able to "beat the system" which gave them a "reason" to spend endless time in endless missions. Since they can still spend endless time in functionally the same endless missions (the void didn't actually go anywhere) but choose not to, it seems like it was more the "beat the system" aspect that they "loved" vs the actual time spent/gameplay angle.
  4. I absolutely dislike Mesa, I find her to be boring to play and boring to play with. I also hate it when Exalted weapons feel like they are being "tweaked" just to deal with Warframes problem child. Why does it feel like they are trying to Nerf me because her Exalted weapon is in fact a Power not a weapon?
  5. Ages 15+ lol I'm surprised that thing didn't come with a generous supply of eyepatches
  6. OMG tell me they aren't still cycling everything into that hover over it nonsense.... I haven't actually gone in to check myself but if true then whoever is in charge of the UI really Really REALLY needs to get the hecc over this seeming form over function nonsense of theirs. I really like the basic aesthetic of the UI but every change feels like I'm pulling teeth to get to the basic information I'm after and it seems like all of the IMPORTANT things like I dunno .... basic labels are always switched off by default. Look if you want a clean minimalist UI that's fine but that should be the one you opt into not the UI that displays basic information.
  7. Arcane nulliufier just prevents magnetic procs yes? Magnetic procs don't so much cancel Warframe abilities as they drain your energy pool down to zero which cancels them by proxy. Nullifiers on the other hand flat out cancel the power without effecting the energy pool. That said I don't disagree that this feels like yet another "We've just taken away your powers because reasons" situation and I would just like there to be consistency. Part of me wonders if it is an issue with maybe ground targeting since the fight has so many identical set pieces? I think at least three with the third being the destroyed platform, that the game is losing track of what set piece you are targeting on. So it could be that maybe it's casting cataclysm or what have you but it's targeting to the wrong location and that location is on the other side of a functional wall that you can't see or interact with so it just seems like it's not working? Tho I have definitely experienced the void dash just stops working issue so who knows.
  8. This begs the question..... which Sigil would make the best trampstamp *thinking intensifies*
  9. I wouldn't argue with more Kuva rewards but in the interum I've just largely stopped re-rolling Rivins until I passively gain a bunch of Kuva via Sorties.
  10. No but in a game with something like 400 weapons or some such you're never going to know what weapon you're going to want to use or will get reworked to become a weapon you'd use on the regular. Rivens are a constant source of annoyance either from the standpoint of literally not being able to sortie because youre at 91/90 and the game is CONSTANTLY going to remind you of that fact with an interact prompt until you finally sit down and painstakingly decide what Riven you are going to delete......... Only to have the weapon for the riven you just deleted either get a total rework/side mod that makes it a weapon you would totally main OR having it flat out get a primed variant a month after you delete it (I'm looking at you Gram Prime). But hey lets just pretend that there are no gigantic glaring issues with the Riven system and that everything is just hunkydory.~ Yeah the database consumption on rivens is an issue for DE but everything else is an issue for the players. At the VERY least they could let us transmute Rivens without that stupid "gotta fight a Hydrolist" BS, ya know like literally every other Mod that can be transmuted without needless extra steps. I humbly await someone popping in and saying "I fight 20 Hydrolists a day so transmutes totally aren't an issue"... because it's bound to happen, just assume I've already placed my hand to my face and let out an audible sigh.
  11. Advantage....... I don't think that word means what you think it means
  12. Well they should really rework primed surefooted, cause it's an inconsistant mess that sucks down what? 11 capacity? and only sometimes maybe works when it clearly states 100%. As for the Oberon angle, I suppose that theoretically works BUT the encounter shouldn't require one specific frame to counteract the most irritating and supremely unnecessary mechanic in the game because whoever designed the fight decided to slather it in knockdown because that's super fun or some shiz....
  13. No the weird part is the fact that they can't be asked to not redline their builds. It's almost as if Warframe is only as hard as you make it and they have chosen EZ mode and then without the slightest hint of irony started complaining that everything is too EZ. If only there was some way that they could increase the challenge (as if by magic) they experienced ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. It wouldn't be so bad if it still wasn't like 80% knockdown. Hell I have whatever the 100% knockdown resistance login mod is called and was still getting constantly staggerlocked.
  15. Hmm so I guess I should assume that NWIntermission is out then? Edit: Guess not seems to have just been some sort of aberrant stress test.
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