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  1. Oreades

    Railjack should be PvP

    I can just imagine how absolutely fun that would be and how quickly I would disable it given the option.
  2. Oreades

    I need help!

    The only thing I would be maybe concerned about with regard to Limbo (non prime) is you should double check to make sure that you "mastered" Limbo. You can do that by accessing your Profile in game, select Equipment and then filter by Warframe. As long as you got Limbo to 30 you are good and since you said you loved Limbo there is a pretty good chance that you did before you stopped playing. Unfortunately there is no way to get Limbo back outside of buying him with plat since while I believe the quest is now repeatable (most seem to be) it will not yield the component blueprints required to build Limbo for a second time. There is the possibility that contacting Support might help as Support can restore accidentally deleted items..... however.... they usually have a fairly narrow window where they can preform that action. Soooo if it's been a protracted period of time it is fairly likely that contacting support is unlikely to be productive. Still worth a shot but just be ready for them to not be able to help you. That said if you did get Limbo to 30 (mastered) then you've gotten all you can out of Limbo and since Limbo Prime is a thing that you can still get in the game at any time, I'd just work on getting the blueprints/building Limbo Prime to replace your previously deleted Limbo. Thankfully in this instance there is a currently accessible Prime Variant, that isn't always the case. General rule of thumb and moral of the story being never delete quest frames.
  3. Oreades

    Fix PVP By Implementing MOBA Mode

    Balance imho is part of the reason that PVP has never really taken off in Warframe. Warframe is predominantly a PvE power fantasy with weapons that can easily one shot any Warframe no matter how tankie. Hell I have my Lenz so tanked out that the initial AOE Proc (not the explosion after the fact, just the cold proc) is enough to instadown most of my frames. Flashforward to PvP where all of those same weapons feel like your slapping the other player with a wet noodle. Which is in large part by nececity as it is fun to occasionally LOL oneshot someone else it is not fun to get LOL oneshot constantly yourself, nor is it fun in the long run to LOL oneshot everyone always. Which are the scenarios that would result if the weapons remained untouched. The problem then is that because of the extreme tinkering all the weapons/gear in PvP feel too disconnected for a lot of people to really get behind. It's like the uncanny valley of game modes, it just feels weird. Same thing is going to happen with MOBA balancing, it's going to have to be so substantial that it would really just need to be it's own game. Tho being it's own game might work. They could certainly re-use assets from Warframe but it would be sufficiently disconnected that the disconnect that would otherwise be quite jarring and offputting would just work. Maybe tie the two together by proxy of the fact that you can earn resources for either by playing the other. I hesitate to even suggest it but maybe a mobile spin off game would be the best course of action if the intent was to "expand the brand" (why do I suddenly feel like Frohd Bek?) something that would keep people playing Warframe on the go, even when they weren't playing "Warframe". Or...... it could just be a gigantic pit that developers throw money into that never has an ROI ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Oreades

    Baro is here

    To be honest I never really liked the idea of the Fluctus outside of AW proper. So I'm not really let down by the lack of a Prisma Fluctus that I'd likely never bother to put a Gravimag in. Now if it had been a Prisma Velocitus (Maybe a Grattler Wraith.... maybe) rumor that didn't happen I'd probably be a bit salty. Hell I'd have settled for an Itzal Exilus skin.
  5. Oreades

    Fix PVP By Implementing MOBA Mode

    If they where going to hop on the MOBA band wagon they're about 7 years too late. Most people who want to play a MOBA are just going to go play ...... a MOBA. Instead of playing an unrelated game that just happens to have a MOBA tacked onto it as an afterthought. That said ....... Make it happen DE ❤️
  6. But it does, if the foundry can rebuild something as biologically complex as Umbra from mere scans of a scarf and some smears, with all of it's faculties intact. Then it doesn't seem like a huge stretch that it should be able to reconstruct a healthy host and if that hosts faculties are as intact then job complete cause it's already you. At the very least it would remove the need to use other sentient beings to transfer into because the Orokin could just sculpt their perfect vessel from scratch. I mean from the sound of Kuva are just Nanites that eat your brain as evidenced with the resounding of the Cephalon fragments. Which would suggest that all continuity is, is said nanites reconstructing the target brain within the target host body. Since the foundry would appear to have the capacity to reconstruct a host with it's faculties intact. It would suggest it should also be able to functionally print Organs which would be the solve for the Corpus organ farming the Solarans. Need a liver? Just set the Foundry to Liver. I mean simple organs should be incredibly simple compared to building a complete Warframe. I mean why don't we just print Legs some new Arms? or Eudico a whole new human body?
  7. Forums why u so double post.
  8. Which raises the question if the Foundry can recreate Umbra fully from a scan ..... why did the Orokin care about Transference and why do the Queens care about Kuva? Seems like a standard issue Foundry is all they really "needed"
  9. Then just get rid of capture. Trying to enforce a minimum time is stupid. Plus most people who are "completing" it really fast are doing so because they have a secondary objective. EG Syndicate Medallions, Simaris Targets or a Riven Challenge. For which they want the primary mission completed so when they complete their secondary objective they are free to leave at their leisure. I've also had it hit me in a mobile defense It's essentially "you aren't playing the game right" instead of taking the time to redesign the missions themselves.
  10. As contrary as it seems, it's actually the reason I pub Spy Sorties. Tho I generally do not outright carry people I kinda enjoy watching people running around like chickens with their heads cut off and if it gets too frustrating I always know I can breeze through it solo.
  11. Why? I enjoy spy and already hate having my mission type changed so might as well have it change to a mode I actually enjoy. Plus maybe just maybe it would be a wakeup call about how irritating the mechanic is to the people who keep defending the mission objective changing as being fine because it's just a nominal inconvenience. Cause I'd bet that they change their tune real fast if it changed to a nominal inconvenience that was just slightly more nominal than they are willing to deal with. Worst case scenario people actually might finally get good at spy missions instead of constantly needing hard carries for the Sorties.
  12. Honestly the "Ignore your objectives" shtick is probably one of the most irritating mechanics in the game. If I'd wanted to do an exterminate I would have chosen to do an exterminate. Every time it happens it's like why the hecking heck did you even bother asking me what mission type I wanted to play? I had it happen to me like ~6 times in a row when I was looking for Simaris Scans to the point that the last time it happened I just strait up Alt+F4'd out of the game. "But if you where going to kill everything anyhow~" maybe, maybe not it really depends on how early in the level you find the actual scan target but that isn't the point. The point is that if I'd wanted to play an extermination mission I would have SELECTED a heckin exterminate mission.
  13. Oreades

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.2 +

    @[DE]Drew Any news on the issue with the new Companion dual stat 60/60 status mods only resolving in alphabetical order? Resulting in the only possible combination of the four being Blast Corrosive. Khora is already a powerhouse tho.
  14. Oreades

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    For Titania I think I'd still honestly like to see Spellbound & Lantern being folded into a single charge ability because visually they are very samey slightly less so mechanically. That frees up space for a completely new and unique ability. Essentially Press to Spellbind and hold to Lantern. Tribute I'd kinda just like to see this be a completely different ability. I like the shadow aspect, it's interesting but the over all ability just feels just not great and could stand to be something else. Bonus points if the shadow mechanic stays in for flavor. I would love to see Titania get some sort of AoE ability themed around Fairy Mushroom Rings that had some sort of utility function. Titania also really needs some way to refresh her Razor flies without needing to pop in and out of Razorwing and I'd love to see the ability to interact with objects while in Razorwing. Since the #1 rule of Titania club is Always be in Razorwing.
  15. Oreades

    Warframe lacks challenge

    The problem is that people don't like being forced to do something. Things need to be finessed, you make the choice the developers want you to make but it feels like it was always your choice. The problem is not everyone is going to make that choice. Tho to e fair~ the mod system alone has been a thought provoking system that allows us to dial in our proffered level of challenge and people have been ignoring that since it's been in the game by redlining their builds at all times.