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  1. If I've said it once I've said it a million times. The problem with Auras is no aura realistically matters with regards to normal gameplay. You can take literally any aura and not notice any significant change in the game experience.** The exception is specific instances where extended game sessions and broken enemy scaling *cough* armor *cough* mean that essentially one und only vun aura means a damn and that is corrosive projection. Which leads to the scenario where everyone equips corrosive projection because In general play Auras don't mean squat. In the one instance where they do Corrosive is king. Aura formas attempted to change that tho rather hamfistedly however they missed the actual problem and that is Auras just don't matter in general game play. So why am I going to bother using an aura forma to allow me to freely change my auras when the aura I use essentially doesn't matter in the first place. Unless niche circumstances dictate it be corrosive? There are scant exceptions to this rule where certain frames/builds warrant the use of non corrosive auras but those are so scant I can probably count them on one hand and still have fingers left over. Myself personally I've just given up on caring about Auras and I'll use whatever aura amuses me because I don't diaper run to the point where corrosive is a necessity. Once I settle on an aura I forma for that auras polarity and I'm done, I'm not touching that aura slot again. I think I have one frame that has two different builds that use two different auras (Nova) for which Aura forma are ungodly overkill and I'd long since stopped being bothered by the aura being misspolarized in one loadout. At the very least they are worth equipping for the extra mod points and if you can't decide on an aura, ya might as well go corrosive in the event you ever actually need it even if you probably won't. **There might be some obvious benefits to extremely early game play where in which very new players are not sufficiently geared out. Tho one could say the same thing about survivability mods who's effectiveness is also significantly diminished as the game progresses. To the end that both are effectively moot outside of very specific circumstances.
  2. Yeah, cause that somehow justifies a terrible mechanic..... but keep going Wowzers, starchart junctions~ Alright guys might as well closet the topic since all of our MR problems have been taken care of through the power of starchart junctions~ Hmm a ten second cursory check reveals that starchart junctions will net you (in accordance with the wiki) a whopping 13k mastery for completing all 13 of them. The break down 1k MRxp each (actual gear rendering 3000-6000 each)....I can only assume that you're also lumping in the fist time completion of each and every mission node cause that gets almost close clocking in at a whopping ~27k(ish) but I guess close enough for government work? For some actual comparison the ammount of MRxp you get from weapons alone is well over 1,000,000 MRxp and that leaves us quite a ways away from MR30. Meaning that the starchart XP is hardly a drop in the bucket. Not to mention (wait for it) those are actually something you're naturally going to do in the progression of the game. Unlike (wait for it) being forced to needlessly double up on leveling a "modular" weapon for it's MRxp or sextuple leveling up (with forced forma investment) a Paracesis or Kuva/Lich weapon for it's leveling juices.
  3. OK lets disect this...... Leveling gear is..... literally the only way to raise your MR.... but ok let's keep going.... OK I'm all ears what are these non gear leveling ways to elevate ones MR? Soooo there aren't non gear leveling ways to raise your MR then, glad we're on the same page at least.... Tho assuming your "better way" is to just go level something else you don't enjoy as an alternative to double leveling the gilded weapons that you dont' enjoy..... riddle me this.... what happens when you run out of non gilded weapons to level and aren't max MR.... hmmmmm almost like you;'re forced to deal with them at one point or another and the only real choice is how long you want to put them off..... ..... uh huh, go on See this just seems like an extension of the "you where going to do it anyway so what's the problem" non argument that permeate these threads.Yeah I was going to level everything once, because obligation. I was going to invest forma into weapons I enjoyed because, I enjoyed them...... The two classes of weapons that DO NOT follow these rules are Modular weapons, that needlessly require you to level them twice to extract your MR weather you enjoy them or not Paracesis/Lich weapons, that needlessly require you to not only level them six times but to also invest five forma into them to extract your MR Neither of those scenarios should IMHO be a thing, MR should always fully extract at 30 and anything beyond that should be done because you actually enjoy the weapon.
  4. sadly yes, this is why I religiously preformed every Genetic code alert even tho I had all my Kavats. Back then there where alerts for them that is.
  5. Yeah that is the one cue that is semi useful however the cue that comes before it (the flash) and the cue that comes after it (the murder prompt) arguably the more important of any of them. are both generic. Which is the problem when we're talking about a system that's going to saddle you with a 2+hr grindfest to correct. Personally speaking I'm not 100% sure if the Lichlet spawns before the Guardian prompt or not, I personally can't be asked to preform finishers mercies murder animations because I kill things to quickly. Which actually makes this an even bigger problem for lower level players because they're going to be seeing those murder prompts more frequently and thus be more incline to be all "OH COOL! I can preform an awesome finisher!!!1!" without thinking "Oh shiz, the kuva guardian, better ignore those prompts for the rest of the level!" Tho even if they are thinking about the Lich and how they DO NOT WANT one, there is still the very real possibility that they click it out of sheer muscle memory because ZOMG spiff animation! It's just a bad mechanic strait up, DE keeps trying to make it less bad but it just really does not belong as a "mid mission" surprise because as long as it remains as such this is going to be a continual problem for both the players and the developers.
  6. Ahh and the argument continues to be a combination of generic cues are good enough and It's the players fault~ Ahh yes DE couldn't possibly create a system that was idiot proof, that's impossible~ I mean it isn't like they couldn't have just given the Lich assignment to Paladina (along with a HECCIN fast travel system for iron whatever it's called). That way when you actually want to make a Lich you go out of your way to talk to an NPC who tells you about Grineer commanders (liches) who are causing trouble in the system. So lets see..... Play a fast paced game and just know that the flash you saw wasn't any number of other possible things and the generic cue you got to preform a finisher wasn't just a low health enemy. Go to a specific non combat node, Talk to an NPC, Select and confirm that you want to undertake a Lich operation** Hmmm yeah totally no way they could have made this idiot proof.... oh wait.... yeah there kinda is... by the way non unique cues are next to useless. **Use a heccin token system to allow the players to claim whatever weapon/element type they want, thus eliminating any issue with "dud" liches because at that point the weapon your Lich spawns with does not matter.
  7. It's almost like people enjoy using the weapons they enjoy and not being forced to needlessly re-level weapons that they don't just for the MR. I know this must be a jarring and foreign concept to you.... Cool beans more and more mechanics where the go-to answer is "Just ignore them". great ROI for DE. Fun fact ignoring things didn't work with the Paracesis, now we have like 8 weapons with the same toxic MR extortion mechanic.
  8. The flashing again is used in any number of other invasions, stalker, zenuka, Grustag, (insert random syndicate). It's pretty much a generic "hey SOMETHING is happening" indicator that's been reused in the game to the point that it really doesn't tell the player much on it's own. Yes the Kuva Guardian does come in and say "Yo dawg, kuva kuva kuva" Again there are not three distinct cues, two of the cues can be encountered normally throughout the game unrelated to larvaling/lich shenanigans. The Flash, any number of generic (something just happened or is about to happen) encounters The kill prompt, literally any enemy in the game that is at 5%(?) health Leaving the only actual major onscreen prompt that it is actually a larvaling you have to look out for and that being the kuva guardian announcement. Not really sure if the larvaling has already spawned at that point or not, I'd stopped playing Grineer levels until they added the shanking "option" and pretty much kill things fast enough that nothing is ever at 5% long enough to really display the "shank me daddy" icon. However I respect the fact that other player might kill slower and actually enjoy indulging in said prompt on the regular. When you implement a system where the users can error the problem is design.
  9. Any weapon is fine, they're just pretty rare drops which is made even more painful by the needless and unfun implementation of the Anomaly timegate. Which is somewhat ironic after DE has acknowledged on several occasions that timegates that force the players to set alarms for the game are not conducive to encouraging healthy game play habits/positive player enjoyment..... but still keep adding them to the game.....
  10. iknoryt what a bargain!!1!1!1one!1111oneone!11!uno1!!1!1!! Uhh see those are actually a choice** since you've already gotten your MR from them the first time around, meaning if you're adding forma to them it's because (wait for it) you enjoy playing that weapon. Really not sure if you're just shilling or? **With the exception of the Paracesis and any and all Lich/Kuva weapons that withhold their full MR until you deposit the requisite number of Forma into them.
  11. Gilding is objectively flawed for one simple reason It only exists to force the players to grind out the weapons to lvl30 >>>twice<<< just to get their MR and that's gildings contribution to the game..... Still waiting for an actual modular weapon system btw
  12. Or DE could have maybe not attached the mechanism for "accepting" Liches to a generic kill QTE that is probably muscle memory for a fair chunk of the playerbase and can randomly saddle you with a Lich if you aren't watching it like a hawk. Meaning the only way to avoid the Lich mechanic is to completely avoid yet another Warframe mechanic. Just ya know never go in for that "spiffy" murder animation they added to the game.
  13. Fascinating, I learned something interesting today and IMHO that makes this whole thread worthwhile 🙂
  14. Definitely be a hit but not expecting it to be a huge one, I expect the prices to remain fairly reasonable relatively speaking, either way. Its never getting ultra stupid high again tho, as it shouldn't.
  15. And now we watch the prices slowly creep up
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