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  1. At worst someone claiming to own your account and that they are trying to sell it should garner is DE flagging your account in the event that there are successful logins that also show a significant shift geographical IP. At which point more scrutiny and possibly an account ban should be forthcoming. If they are getting trigger happy and banning people before there is any suspicious network traffic to back those suspicions up then there is something seriously wrong with their methodology. Because you really need to be able to show something to corroborate the suspicion or they are essentially "banning on a promise" that they can't even confirm came from the source or was ever even a thing in the first place. That said pretty much everyone is gonna claim "It wasn't me" if they get caught sooooo....
  2. I am still super disjointed that The Wolf didn't turn out to be Tyl Regor. That would have been a total OMG moment and a great way to have dusted off possibly one of the best Warframe characters full stop. Even the initial description of the wolf being some nobody could have been worked out because being stripped of his augments/title/person and essentially blackholed by the queens on some rock wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility for a failure of that magnitude. It would have explained where Regor has been all this time (Saturn 6) it would have explained the Wolfs devotion to his pack (akin to his devotion to his tubemen) and how the wolf was able to crack the Corpus net as easily. It even would have (tragically) explained why the wolf was a model prisoner.... because Tyl had just been strait up broken when he lost everything.
  3. Hopefully that isn't the case because that would make the augment next to useless.
  4. Imagine not reacting at all and not bringing up something that the devs might not have considered so they can address it before it becomes an issue...
  5. Eh I'm already pretty disinterested because it's going to require new Exilus adapters.... and I'd probably just use it for Hush anyhow.... seems like too much trouble IMO.
  6. Does that mean we can FINALLY get master from our Exalted weapons? Feel like I've tossed enough Forma into them that it would be nice to have gotten some MR for the trouble.
  7. I think I'd be more excited to hear it can revive IF I hadn't already had some super mediocre experience with non integrated Sacrifice being super twitchy and barely functional. Maybe toss invisibility (like the Huras(?) and Shade but a Kavat) and lifesteal (not even for me per say but if it could potentially do some self healing that'd be great) on it and I'll take some srs interest.
  8. @[DE]Megan The problem with the Polarize forma wasn't the number of forma (per say, for some people that might have been where they drew their line) but it was that you are being forced to polarize period. That scenario works out very well if and only if the player either has something they want to forma at the second the challenge drops gives absoloutly zero heccs about tossing a forma into some item of their gear for absoloutly no reason Since group two would gladly do it regardless, the same people who had no problem farming up a throw away AMP/Moa/Etc to complete the (already removed) Gilding challenge. So I'll focus on the group that is going to be negatively impacted by this challenge regardless of the number of forma required tho the reduction does mitigate it to some degree. I've been on the receiving end of the "you just formad a bunch of gear two days ago, here have a Forma Challenge!" a couple of times now. The problem that still exists is that this challenge is something that is going to interfere with peoples regular gameplay regardless of whether or not it is active by proxy of it's mere existence. Because knowing it exists players are inclined to hold off on adding a Forma to their gear naturally because of the concern that if you Forma now, the challenge could show up in the next rotation. So instead of adding the Forma when you have the need players can find themselves waiting until the challenge pops up. This is especially true of early game, I remember a time where I would sit on Forma for upwards of a week because they where so rare. Just mulling over where I would get the most benefit from that precious resource. Now I have most of my gear where I want it anyhow and even if I didn't I have relatively easy access to forma as compared to when I started. I have always hated to waste Forma so the whole which is probably why the "Just forma something random" or "just repolarize to the same polarity" has always just sounded extra dumb to me. At the end of the day people are going to want to complete as many challenges as are thrown at them until they hit max rank. That is just human nature. The exact same nature that saw people completing and complaining about Gilding modular items. They're going to feel bad about not doing the challenge so they are going to do it and then they are going to feel bad about having done it because they just wasted resources. The only group this challenge really works with are people who serendipitous happen to be thinking about a specific upgrade anyhow. Which is why IMO it should be removed just as the Gilding challenge was for essentially the same reasons. An alternative to removal that might not "solve" the problem in the long-long-longrun would be to overhaul the whole polarity system to switch over from a single polarity system to a multi-polarity system. Specifically an iterative multi-polarity system, where every forma you add (up to something like 40-50 depending on Umbra forma) would add value or at least perceived value to your weapon/frame. There is no fear of power creep in such a system because any current min/max build has already reached peak power. The only thing you gain from an iterative multi-polarity system is build flexibility. Making such a system IMO the best possible QoL update Warframe could ever receive. Essentially it would transition from the current system that goes New Weapon/Frame > Min-Maxed/optimal build to New Weapon/Frame > Min-Maxed/optimal build > Build flexibility and exploration Min-maxing will never go away but the current system either punishes not only for achieving the min-maxed meta build by locking you out of build variety but also by punishing you for daring to attempt to build differently in the event that doesn't pan out. Because a failed attempt is going to waste not just the one forma for the attempt but a second forma to get back to your working build. So for a lot of people they just never try because there is no incentive to do so. Additionally I feel that is a significant contributing factor to a lot of underused mods not being used. Not just that people find them a bit lackluster but because it feels like you are being punished for the very attempt of trying to work them into a build. Where as an iterative multi-polarity system if that slot was already polarized and you add a second polarity to it, now it's dual-polarity and even if your initial consideration didn't work, you can always fall back to your old build because the new polarity didn't invalidate it like the current system does. Want to try something else with that dual-polarity slot? Just toss a third Forma on it and now it's Tri-polarity, etc. The current attempt to delve into muli-polarity with the all or nothing approach (Aura Forma) doesn't cut it as an "only option" because again you get into a place where players can feel that you are forcing them to do X when all they want is Y. Why do they want to quad-polarize a single slot when what they want is dual polarity over two slots? However the universal polarity Forma could serve well in tandem with an iterative system because then they become a choice. They can potentially save the player leveling time and that could naturally draw players in instead of being the one UND ONLY VUN way to do it. I think with an iterative multi-polarity system you would see a lot more people using a lot more forma and trying a lot more builds, all while feeling good about doing so. It also gives players something to grind towards for something more than "teh memes". Again without adding any additional power creep to the game because we've already hit peak power with in the current system. Thank you for your time and putting up with my meanderings.
  9. Any news on if the Itzal is still getting Ripline (which while cool doesn't seem thematically matched to the Itzal) or if it is going to be getting a different Blink replacement? Also (unlike bullet jumping) is there going to be an innate cooldown in the universal blink (Blink jumping)?
  10. The only way I'd be cool with the Arcane helmets being converted into something that takes up an arcane slot is IF said arcanes where also re-added to the games drop tables.
  11. Initially I think it was more because it was a lot of extra work and they just didn't want to be bothered. Now I honestly don't think the in game economy (or lack there of) would survive a cohesive system. While it is kinda not the best that we as players need to turn to third party systems, it's probably all we can expect.
  12. Even if it wasn't the key think, even tho it still could have been because the new gear wheel can be a hot mess to use/sort (I still like it way better than the old gear wheel) it's quite possible to check the wheel and still manage to miss something being or not being equipped. They should really improve the key UI perhaps even give it a Focus School style improvement where it get's it's own UI element in the Arsenal (still let you choose up to four keys) but like the gear wheel it apply across all of your frames. Something where it displays the keys you have and when they aren't equipped they are grayed out and when you activate them they color up. Cause equipping/unequipping a single key (let alone multiples) can be a bit of a chore when your wheel has everything and the kitchen sink appended to it already in the event that you might every need (insert McGuffin) at some point during a mission.
  13. As long as you don't trigger an alarm and then ragequit like a big oll rage baby.... I give exactly zero heccs what you bring to the spy mission
  14. Hell I'm not even maxed focus and I feel zero need to bother with the Lua Lenses. At least not until one or more of the following happens The whole Focus system gets a complete rework, It technically functions so it probably won't but OMG it's being held together with ducttape and a prayer The Lens system gets a rework to bring it in line with Arcanes in that you can unsocket them whenever you feel like it and use them for upgrade material accordingly. Cause I AM NOT farming a Lua Blueprint just for the privilege of having to recursively farm an Eidolon Blueprint along with just probably giving up and buying a heccin Greater lense because farming four lesser lenses is just..... that whole non upgradable system has just got to go. IMO players who are actively going after the Lua Lenses just enjoy suffering because even if they upped the drop rate that doesn't change the hot mess that are the rest of the systems that those blueprints connect to.
  15. I'm just going to say that I have myself in the past accidentally formad something when I was trying to move polarities around (if memory serves). Thankfully I hadn't overwritten any other polarity but it was irritating and that extra polarity (again if memory served) messed with my builds a bit. Having said that this is another instance where I feel an iterative multi-polarity system would have mitigated a lot of instances where people accidentally apply forma to their build(s) because in theory you get a benefit from every forma you apply to your gear. Even if that benefit isn't necessarily raw power, at the very least there is no downside to over formaing your gear at that point as the current downside is reduced build potentials and an iterative multi-polarity system completely negates that.
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