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  1. The mods say 'thrown weapon' and the Wolf Sledge is a thrown weapon. Plus just like Glaives it's quick attack is a normal(ish) close range melee while it's charge attack is a throw, again just like glaives. And while it does have an explosive component to it's kit, that is only if you manually recall it mid flight. Not if it was to hit an enemy. So I feel that the Wolf Sledge both meets the criteria for the mod as well as the potential to benefit from the mod(s)
  2. For the most part the main quest itself was fine and IMHO a nice (if not a tad short) lore drop. The only thing that stood out to me was the Arena melee fight, I got like nothing out of that in terms of getting a feel for the frame and it's power set. Which to me seems to be the only reason to really have that segment. The problems where the lack of any real feedback for the player. No UI No damage feedback and only sparse "press X to use an ability" suggestions(?) Ability wise I have no clue what this frame does from that encounter (outside of melee) 2 seems t
  3. I mean, probably not. As much as I love DE they do have a track record of either ignoring things or acknowledging them as issues and almost immediately repeating them.
  4. I mean at the very least I'd think it wouldn't be difficult to flag the abilities with charge mechanics and either disallow them or have a UI prompt that warns that this ability conflicts with Lavos's passive. Instead of just blanket disabling it for every ability -ascii shrug- Complex problems call for complex solutions and this seems like the kind of thing that should have been tackled during the frames development phase.
  5. OK so playing around with Lavos and really didn't care for his 1 so I replaced it with Dispenser for the absolute memes and later noticed that holding 1 for his toxin is greyed out and nolonger accessible because of that change? I mean I get not disallowing the infusion of the subsumed ability with elements etc because that would require a lot more balance passing that I'm sure anyone want's to do..... but cutting off the elemental charge for his other abilities is a super confusing design choice. As it removes 1/4 of the elemental combo options for your 4.
  6. For me it was literally no issue as I had enough bonds to buy everything I was interested in or even remotely interested in as soon as I logged in. However looking at the color pallet and the required Family bonds which as far as I have seen only really come from three places RNG purchased from Ticker (I've yet to see him sell any since the event has started but I havn't checked too frequently) Tier 5 & 6 (heccin Steel Path) neither of which is particularly new player friendly The Profit Taker fight..... I guess I'm sorta confused as to why something that wou
  7. Yes but a lot of people can't do that. Kinda wish they'd put the color pallet on a more newbie friendly faction currency.
  8. It sounds like you'll still be able to do that, the only difference is now you'll have to have to manually claim the drop after the fact. If I was to guess it's to reduce load on the twitch drop servers because people will naturally stagger the claims instead of having them all automatically spike their servers at about the same time.
  9. I guess my main question is how long does the unclaimed drop stay in the Twitch inventory? Do you have a few hours, a few days/weeks? Because a lot of people can't watch the streams in person (timezones/work/etc) but for the sake of the drops can manage to technically "be there" and for the most part the existing system accommodates that. Edit: and apparently asked/answered already. As long as they don't expire, cool beans.
  10. So those new Wing Ephemeras....... Was it intentional that they obscure like 1/3 of the screen? Kinda wondering if we could get the neon wings instead. They would be about as intrusive but since you can see through them the blocking out the screen isn't such a huge issue.
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