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  1. (PS4)i7081277

    Ideas of different concepts.

    There actually is a place for this. Its called fan concepts. I think you can find it under fan zone.
  2. (PS4)i7081277

    Garuda Chupacabra

    Should I keep going with this concept for an infested Garuda skin? Starting off wth a sketch of it’s helmet. https://imgur.com/a/YxU6Tl9
  3. (PS4)i7081277

    Ivara skin concept

    Ray is the best as is but if moth had actual like moth wings sticking out of the back of the head it would be the best.
  4. (PS4)i7081277

    Garuda Mamba - tennogen skin

    You should add a ribbon on the helmet to go with the ones on the body. Make em a bit fancy too ;-/' btw loving this floral aesthetic you got going on here.
  5. I don't think this will change the fact that I still won't buy these. A reason I like prime accessories is that you can use them with all frames. it's not like valkyr's prime bonds were locked behind the accessories. If this helmet must be locked behind a paywall they should put it in the bundle that comes with mesa. DE is so desperate to sell these accessories but I don't think it's going to happen at this point. I think they should either make a new bundle in addition to this one with a syandana like everyone wanted or just stop attempting to sell this. To anyone that isn't 100% sold on this, don't buy it. I don't want us telling them this is ok with our actions. Hopefully in 3 to 4 months when equinox prime arrives, they don't make the same mistake they made this time.
  6. (PS4)i7081277

    So DE...

    It's a lot more difficult to rig a new model. it takes a lot of effort and time on DE's part. I don't really want modeled tennogen skins anyways. It takes away the exclusivity from actual deluxe skins and I like having more options to put under prime details.
  7. (PS4)i7081277

    Ivara skin process(update)

    garuda. and khora. if you were to make a garuda skin I'd want it to have a ribbon like the bathory but two similar to that on her head. mirroring her arms.
  8. (PS4)i7081277

    Mesa Prime Access is Live!

    I think I'm gonna cry.
  9. I mean its made of cloth so there's no reason not to.
  10. Idk why I feel like I need exposed cables coming from inside that hood and behind her head and onto her chest. but I really like the silhouette you gave that hood. it gives her that sniper feel. anyone else see that visor and think VR? I love it!
  11. (PS4)i7081277

    Oberon Needs a New Demon Skin

    He's not a demon tho. he's a magical forest fairy king and his deluxe represents that perfect. And none of his abilities actually use fire . it's all radiation.
  12. I for one love that helmet. its like I can imagine a xenomorph tongue coming out of there and sucking your face off.
  13. (PS4)i7081277

    Mesa Prime look suggestion.

    it's still there to except its symmetrical
  14. (PS4)i7081277

    When will Fortuna be on Xbox/PS?

    sarcasm doesn't translate through text.