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  1. I know its a lot to ask. some small part of me was hoping de would review her abilities because of the new helminth chrysalis system. I really just wanted to see if anyone else felt the same way as me about state of banshee.
  2. I do hope that warframe looks and preforms better on the ps5 since its supposed to be such a big jump between the two generations.
  3. What’s wrong with you? Passive aggressive much? I’m not asking for banshee to be reworked. I’m asking for her to be buffed. As in improving what is already there? I just think her kit hasn't aged too well and needs some improvements. I understand banshee and silence. But silence barely does much at all. Realistically, how useful is a max range silence in anything but spy? Who cares if enemies are alerted? There are tons of frames that can Nuke an entire map or room in seconds while all silence does is momentarily stun enemies and make it so they can’t hear your guns or other enemies screaming. Banshee’s passive already silences weapons. to make any of banshee’s abilities preform to the standard of today’s warframe abilities you need to get all your augments and mod specifically for each ability. Sonar doesn’t really entail this but how about savage silence and resonating quake builds? Which are the only exceptionally useful ways to use those abilities.
  4. I love banshee but I can't help but feel like I need to have a build dedicated to only one of her abilities to make them good. Except for sonar, almost all of banshee's abilities feel extremely lackluster without any augments. How do you guys feel about banshee in her current state? She's super squishy but doesn't really have the abilities to back that up. sonic boom rag dolls enemies away barely doing any damage. Sonar is fine. I barely understand what silence is about, its stun is extremely short and I can't even refresh it. And while sound quake is cool in theory how would an ability that keeps a frame like banshee who is extremely squishy in the same place without moving make any sense? I mean other than that sound quake is just boring.
  5. I can't wait to mod out sound quake with something useful to my banshee playstyle. some sort of invisibility would be cool. or anything that can proc resonance easier or even just slow down or freeze enemies so i can shoot without getting shot.
  6. I love these. I really do. My issue isn't their slow speed but their immense speed when coupled with some warframe abilities and mods. because they're always on semi auto mode I can never take full advantage of how fast they actually are. my fingers just can't tap that fast! I think it'd be better if the dual toxocyst stayed on semi auto mode but switched to full auto when "exited". not only would it make the weapon a whole lot more fun to use but it'd also make my fingers really happy! 🙂
  7. Xaku is an amalgamation of male and female warframe parts hence the they.
  8. pretty sure alchemist is a he... if its the heels nidus has those too. Though xaku is a they their overall aesthetic feels more feminine than masculine sooo.
  9. currently building 8 frames just to feed him ❤️ And five are ready to be consumed.
  10. Can you really be so sure though? Pablo jokes a lot on his twitter, theres even a joke in the same tweet. Anyways, if it is true, molt is still a decent ability.
  11. Where? Please don't let this be true. im' pretty sure it'll be amp for octavia since its her only ability that doesn't use the mandachord
  12. I just hope we get toxic lash instead of molt. fingers crossed, saryn's going to be the first in the wood chipper for me. Im almost sure it will be navigator for ivara but de needs to add at least one stealth ability into the mix.
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