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  1. The first time destiny 2 was given away free I tried it. I didn't like it. I uninstalled and returned to warframe.
  2. Well I guess Tennogen artist do have quite a lot of ground to cover. ...( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)...
  3. I started playing warframe as trinity prime access was ending. What got me exited was saryn! So I made getting her my goal. then saryn prime launched. The farm was long and hard. I kept at it for weeks.
  4. De has fixed underwater gameplay making it a part of several other maps not just Uranus. They've released mermaid frame. They've released dual gas guns. They've added prime effects to all prime accessories. They've released all tennogen on console. And they've also released dual great swords and a slow agile stance to boot!
  5. Thank you!!! its like it was made for her
  6. I mean, I’ve tried that already but it doesn’t offer a full few of the frame and the syandana.
  7. Valkyr is a berserker frame so I honestly think she needs a rework. Rip line and her shouting ability need to go. Her 4 should drain health but still make her invulnerable to dmg. I don’t get why she has shields so we should boost health up and reduce energy. Her 4 should make killed enemies drop health orbs more often. War cry is fine. The stun should be replaced that makes enemies more vulnerable to dmg. Idk about her one but I’m thinking something of a reverse terrify where enemies stop shooting and start sprinting towards her. think of A2 from neir:automata.
  8. I suppose that is true, but I’m basing my claims more off of their appearance than anything else. I absolutely love limbo and wisp though!
  9. I’ve been eyeballing the cycuta prime syandana for a while and figured it would look good on wisp. If you own both could you post a pic of your wisp with it on? thanks!
  10. I think that de is better off investing those resources into making new warframes. Just think of similar warframes as each other’s gender counterparts. hildryn = rhino saryn = nidus mag = gauss Right?
  11. Hi faven! I just saw your wip on that Ivara skin on Twitter. It’s been a while since you’ve tweeted this so idk how much progress you’ve made since then. But I think you mentioned that you were unsatisfied with the current helmet. I just wanted to say that it would be pretty cool if you could incorporate the torn fabric on her skirt into her helmet. I feel like it’d be nice to see it featured somewhere else in the design. I’m personally exited to see how you decide to texture her skirt because your cloth work is amazing! Everything cloth related always turns out so gorgeous in your skins. Just a thought!
  12. I think that Grendie just gunna the way he is. a sloppy eating farting puking boy. DE just has to make him do so with a bit more class. I personally feel uncomfortable with his 3 and 4 but i'm sure that de will figure something out. I don't believe that stone has anything do with his kit. the Kirby thing was just him pointing out that Grendel eats and vomits stuff.
  13. His theme is eating. gluttony. vomiting. and all of that nastiness. he is only an oni frame in style.
  14. Thing about having facial sliders is that that stuff takes a lot time. maybe if they can apply that to operators I think it would be well worth it. Im not sure about height sliders though because that results in a lot of issues with animations like sims when they kiss. As a fan of the sims and its moding community pre sims4 I think that In depth customization brings a lot more to the table than most people think.
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