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  1. Maybe it could be, Garuda needs a rework stat.
  2. I want a diabetic warframe. Who needs to keep its blood sugar in check.
  3. Hey Faven, just saw your post on twitter and Im already literally in love with your newest project 😆. This may be quite a ways from the style you're pursuing but I just wanted to say I would love to see a bit of inspo from Hyekka masters! good luck! Im exited to see what you come up with next!
  4. even if it were to be optional it would be extremely out of place. warframe doesn't take itself seriously but not to that degree. why don't we put great sword skins on daggers if thats the case?
  5. I don't think its very difficult to understand exactly why this wouldn't make sense. Octavias theme doesn't exactly match up well with Grendel you know?
  6. Gorgeous! Reminds me of some of the demons from Agony I swear I mean no offense by that.
  7. You could say that the bride theme symbolizes a marriage between old and new, rugged and elegant, frog fish and jelly? I really really can't wait for her release. In mhw my favorite armors are Namielle and Val hazak. Sooooo this is perfect for me.
  8. Doesn't her body kind remind you of a koi fish? Jellyfish are pretty stealthy too so I think it makes sense. No sound, transparent, passive, glorious, perfect.
  9. Could be a fun sword and shield. she could have an idle where she opens and covers herself with it then turning invisible.
  10. Any news on your Ivara skin? its been a while since I've seen any word of it on your twitter.
  11. Imo this is a much better example of her looks in gameIf somebody put those two next to each other I wouldn't even know thats ivara at first glance.
  12. I wouldn't have put her out with a bow if I were them since she already has one, we've yet to get a prime dagger or whip. I know its a stretch but we haven't received warfans either.
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