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  1. You guys should for sure hit up k-pop stan twitter to get a grasp of what fancams are like.
  2. I just wish they had reworked nekros instead of making a cooler version of him :(
  3. I was just thinking of this. I hate that Nekros has no other use than farming and that sucks since I've always thought necromancers were the coolest. His abilities are just really weak. Soul punch doesn't do much. terrify is pretty counterintuitive when what you need most of the time is to kill, and desecrate is kind of a waste of an ability in normal gameplay. I guess its good for getting health and energy orbs but I kind of wish that his shadows had their own desecrate field so that desecrate could be swapped with something more interesting. He's just not that unique or fun to play unfortun
  4. I'm personally a very big fan of banshee. but i feel like except for sonar most of her abilities just don't do enough. silence doesn't do enough on its own to be its own ability it'd make more sense if that was just a little something extra on top of another ability like sonic boom. sonic boom isn't very practical either it just ragdolls enemies away and doesn't deal a lot of damage. i guess its good in certain situations but what's the point of using that if silence already stuns enemies for enough time for you to kill them. Sonic boom is ok for certain emergencies but even then it only knock
  5. I want a sauna so all my warframes come out looking wet and steamy.
  6. I like him though. I just wish his textures were more matte. I hate the rubbery/glossy look that so many warframes have.
  7. It just happened to me too :( I wasn't there for nearly as long but losing 30 minutes on my life is pretty discouraging I'm not exactly in the mood for taking part in the operation anymore.
  8. I love horror stuff! i hope de makes more quests like harrows at some point! i dont mind the man in the wall i just wish he'd start paying rent.
  9. I mean just FYI Her name is Octavia. I’m not sure if you’ve ever met a guy with the name octavia.
  10. Wraith just looks and feels like nekros. It’s a complete waste. If they’re gonna make a frame so similar in theme To him the least they could do is swap his gender and make him look less like nekros like come on. Being a bone Daddy is nekros’ thing!
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