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  1. I wouldn't say so. hildryn nor garuda feature "ASSets" like whisp does. I just don't get the fuss. all they did was say whisp's thighs save lives as a joke. it's not that deep... its totally missable if you weren't playing at that time anyways.
  2. I'm not wight knighting. I'm just saying that they made a harmless little joke and what you wrote makes it sound like they're running a prostitution ring.
  3. You should make whisp's first skin when she comes out!
  4. De accepts everything they can as long as it works in the game and follows all of their guidelines. They even try to help out artists who haven't quite made the cut with their creations. That being said, There has never been a limit on how many skins that have made it in game or what frames they were for. It's going to stay that way. So just expect more Excalibur skins. We should be glad there are tennogen artists who want to make skins for the game regardless of it being an Excalibur skin or not. I'm not exactly a fan of him but seeing a great skin for him just makes me excited for what that artist has to offer. I don't see anything particularly wrong with having so many skins for him its not something we can exactly avoid. If DE did decide to ban artists from making Excalibur skins that wouldn't be quite fair would it?
  5. Its very time consuming to kill the wolf of Saturn six. Especially in hydron where most players bring unranked weapons and frames. It's an absolute pain to level things up because most of the time the players in my squad end up aborting. Should DE disable him spawning in areas like hydron akkad and stolfer?
  6. I personally kind of like it but I do wish we could put those heads back on their necks because Tbh for some people like eudico or little duck it’s a real big shame because their faces aren’t a bad sight in fact you could argue that so far they have the best face models in the game. At least they’re anatomically correct (looking at you ostrons). It’s a shame they were hidden for so long and in such a strange place. also isn’t it kinda mean? It’s like they revealed their real selves and now you’re like rejecting them. Calling them ugly and weird and gross and stuff. Making them feel bad about their existence. ImQgine having real consequences with your relationship to these characters because of your decision.
  7. I really do hope it’s Saryn and vouban. But trinity needs to come first 😞
  8. I kind of prefer it with only one eye-flame. most of his effects are on one side of his body.
  9. You’ve come such a long way since your first works on here. I’m so proud of you and I can’t wait to see more from you!
  10. I’ve been waiting for vouban and saryn’s accessories to come back for years. I’m sorry but I don’t think many people want this so soon after it was just rereleased a few months back. im tired of seeing this so often.
  11. I love this helmet! Volkovyi. Led2012. I hope this one gets in! You guys make a great team!
  12. I don't think this will change the fact that I still won't buy these. A reason I like prime accessories is that you can use them with all frames. it's not like valkyr's prime bonds were locked behind the accessories. If this helmet must be locked behind a paywall they should put it in the bundle that comes with mesa. DE is so desperate to sell these accessories but I don't think it's going to happen at this point. I think they should either make a new bundle in addition to this one with a syandana like everyone wanted or just stop attempting to sell this. To anyone that isn't 100% sold on this, don't buy it. I don't want us telling them this is ok with our actions. Hopefully in 3 to 4 months when equinox prime arrives, they don't make the same mistake they made this time.
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