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  1. I wish people were this critical of games like ESO. It's fun but you could also easily argue that its pay to win since lots of meta armor sets and weapons are locked behind dlc which is locked behind a pay wall or a decently expensive subscription program. when you have an elitist community that flat out kicks players for being a lower level than you or not having all the meta armor and weapons that you need to reach an insane 65k dps or something Things like pay walls behind major content actually do matter. There are also loot boxes and stuff but thats only cosmetic. Warframe is not that and
  2. Growing power but range duration and efficiency
  3. AAAAAAAAAAA it looks so GOrrgeus! I can't wait to get back into machetes with this skin!!!! <3
  4. By any chance do you happen to have a bust of a wisp without a head that’s in a 3/4 view? Prolly not but it won’t hurt to try!
  5. Ima work on one too. I had a really cool idea for one! I’m not very confident in my digital art arm but I’ll try lol
  7. Its not that he's not popular vlada. It's that hoods just aren't part of his theme. He's a pirate not a hunter or assassin. Theming is very important, it's not just what looks cool its what makes sense thematically.
  8. These are both by 2-Spline. Follow them on twitter! https://twitter.com/TwoSpline Please also follow blazing cobalt too if you can so you can see more of his stuff too! https://twitter.com/blazingcobalt?lang=en
  9. Void damage needs to count as a status effect. And if we were to keep the current way it works, the bubbles should be centered around enemy weak points or the head if there aren't any to guarantee headshots. This would be a nice way to improve damage!
  10. Thank you very much. This should be a part of the first step to reworking void damage.
  11. This, I wanted to use ensnare on Xaku to synergize with their three. But Getting Khora again has been such a chore. its better for headshots imo and things of that nature.
  12. I don’t like his deluxe because they decided to make him swole and stuff. Even though..... it looks...... good....... not on him tho. Nezha has the air of a feminine Boy and I think he should keep it!
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