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  1. Yeah Limbo kinda just ignores the damage. I tried to list only frames what can just ignore any enemy damage with a simple push of a button. Nidus needs to build stacks to reach undying and to be tanky.
  2. Except Rhino, Baruuk, Harrow, Limbo, Hildryn, Nyx, Valkyr, Wukong, Zephyr, Garuda. These frames can survive that lv300 nullfier shot without having to resort to making a QT build, but heres a thing Gauss is not tanky quick thinking is tanky what you put on gauss.
  3. Ohh yeah because gauss who just flat out dies when a nullfier aims in his general direction is such a good tank. The thing is his tankyness only works if you charged the battery to 100% and reached 100% state with redline, meaning you need atleast 2 skillcasts and stay constantly unhit to reach that point. Mesa can just go and cast her shooting gallery to make all those CHG's stop shooting and you seem to forget that she can actually deal with them unlike Gauss, harrow can freeze them in spot then move them down and once they start moving again he can cast teamwide immortality what awards hefty crit boost. Wait a bit, the last time i tested it with adaption i got electricity resistance. Did they changed it sometime?
  4. In the meantime Mesa just stands in the corner with easy access 95% DR along with Harrow who can cast teamwide immortality for fun.
  5. His 2nd skill only gives 100% reduced damage when you use redline. Normal mode is capping the battery at 80% charge, you are dependant on using his 4th if you want that actual 100% reduced damage and his 4th must also be on 100% to make sure this ability stays on and does not drain but even then a stray bullet from a nullfier will obliterate you.
  6. I gotta agree and some more points too. Kinetic plating is terrible because the battery normally cant go over 100% so you are dependant on 2 skills to get a meaningful defense buff in a game where there are more than IPS, fire, cold and blast damage enemies. Thermal Sunder is nothing but a cc spam skill, you must spam it because otherwise its useless. Over lv 30 the damage is almost non-existant and the only saving grace is the dependancy on redline for freezing enemies. Redline dependancy is terrible, its not a nice buff but a must use skill because without it your other skills are useless.
  7. They just stated in the latest patch notes that they wont do that because it would be unfair to those who grinded concalve.
  8. Fallen_Echo

    Kick System

    Its not fear, its common sense. Never in my life i have ever seen a game what had a votekick system what was not abused. Even something more serious as ingame reporting system gets quickly abused once people find out what the treshold is, take a look at Overwatch for exampl. The thing is systems like these are always abused theres no buts, they are abused and thats it.
  9. I rather have a working game than more bugs because someone wanted new stuff to be put on the tower of bugs.
  10. They are based on popularity but i think its based on mr popularity. What i mean is i think DE expects that you replace your weapons constantly as you rank up so every weapon must have an approtiate usage level starting from it mastery rank and maybe 3 more ranks? I mean ever since the start of the adjustments DE constantly increases the disposition of the tonkor and the simulor, if they would take dps and other balance factors into it that would mean these weapons never get this high disposition because they were nerfed that hard for a reason (whenever you agree with that or not is another discussion).
  11. I had a freaking great viper riven and in all honesty its not that good, despite almost max mutishot with damage and acceptable negative it was still far from op.
  12. Since when was the twin gremlins ever OP? The viper? The freakin gorgon? The riven changes are busted and not made with balance in mind but with popularity.
  13. I rather not get carpal or rsi from playing this game thank you. My nerve damage is bad enough, dont want it to be worse.
  14. Im sorry dont want to sound rude but is this supposed to clarify anything? Heres 3 vials, one might be poison but i dont tell you which one but you may consider that maybe none of them is actually posion. Anyway dont drink any of them but only if you feel like.
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