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  1. Fallen_Echo

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.9 +

    Please, why cant it be just press 2 to mark another 6 targets while the other 6 loses gets despelled?
  2. Fallen_Echo

    Need an option to report/ vote to kick moochers

    I kindly suggest you to go and play team fortress 2, killing floor series, rainbow six siege, counter strike global offensive. All these games have frequent votekick abuse threads because its damm easy to form a small group and troll people, You are not using the weapon/char/skill/whatever i want? Votekick.
  3. Fallen_Echo

    Have we gone a little too far chasing new frames?

    I regularly come up here to write some suggestions here and there but most of the time it feels pointless, like for example the latest rework of zephyr had thousands of threads made to fix the problems and all were ignored. Feels like the only feedback what gets accepted are those who say the same one of the developers already think about, everything else is ignored.
  4. Fallen_Echo

    Warframe needs a report option for unsportsmanlike conduct

    Before anything i say let me ask you how do you expect our support what is already known as a slow responding (if responding) service will handle a large influx of reports? Theres two way: A: DE hires more staff, realistically this is very unlikely. B: Automatic system what bans after a certain amount of reports (overwatch situation).
  5. Fallen_Echo

    Can you let Zephyr cancel Tail Wind by sliding again?

    It because the white knights are doing fast work on praising anything DE puts out. I remember the first variation of revenant was also praised that his theme was done well. DE: -Hey guys heres a weapon what consumes 3 ammo to shoot out a slow moving projectile with self-damage dealing 50 impact damage with 0 crit and status chance! Normal playerbase: -What the f White knights before anybody could react: Looks and feels great! Deals good damage, absolutely love it!
  6. Fallen_Echo

    Nyx Mind Control enemy AI still stinks

    Strangely enough the infested can miss their melee attacks. It doesnt make any sense but it happens.
  7. Fallen_Echo

    Have we gone a little too far chasing new frames?

    This is some harsh truth here. Warframe currently feels like a big lake what is as deep as a puddle (not the hydroid type). Fortuna came out and added into the game a map whats half is unused, some weapons and companions and minuscule amounts of lore. Everything else is grind and farming. A lot could have been added into the game from player programable companion AI, make your own combo moves system to adjustable skill stats.
  8. Fallen_Echo

    Here's why Titania is still bad

    A simple fix for all the problems: Spellbind now gets hard cc instead of flying away, enemies gets frozen in the air 0.5 seconds after flying. Tribute entangle gets 25% accuracy loss, thorns is now true deflection so if you get hit by 100 damage you take 75 points damage and 25 gets reflected at the enemy, full moon affects razotflies and lantern razorflies. Lantern gets hard tethered, so it cant move away more than 2 meters from its cast point. You can now spawn 1 additional razorfly on kill and the less you have the more damage they deal.
  9. Fallen_Echo

    Synergy vs Toolbox

    I seriously dislike when a frames kit is nothing else but a statement "use everything constantly in a sequence for maximum efficiency". Thats not synergy, thats a dependancy and those are never good to have. First variant of revenant was a prime example where the whole kit looks like they expected you to permanently walk on energy orbs. Nothing compliments each other, they are just requied to actually work.
  10. Fallen_Echo

    Have we gone a little too far chasing new frames?

    I think i found why that happens. Due to only a limited amount of enemies are permitted to attack you simultenously i think that when someone gets stunned by mesmer skin the game does not remove the shooting permit from them and handles it like they are still attacking. Soo when you reach a certain enemy types shooting cap they stop attacking because they are not permitted to do it.
  11. Fallen_Echo

    Have we gone a little too far chasing new frames?

    Danse drains 20 energy per second at base while Valkyr's 4 drains 15 energy per second. Thats true but its also flat damage so anything what has scaling in it will deal higher damages. Also its still useless against a whole faction. I never said they die in high level content i said they are just freakin useless. AI decoys at best.
  12. Fallen_Echo

    Have we gone a little too far chasing new frames?

    No, i only runned mesmer to test out the self damage thing you mentioned and as soon as 9 enemies were stunned the other guys just started circulating around me like they dont have anything better to do. Runned a test in the simularcum too with 20 techs and after 9 were mesmered they just stopped attacking, like mesmer stun affects the shooter cap we have.
  13. Fallen_Echo

    Baruuk Wasn't Designed for the Current State of the Game

    Thanks, gotta try it out.
  14. Fallen_Echo

    Have we gone a little too far chasing new frames?

    When was this added? The last time i used revenant was when both self damage and all enviromental damage could obliterate him. I still remember playing on hydron with 10 charges when out of nowhere a a hyekka grenade hit me and i died like mesmer was turned off. I stand corrected and now its an acceptable tanking skill. Also i might be seeing things but does the enemy AI literally turns into "friendly" mode if i mesmer 9 targets? They seem to completely stop all attacks once i reach 9 targets.
  15. Fallen_Echo

    Baruuk Wasn't Designed for the Current State of the Game

    Just like a lot of other frames, hell we have one what can do this levels of tanking without even spending energy. Now i have some doubt with that claim. Care to share a build?