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  1. Thats not as easy as you think, you need to message the support if you want to do it and if 2FA gets messed up (various people already complained about this) you get locked out from your own account.
  2. This is warframe feedback not general discussions, unless it was ported away by a mod i think you are on the wrong page.
  3. Just a notice but this is only seen by you. I had played next to a wisp using this skill and its literally just a plain beam but when i use it, i cant see anything.
  4. If you think about it DE never really tried to do any kind of gameplay loops. Every mission is just "do a thing->extract", there is no difference, no loops, no effort to consider this less repetitive. Even the map design is just a long corridor with nothing interesting on it. The sad thing is it does not need to be like this. An extermination mission at the end could let you choose to either extract or go and scavange whatever goods you find with a bunch of syndicate operatives. You would need to defend them from traps, hack alarms and doors while they open up the rest of the lockers or kill some remaining enemies. A spy mission could turn into a sabotage where you get coordinates to blow up the whole base and such. Theres a lot of extras what could be added to create satisfying loops where you wouldnt consider every mission the same.
  5. I dont think any of these would be hard to implement and it woulf really bring life into the orbiter. On a sidenote do moas roam around?
  6. Helios: Soo curious, he just observes things and scans around. Carrier: If not found in the biggest pile of decoration on your ship it moves around small size decorations on the ship to his randomly choosen lair. Wyrm: Runs combat simulations with the othet half of Ordis. Randomly shots at decorations. Diriga: Floats around aimlessly, uses laser pointer to mess with your other pets. Taxon: She follows another sentinel, it seems like she want to learn from them. Deth cube: You dont know where he is but the orbiter radio pick up distress calls from flagships about a floating machine massacring their crew. Djinn: Hes either chilling with Helmith or hes swimming in the fish tanks. You dont know how he got into them. Shade: Shes perma cloaked and you only spot her if you look directly at her or when you notice that Taxon follows the air half-cloaked.
  7. Yeah but you can take that information in two different ways: This is obviously a level not designed for me. Im doing something wrong i should be able to progress throught here. The skyrim mission with that cursed beacon meme comes to my mind where it is designed in a way that you cant back out of it once you started the mission and its supposedly for players medium to high levels. I cant believe how fitting this is. Im pretty sure that the tutorial atleast when i started never actually had bullet jumping in it. I think the only reason i learned about double jumping is because its pretty standard in most action games.
  8. But thats the point, a good gaming experience should not rely on a player-made wiki and randomly asking EVERYTHING in the game just so you can progress a little. For example i havent learned bullet jumping till i reached the mastery rank test what actually requied one to use in order to progress. If i remember right i was already farming at Akkad by the time i got there and learned about bullet jumping from a video i looked up in frustration. Another example my brother always used 1 forma per polarity. Not as in you click on the slot and forma it to whatever polarity you want but 1 forma per polarity rotation, to get to - polarity he used up 3 formas because nowhere the game tells you its wrong and due to the process it even looks like its the natural way of formaing stuff. Look at OP's post, the reason they havent asked if they should be there in the first place is because it felt natural to be there. Theres no pointers what say you are not supposed to be there, enemy levels and being generally harder than everything else is no longer an indication that you gone the wrong way.
  9. Thats all nice and fine but if i go and turn down the wiki would you be able to tell me: What are the color changed elemental effect do exactly on Chroma? What ways can your primary guns fire damage targets inside the rift while you are outside? What is the firing patter of the ignis? Which frame skills grant status immunity? What is the calculation difference between elemental and base damage mods? What mods are not multiplicative but additive? What are the damage efficiency ratios toward enemies? In which order do you have to do nodes if you want to reach Mot? What is the exact damage boost enemies in Mot have?
  10. The problem is literally nothing tells you that you are not supposed to do that. Its like you enter a dark room, flip the light switch and because of this the garage blows up because no one bothered to tell you that its not a light switch but a remote control to a bomb.
  11. As we said tennogen is fine, theres no problem with it. The problem is that we only ever get either tennogen or deluxe packs for fashion, there are no longer reinforcements and such pumped out to get us more fashion. You know ingame plat only fashion what is not restricted to deluxe bundles, that is what i miss.
  12. Yes but this was always like that, the plat prices always fluctuated but we still got randomy syandanas, skins and whatnot ontop of the deluxe bundles. Dont get me wrong i dont want tennogen to be sold for plat or something like that, all i want is regular non-deluxe stuff added into the game somewhat regularly.
  13. Im not sure how alone im in this, but i seriously miss the times when i could open up the market after a regular patch just to see 3 new syandanas, an armor set, some sigils and whatever plat only fashionpiece added. Tennogen is nice but i did not buy all the plat just so i also need to fill up my steam wallet too to get something nice. Deluxe packs are too good but these are coming every 3rd month and have approx 1 skin for a frame, 1 skin for a weapon and a syandana at best. Not something you will regularly buy plat for. Can we get back to the age where we got skins/paintjobs, syandanas, armor pieces and all that jazz regularly for plat?
  14. I can say pretty much any node ingame from the void to the kuva survival its the same. People are playing this game like its a shared instance shooter and not like there is a team they are in. If i wouldnt die from time to time to random stuff i wouldnt even notice my teammates because most of the time the biggest team interaction in the whole game is when you resurrect someone.
  15. You know even if you remove all aoe capatable weapons ingame warframe will never feel like a coop shooter. Someone is going to stand on the map bulletjumping around like a rabid rabbit trying to get as much kills as possible while you feel like its a chore to actually keep up with him because he actually tries to be the best while you are just there for the fun. I played several times with newbies on hydron supporting them with aoe nukers and such. Not a single one of them ever complained that i steal their kills or ruin their fun by killing. Not a single one of them pointed at the endgame score and started to whine that i got 2K kills while they had 28. Why? Because unlike the people who vomplain about these, they seemingly know that this is part of the fun and the experience, to become soo powerful that you massacre whole maps for loot.
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