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  1. Ohh ive been tagged, nice. Yeah it would be really good if we could get some stuff like this, especially now with the moas too. If i can own a roomba let my carrier sweep the floor too.
  2. My builds what were desinged around the idea to kill a full group of lv150 corrupted (in case the void ever gets relevant again) are all struggling to work. My CO zaw is weak as hell, my pure crits are also terrible, only the hybrid builds seems to function to some degree but they are still terrible.
  3. Its different for most weapons, most of my weapons feel considerably weaker against lv100+ enemies and honestly i dont have anything else to do than run eso/arbitrations or help newbies.
  4. Simultenously managed to make CO and BR mandatory and make melee weaker than our primary or secondary weapons. Was this the goal?
  5. The new melee is terribly weak to the point where every high level mission can safely be labeled as "NO MELEE ZONE". Even the previously "useable" and now buffed melee weapons feel much weaker than before.
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