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  1. You guys know what I mean. All I am saying is try to find something else to do in the meantime because DE is gonna release it when they think it's ready.
  2. Its Wednesday, not even the end of the week. Chill out😂. They said it will be coming this week so just wait. Go outside, breathe the fresh air, and pick a couple flowers. By the time you know it, it'll already be out fam😘.
  3. If I'm at day 194 or so shouldn't I be able to pick the weapon reward from day 100? Because the wait until 300 days seems a bit tuff. Maybe this rule should mainly apply to the weapons reward. Because tbh the only weapon most people care about is the Zenistar. Or, stay with me, the weapons could just be removed from the login in system since it would be better for all players to be able to obtain them through some kind of in game challenge/boss fight. Just a suggestion
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