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  1. I liked the idea of Nightwave but 4 things that I don't like


    1. Being a "Season" Alerts, I'd like to have as much wolf creds as I can to be honest

    2. Wolf Cred tied to Ranking up, We Will have to see if the Ranking up is like 10K Standing for each level or 10k Standing for this level and 11k Standing for next level

    3. Removal of Nightmare mods, Personally, I hated farming for Blaze, Nightmare alerts is where I got my Blaze, so I'd like to keep it in

    4. Kavat Genetic Codes, Even if the Kavat Gene Codes is affected by booster and increased the chance of getting them, 5x Kavat Genetic codes is quite alot of codes


    Thats all really, But I really don't like the Removal Of Nightmare Mods. Some mods have very low drop chance and the table is convoluted of what can be dropped. So having a guaranteed drop is really really helpful

  2. 3 hours ago, -KyloRen- said:

    Sorry if this was answerd, im kinda late for this update... one thing i want to know is when i pick those intact cores they are only registering like 1 in 10 pickups... is this bug or working as intended???

    Question, are you sure its intact cores? there is drop from those small drones that AREN'T intact cores. They have a little light glowing up. Like flawless cores.

    Those aren't Sentient Cores, Sentient Cores suprisingly have no light (intact ones) and can be hard to find without sentinels

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