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  1. I am in for a complete overhaul of Companions especially Kubrow. Their AI is even worse than Mind Controlled targets. In particular the pathfinding is horrible on Kubrow, not so much on Kavat as they can jump on walls (cannot speak for MOA as I don't have one). Better stats would be nice, but I think the bigger problem is the missing capacity and mod slots to make them good. They either need seperate weapons like sentinels or have some mods innate and better stats, so we will need less mods to make them well. And please also fix their apperance, it became really obvious with the new Intro how bad Kubrow look ingame (DE even gave as nice comparison by themselves : https://www.warframe.com/news/frame-by-frame-contest)
  2. Maybe something like Shadow/Smoke-mode giving 50% evasion and enhancing his other abilities : Shuriken deal true damage (maybe also more Shuriken) smoke screen has a loger duration or can mark effected targets, so his weapons and abilities deal more damage Teleport does not alert enemies (and does not break stealth) This should be a channeled ability and cost should be relativly high, so you cannot be endless in this mode.
  3. Since this could lead to press 4 in groups here my idea for a more active play, let his other skills mark effected enemies so you can skip the marking phase and just activate blade storm. The clones will then either just attack marked targets (as they do now) or attack everyone close by dealing additional damage to marked targets.
  4. Really great improvement ideas, Mag was my starter frame and I enjoyed her for learning this game (was way before her latest rework). But I cannot enjoy her nowadays because of the problems you mentioned. Just one thing I would like to add for her 1: don't pull enemies somewhere but to your feet or at least near you.
  5. Rework sounds nice. I am not sure if this is a bit to much, but he defenitly needs a better passiv and the idea fits his theme. Very good idea.
  6. Naneel

    Updating Stealth

    Just scrap Riven-MODs and then you can balance the game to be challenging, so stealth can be an option again.
  7. Naneel

    Updating Stealth

    I would be quite happy if stealth play gains more attention. It is quite fun, but feels not really rewarding and the enemies tend to bundle together so it is nearly impossible to stealth them, except abilities like sleep, but this is kind of restricting if I need a specific frame to stealth. I am okay that not every frame is suited to stealth missions easily, but there should be some more who can do it well.
  8. Interesting idea, I especially love her new Sound Quake. I am not quite sure if this duality really makes sense, as long as stealth is not really an option. Also you made her silent side cost more, through channeling silence, but it does not sound powerful enough to warrant this. Maybe kick Sonic boom and make a metamorphosis like ability to change between modes with no running costs.
  9. Thanks, I wasn't aware, except Rhino's Iron skin which is not quite a recast and you would still an Augment for this.
  10. I like this idea, but 21% sounds a bit low and I am not sure if "Strength from death" really fits her theme. While an increased revive range is nice, it would be better if every frame had a passive that is also available in solo-play. To underline her support nature give her a buff for allies as well : Every frame in affinity range gets X Armor/shield/damage reduction for every frame in Affinity range. For exapmle : x is 50, then in Solo you would get 50 Armor/... and when all 4 frames are together everyone would get 200. It should defenitly be a defensive buff, maybe HoT or Shield over Time could also work. This sounds a bit to much for a first skill, maybe as a 3rd or 4th, but as others stated a damage buff is not the best fit. This sounds more fitting. As hitting allies can be somewhat annoying, make it like Novas Nullstar : you summon 5 (number should be dependent on Strength or Duration) Orbs that cycle you and fly towards an ally (in Range) to cleanse 1 (or more) status effects. Those Orbs can also target you. or allies can pick one Orb off you and be immune to the next status they would receive The Orbs could also provide a small amount of Healing/Shield regain on cleansing. This could also be dependant on the status removed, e.g. life for toxin and shield for magnetic. If I remember correct no defensive Ability can be recast while active. I find this Ability to be not very fitting in Genaral, as a support frame she shouldn't link to enemies but allies instead. Maybe give her stat boni for every alliy she is linked to (not sure what to make in soloplay with this) or let her absorb damage from allies and store it for a massive release of energy, that either heals or CCs (stun, knockback, float) enemies, the more damage the longer the duration. Also (as it is a while since I last played her) how does she profit from damage reduction if she redirects every damage she gets ? I am not the biggest fan of Energy Vampire, but it fits and can probably stay as it is. Blessing is very nice and fitting so I have no proposal of improvement.
  11. Is their rework still a thing or will these two be left in their current "unfinished" state ? Last change, if I remeber correctly, was Nyx getting her 2 to be recastable without holding to cancel. This is nice, but Absorb is still far from good. And what is with Titanias Tribute, will this get a change or has it been forgotten. Did the Devs mention anything about future changes r their Deluxe skins ?
  12. I like your idea to work with threat levels, but I don't think you would gain anything from seeing everyones except a visual overload. Instead just show her personal threat level (in relation to others), for example 1 would be like every other tenno, a lower number means they will target you later and higher means they will prioritize you. Her passiv should be a lower then normal threat level (under 1). Maybe just if you are not agressive (Abilities shouldn't count as aggressive, except Absorb, as they cannot harm the enemies). Mind Control should gain a higher then average threat level (like 1,5). Someone (cannot find the comment anymore) made the suggestion to replace this Ability with "Psychic Projection". This would work like the spector you summon with Equinox Duality Augment. This would improve the AI, as it uses Spector AI, which is better then the current one MC uses and would deal reliable damage as it takes your weapon, so no ramping up your MCs damage anymore. The projection should still be invincible as it its not corporal, maybe give it a lower base duration to compensate for the great increase in damage. Psychic Bolts just need to be spammable or at least refresh on recast (no holding to release), but should then have a moddable number based on Duration/Strength. Chaos is fine, could maybe profit from enemies dealing more damage against each other, so it does not take that long till they kill each other. Absorb should lose the energy cost per damage and Nyx should be able to cast her other Abilities while in Absorb. Her threat level should raise (like 2). Also just remove the damge dealing component altogether as it will never deal a significant amount of damage. Instead use the absorbed damage for something else (like Harrows Covenant). Give it a reliable CC on "detonation", a buff for your team or debuff on enemies. Some ideas on this : give her a self buff that improves her other Abilities more damage for MC/PP or a longer Duration more Bolts Chaosed enemies deal higher damage against each other/other enemies channel the absorbed damage into range for the detonation, so you effect more enemies with a CC (knockdown would be enough, as long as it holds longer then your Animation) gain a short period (dependant on damage absorbed) of invincibility/invisibility/lower threat level a radial disarm on detonation (but as this would be the same as Lokis, its probably not good) damage reduction for you and allies in range for a short period (either reduction or duration depending on damage absorbed) enemies hit by the detonation deal less damage Edit : I encountered a possible bug today, I could ensnare a MC target of an ally Nyx. I think this shouldn't happen.
  13. Can we get more feedback on our feedback ? There are multiple sites of ideas and feedback in the developer threads, it would be nice to hear why some things will not be implemented, especially if a lot of people ask for, for exampleTribute rework of Titania (it took several hotfixes for you to announce that you will look into it, when everybody said from the beginning how useless they are). Can we expect an update to companions, specially Kubrow in the near future ? How high is the chance that a Fan Concept for a Warframe will be added to the game, as there are several nice ideas in the forums ? Keep up the good work.
  14. Glad you are still looking into them. Titania is now much better thanks to the fix to her lantern. But please hang them properly into the air, so they don't bounce off. Can we please also get a passive for Titania that also works in Razorwing ? And can you please explain why we still don't have pets in Razorwing ? It's sad to loose them nearly completly during missions.
  15. Maybe just make the damage your MC deals dependent on your Power Strength (for example : 5x on 100% and 10x at 200%) and change the Augment : you can controll 2 targets at a time but either just deals 50% of its damage. They also need a higher thread level as enemies still attack you even if standing near your MC. Make her 2nd Ability spammable again so you can benefit from her Augment. Maybe just give her her old Bolts, but make the damage scalable For Absorb : she should be able to use her other skills Maybe just completly remove the damage and change the absorbed damage into something else (for example : Range, Duration or Strength for her other skills) if we don't get our weapons (which is fine with me) let us do something with the energy/damage we stored while still being in Absorb : move the effect of Armor/Shield Reduction from her 2nd Ability to this trigger by pressing LMB for a self centered AOE or RMB for a Ray/Cone with more Reach, this would allow for a reliable debuff instead of the random targetiing of her 2nd Ability this should either cost some of the stored damage or extra Energy, but could then benefit from the buff (2nd point for Absorb) when leaving Absorb, either give her damage Reduction/Invincibility for a short duration or make the Knockdown long enough to not be instantly shot I know Chaos is fine, but I had some ideas to make it a bit better at controlling enemy movement : let enemies enrage (like Equinox Rage) so they can get faster to their "friends" and bind them in Melee combat or let the middle of the casting zone become their priority to get to so you can bundle them together for her Augment : better visuals would be nice, as the current wall of Energy blocks your view (maybe make an Inscription on the ground to mark the area), as an Addition make enemies unable to leave this area, as it shrinks with time they will be forced to move to the middle and will be grouped together for better killing, should also give Nyx some survivability if standing outside of the area
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