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  1. Really nice rework, just one idea. the duration for the 1st Ability seems a bit to low. Maybe enhence it to 10s, if you want a low duration. And if you want to keep the focus on melee, maybe make it like Saryn's 3rd Ability , full bonus on melee and half on ranged.
  2. Naneel

    Nyx Revisit

    I think you put a bit to much into her passiv. Having a better Absorb, that still costs Energy sounds more like a 5th Ability then a passive. But I like the general idea, so maybe we can work around. I would make it more like Inaros sarcophagus : Whenever you would die, you instead enter the Absorb state. Then you need to accumulate a certain amount of damage (only from enemies) to heal yourself up. If you can't reach the necessary amount you die. Teammates can still revive you normaly. Buffs to MC sounds mostly good. I wouldn't change the range and it still should depend on Mods. Juxtapo
  3. This sounds really good. Depends mostly on the implementation if it will be fun or nightmare to handle the mischief meter.
  4. Which exalted weapon has an effect that scales with strength? And I am only talking about more damage, not better buffs or debuffs or any other skill, just a higher multilicator out of Ability Strength, nothing more.
  5. I had an idea for a rework for undertow : you won't be invincible, but you can also move and won't turn into a puddle you can still grab enemies and store them "inside" you, for every enemy : you need to pay an upkeep (about 0,1 - 0,5 Energy/s) you will lose movement speed (about 1%) you gain either simple damage reduction (about 5%) or, what i find better and more fitting, every enemy inside you has a chance to take the damage you would receive (about 10%) the enmies will be damaged by the damage they take for you and what they would rece
  6. I think you misunderstood what I meaned with better Strength scaling. I didn't mean to make the Mods better, but instead give the exalted weapons more damage out of Ability Strength.
  7. I also think he needs some more work, then just changing numbers. His passive could be more useful. Equivalent to Oberon, giving Sentinels a buff, maybe also a buff to teamates (he is the captain after all ^^) Tempest Barrage in itself is nice and fun, but needs better numbers. It should at least be as good as the charged state. If the charge should remain it needs to be significantly faster or bring a new/altered effect. The Augment could also be better, as the Ability still hits randomly. Tidal Surge needs at least the same treatment as Gauss/Zephyr while colliding with wall
  8. Okay to high base damage migth be a problem. But why should this not work with Ability Strength , weapons in general don't scale with level or %, or did I miss something?
  9. Thanks for your explanation. If numbers are the only problem, wouldn't it be better to just increase them on Exalted weapons (either base stats or better scaling with power strength). This does not mean I don't like your idea, but it could be a simpler solution to buffing exalted weapons.
  10. Your idea sounds good on paper, but I am not sure if this can really function. I like the idea to get different base stats depending on the weapon, this would make the weapons more personel. What I currently don't get : Do you have a normal weapon and the exalted or will your normal weapon be turned into exalted (e.g. does Excalibur have two different swords or one with two different modi )? What will happen to Riven Mods and Sets? And as a general question : What makes exalted weapons inferior to normal ones? Maybe it would be better to work around this difference that to buil
  11. Okay, since Defy is an even better Absorb I will adjust Numbers once more : Damage reflected should gain a 10x modifier, we have 2x on Mag (2nd Ability) and 7,5x on Wukong (3rd Ability), so for a 4th Ability 10x should be fine (should be effected by Ability Strength as the others are) 15m Range (Mag has 15m and Wukong has 12m, so something along those should be okay) since Mag and Wukong can move, it would be fair if Nyx could also (at the same slow pace) or get a really good compensation for staying no additional cost for Absorbed damage damage dealt should be go
  12. Pets are always cool, and an exalted or bonus companion as Venari would be really cool. But what would you give him instead of Spectral Scream ?
  13. Haven't played Wukong since his last rework, so I missed this completly. And yeah it is sad that the Mother of all Absorbs has the worst of all ...
  14. I like your idea and I think it is a good solution to give him an exalted flamer. And yeah I agree with you on DEs view, sadly...
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