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  1. Where is the update for Deathcube, especially Vaporize ?
  2. Really great ideas here. I like this more, as it is closer to her current one. just awesome ^^ I think to changed to much in the stats, duration and range should not be lower then currently. I also woundn't make the Auras stackable, as it will cripple you while playing solo. Change for Entangle and Thorns is nice, Full Moon is to good out of razorwing, you would regen 105 Energy with it, that is way to good. Full Moon can stay as it is, as it effects the Razorflies and would therefor benefit her first Ability. I like the additional effect depending on range
  3. But even then the cat does not really fit the theme...
  4. I think you hit nearly everything wrong with her.
  5. I like your idea, especially that you can guide him, this would counter the stupid AI a bi For the duartion either your idea or till the enemy dies (if he can be hurt). I would also like to see the "shoot-to-enhance" mechanic be gone and instead having a damage multiplier based on your strength.
  6. This has been mentioned a lot, and we are indeed going to change this (finally!). All of her abilities will get a trim in animation time, and her 1, 2, and 3rd ability will be upper body only animations. (more coming as well such as higher Razorfly capacity if Tributes are active, Thorns getting a buff to include Damage Reduction not just Reflection, stay tuned)! posted in another Titania thread, I am very excitied, that they haven't forgotten her ^^
  7. That would make sense, didn't think that way ^^.
  8. why ? They are terrible as they are why make thm even less useful ? tis sounds really unnecessary. Why would you need a to cycle through the buffs and then still need to hit specific enemies. Just one is enough , either cycle or specific enemies. I am ot sure if I understand this correct. Do you want all damage doen or just the elemental procs ? While this is somewhat annoying, it is not zero gravity but inertia. You would need to counteract the momentum to actually stop on spot. Would be nice to have the possibility to do this, not just on her but with all Archwings in Open World.
  9. Didn't build the Fulmin yet, but thanks for the link. Then this will be the better solution.
  10. If this is a possibility, I thought all weapons use ammo. I understand your point, but I like frames that are a bit different and bit more complex then press a button ^^.
  11. I am back with my rework idea for Tribute : I like the idea of getting different buffs from different enemies, but I think you should be rewarded for getting all of them Fairy Dust can stay, maybe getting more then 50% Entangle should also lower Attack speed (melee and ranged) Thorns should either make enemies vulnerable to melee damage or give a chance to proc slash on melee attack (from all melee sources, including companions,weapons, exalted weapons) Full Moon won't give you a buff , but will heal everyone (including companions, NPC, Objects...) in Range upon pickup (Health and/or shields) While having the first 3 Buffs (no Full Moon) the Tributes will be enhanced Fairy Dust let enemies deal less damage Entangle gives you and your allies the Dust Bloom buff (so she can have a new passive that also works in Razorwing) Thorns will also work for ranged and ability attacks Full Moon will heal for a greater amount as a bonus a hold function would be nice to send out your Razorflies to auto-attack enemies and bring back their soul on max rank you send 12 Razorflies out, each seeking a different target each deals the damage Tribute deals and will weaken surviving enemies after one attack they will come back and bring the souls with them casting this will interrupt everything adn should have a longer cast duration as you will most likely get all buffs at once As for Diwata and Dex Pixia, make them her signature weapons would probably be the bestsolution, so you can play her the way you want : Dex Pixia becoming Secondary weapons, when Titania wields them they have ammo-mutation Diwata becomes a one-handed sword or Heavy blade (depending on the actual size), when Tiatnia wields it she can dash to enemies using secondary attack
  12. I really like this idea. This would give her a nice balance between offensive and defensive and could also work with my suggestion: Give her an exalted Archwing, which is modabble. Low eHP and Dex Pixia and Diwata can stay, but should be considered weapons and not Abilities. Maybe give her the option to select one ranged and one melee archwing for her Razorwing mode and make dex pixia and diwata her signature archwing weapons. A seperate form would also benefit her in open world as you wouldn't be one-shotted by anti-air towers. Lantern mainly needs to be reliable and not floating off to space. Design wise it is a good Ability, it just dosen't function well. It could use a bigger radius for the Razorflies. Spellbind should always hit yourself and needs a faster casting animation. Tribute is nice froma design perspective, but needs a rework to actually be significant. I will come back for my thougths on this later, after getting back home. (For every one knowing Monster Hunter, she wil become the Insect Glaive ^^)
  13. You are right, but it would be best if all Abilities would act the same and then having an option to revert it on everyone, if you want it the other way.
  14. New QoL for Titania was added in the mainline update. Her buffs now all have a radius of 35m and last 120s.
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