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  1. You could even post the fifth place on twitter, it's not like it requires so much effort.
  2. Zenurik does not give energy x distance traveled.
  3. You may give up on stat changes for base Oberon, you may try to influence prime release. But if you do succeed remember to help mag's poor base energy, even for prime.
  4. Sorry forum derped for me.
  5. Derp
  6. Tell that to riot shield and speed spam every 7 seconds. And Discharge every 8, because apparently it's the skill that makes him viable and the rest of the kit should be just situational.
  7. Tell that to riot shield and speed spam every 7 seconds.
  8. No like, works like riot shield but instead gives you energy.
  9. You may say in the quality of warframes tier. You know shock has 200 base damage because it has AoE and cc while a lot of other frames do that too with more damage and more effects, but eh shock is good. Smite damage 500 + 35% of the target's max Health + Shield, inflicts knockdown/impact, radiation(F*** nyx even more and his other abilities inflict radiation too), puncture. Pull 300 damage, x2 with magnetize combo, energy orb drop chance on kill, gigantic AoE, knock down/up/everywhere and pull. Fireball 400+150 AoE +fire DoT, enemies on fire panic so they are on cc too. Ember late game is famous for her CC, not damage, pople pick her for CC instead of dedicated CC frames. Tesla granade trolls shocks' existance, both in damage and cc. There are more abilities but check the wiki because the troll is too big to list.
  10. What if Volt gained energy while moving instead of that damage thing.
  11. Also I'd add that at time of the Volt rework health scaling abilities were considered evil, what's with these oberon changes?. Discharge was supposed to scale on the enemy's health.
  12. Adding a slightly rage post I made on youtube. I have a warframe account from 2013 and I can tell when a warframe is inferior to others. Volt is the first warframe I made, he offers no unique stuff, the damage on his skills is negligible, you may as well assume it's 0 and the rework nerfed some stuff and made it stupid, also all his synergies are useless. 1)Shock shield to do low damage. 2)Shock targets under discharge to release radial electric shock, for what reason? They are under cc and extra shock is not gonna do anything. 3)Riot shield consumes all your energy and slows you. 4)The passive is nonexistant. 5)Even with 350% power strenght he's not the fastest. 6)Shocking speed is redundant with riot shield, but at least you don't consume all your energy to do the train shield. 7)Overshields are easy to obtain, and shields overall are weak compared to health. 8)Discharge lasts less depending on the amount of enemies affected. 9)The extra reload speed is lower than a mod. DE treats Volt like garbage because it's not popular and an investment on it gives low profit, they even forgot it didn't have a deluxe skin and the prime is base Volt with lots of gold sticked on it. I know Volt is viable endgame but most of the warframes can do what it does easily and builds have to be specific for guns or melees, you can't go all round. Stop being elitists on Volt. Last part is not really sane.
  13. Oberon may have gotten better than Volt.
  14. Love how after excalibur rework they stopped making flashy stuff, too strong so keep the rest moderate.
  15. Warframes should be as strong as weapons. And why would you use his 1 outside of "for fun looks"?