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  1. Outdated Frames

    Fix Volt please, it's a derelict disaster.
  2. Volt and Frost should have real mechanics.
  3. Volt ults

    It's amazing how much limitations and self punishing elements Volt has, also energy wasting functions.
  4. Zenurik, the one and only?

    Well the problems is that some nodes feel entirely useless or not worth using.
  5. Volt ults

    Yes Volt is intended to be bad. If I'm not wrong his ult cannot be refreshed until it expires.
  6. Lotus as a future playable character

    A minigame like wyrmius and flappy Zephyr, Cooking Lotus.
  7. Volt Rework Feedback [Post Update 18.13]

    Soon his 4 will only affect only 1 target, him for the casting animation.
  8. How about "Heavy" Beam cannon?

    I'd like a large continuous beam.
  9. Ember world on fire change

    What if her 4 instead of make her boop fire around which is either useless or toxic, instead was a toggle that made all her skills leave fire hazards like the ones from grineer cat ladies that stick to enemies and spread on contact. Also make her body leave drops of that thing like molten lava. This way she could stay active and not as passive as would be reverting the changes.
  10. You just have to understand that Volt's 4 is a bad skill.
  11. Volt Rework Feedback [Post Update 18.13]

    If they made a public announcement about that I'd just quit trying.
  12. Volt Rework Feedback [Post Update 18.13]

    Sadness page 106, Volt feedback still unheard.
  13. It worked like this even before the update, after the first rework they removed it's vertical range but since you were locked to the ground the issue was a rare sight. But now that the thing is unlocked you can aircast but be useless(as a Volt can be).
  14. Can Volt's 4 Actually Be a CC Ability for Once?

    Well then let's rework his 4 completely. It was stupid to begin with and it has always been.
  15. Can Volt's 4 Actually Be a CC Ability for Once?

    He's simply too popular to be weak tbh, his gameplay is boring tho.