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  1. giovanniluca

    Fan idea: Sacrifice Beta - Hybrid System

    I meant to spam it as a decor thing on reddit but that would work too.
  2. giovanniluca

    Where is Update 23!? [LIVE]

    Heh too easy.
  3. giovanniluca

    Where is Update 23!? [LIVE]

    You shold post that somewhere, actually spam it.
  4. giovanniluca

    Where is Update 23!? [LIVE]

    How did you do that?
  5. giovanniluca

    Saryn's rework is a bit off.

    Changes nothing but what is clear is that balancing strikes randomly end ESO/ES is a broken mode to begin with.
  6. giovanniluca

    Saryn's rework is a bit off.

    They're nerfing her for ESO while Equinox obliterates everything.
  7. Spores Viral to Corrosive is great, Corrosive stacks, Viral does not. Spores don't spread as much as before, I miss having the map full of dots, please do something about it as I'd gladly give some of the damage away to have the spread of the plague back, I don't find her as fun anymore due to this. The Corrosive procs don't have my energy color, please fix, also the spores don't seem to explode with my energy color but I may be wrong. Molt Iron Skin like changes are good. She didn't need speed, she needed damage transfer for a few seconds to the dummy. Spores cast on Molt could've stayed to ease the spread or as a repeater you may say, Spores that exploded near it could've infected the dummy and be exploded to reinfect stuff but not cast on it directly. Regenerative Molt should heal over a second and not every second, although I wish it was just integrated with the ability. Toxic Lash The fact that now it can be used with all weapons with keeping the melee specialization is cool, Contagion Cloud need it's range increased to 2,5m and the clouds need to inherit energy color cause they're always green. Miasma Again, moving the viral proc to this was smart, but it seems like it doesn't pop the Spores anymore, have it spread them to all targets affected. Audio feedback The new sounds are good but still feel somewhat not right, maybe it's just attachment to the old ones. Also hope Danielle feels alright cause you had to choke her or get her very sick to do that.
  8. giovanniluca

    Saryn Revisited 2.0 what to change back.

    Please delete this thread, it's a mess. All these colors and the white highlight are painful.
  9. giovanniluca

    Outdated Frames -Nezha Edition

    Fix Volt please, it's a derelict disaster.
  10. Volt and Frost should have real mechanics.
  11. giovanniluca

    Volt ults

    It's amazing how much limitations and self punishing elements Volt has, also energy wasting functions.
  12. giovanniluca

    Zenurik, the one and only?

    Well the problems is that some nodes feel entirely useless or not worth using.
  13. giovanniluca

    Volt ults

    Yes Volt is intended to be bad. If I'm not wrong his ult cannot be refreshed until it expires.
  14. giovanniluca

    Lotus as a future playable character

    A minigame like wyrmius and flappy Zephyr, Cooking Lotus.
  15. giovanniluca

    Volt Rework Feedback [Post Update 18.13]

    Soon his 4 will only affect only 1 target, him for the casting animation.