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  1. I'd post this It used to be worth the slot. But mesa was broken so it had to be nerfed.
  2. Old rhino prime iron skin looked way better.
  3. Volt is a warframe which is a potent alternative to gunplay, which is gunplay(which he is best played for) and melee naramon. His abilities do so low damage that he may as well lose it entirely and get different effects.
  4. Mag's energy gain and power pool is the worst thing on warframe, also greedy pull nerfs because other frames are broken.
  5. It only makes it do damage if they pass through, no shock, so it's useless. Discharge lasts less for every enemy affected by it and no matter how you mod it it'll always last 10 seconds or less if you mod under 100% duration or there are too much enemies and it's damage sucks not to mention the shock sinergy it's totally useless. Aside for rhino stomp, which is superior, pretty much all the other frames with cc can do it in air. Damage decreases on each bounce.
  6. HahaahahaHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! It's the base % of an enemy of dropping orbs which is 2% boosted by the % on pull so let's say pull has 0,75 boost(and to get this you need a lot of power strenght) it becomes 3,5%, meanwhile trinity gives infinite energy, overshields, health and energy orbs, protection and health% finisher damage. Oh wait the pull thing works only on kills which don't happen at high levels with pull.
  7. I guess I'm there are only a few ones that think this.
  8. Warning, this post is full of images needed to point my argument. Hello everyone, I started this topic to have a looks at the past and the future and while there have been some improvements Volt has lost it's shockiness over the years. Have a look at this. I'll make a few pics of the video for the focal points. This is shock. This is the new one(captura is extremely useful for this). We traded the big plasma flux for bouncy hairsplits. This is speed, the trail used to curve the light. Now it does this. The shield used to be just pure electrical love like this. Some people found the center annoying and it was changed to a bigger version, it just needed to be bigger and lose the central rod which I don't know why existed. The last is a bit complicated because the abilities do now a different thing but people loved the storm effect of overload. What's this? Now Volt is a caster of giant hula hoops. Extra: Volt's 4 casted sticked to a wall while it should be a ground only skill but you still fly. So please reconsider the changes that have been made and make Volt look better, or I hope you're not doing anything because he's destined to a full rework or something.
  9. For Lanka I'd have DE change Voltage Sequence to have it's effect on headshots.
  10. Please don't let this be a subpar mod.
  11. Simply have no limitation to only energy orbs, it's not a super power like exalted stuff and nekros does fine, it's only frustration to Volts.
  12. I know people think he's fast enough and stuff but warframe updates made speed uncompatible with new mechanics, can we make it affect parkour and give slide and maybe ldecrease friction as well? Also high power strenght builds have low duration and Volts have to smash speed every 2 seconds, can we get a permanent activation on speed's activation with energy drain but no energy gain impairment as well? This could make Volt feel better overall with no huge buffs.
  13. I don't like killing my enemies with allergies, bring fire back.
  14. I swear that if they remove naramon perma invisibility I'll be so much happy for the potent alternative to gunplay.
  15. Poor Volt.