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  1. Besides it isn't a problem, you can cheat energy in many ways.
  2. They could, you know, disable it or nerf. They did it with other weapons.
  3. Just a weird jellyfish skin for the base K-Drive.
  4. I am modding her perfectly, the problem is that her key feature can't be modded and her abilities do nothing aside from CC and inferior survivability.
  5. Harrow has always been amazing and since helminth Nyx is decent, Valkyr is a solo disgrace. Yareli is utter trash.
  6. Well it's her survivability ability so it's mandatory regardless? Subsume 1 3 or 4, they're worthless anyway.
  7. At least he's in a much better state than Hydroid, Inaros and Yareli.
  8. Her 3 is not even useful, her only decent skill is her 1 and it's not even that good. Why her kit does nothing? There's no reason to pick her over any frame. Give her the passive to get up to 4 helminth transplants, maybe this can save her.
  9. I realized how we can have her fixed, make Yareli a warframe skin that adds water to effects. I'm trying her around and she's just hopeless.
  10. Stop it, there's no reason to play her, just do captura for pictures then swap.
  11. He's probably necessary to do future content quests, so if you remove him they'd have to do a personalized script for your each time he's required.
  12. The problem here is that her abilties do nothing more than CC and just DAMAGE, BAD tankiness, just DAMAGE again and CC and just DAMAGE again. No shreds or damage boost on weapons, no particular debuffs.
  13. She is dark, she is involved in saving kids from slavery and torture. So you say Khora shouldn't have a whip and do her relatively domination animations? Or Nezha shouldn't be cheery and instead full brute? Don't annoy other people and go play in private groups, Yareli's problem is that she's bad, not that she does not fit aestethically.
  14. She's bad but just change her moveset if you don't like hearts and such.
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