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  1. these changes sound rly well i only would change 2 things after this round: 1. make a small ammount (maybe 0.01-0.1%) of the void dmg abilitys work against the eidolons. 2. give us the option to hide the visual effekt of the ult then the frame is imo on point. good job till now DE
  2. imo step in the right direction but it still need more rework (from what i read). i would love to see a bit more range / more base reduce on gaze. it´s atm a bit strange to mod for range+ duration+ str+effi to make this abbility "ok". i also would recommend to give Xata’s Whisper a litle armor/shield penetration. like 1% of the dmg totally ignores armor/shield.
  3. looks rly bad. would say most of them are over/under rated
  4. It already was bevore. People just overhyped it and thought it's best in slot for every excalted frame. It only was a very small buff for baruuk. Now people start to think again which weapons are best for every excalted frame and don't stick with medium choice that is only a stat stick and a very bad weapon too. With other words: yes i'm very happy about this change because people get pushed in the right direction
  5. love the gara changes! tbh, i don´t see why u nerv a weapon that is only for baruuk good and for most other frames a downgrade, but i´m glad that DE isn´t afraid to do changes that are unpopular
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