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  1. I'm very disappointed till now and for that i want to try to give ideas to make it better Void Storm Rewards + Anything else relating to Void Storms imo void storms should feel worth the time and rewarding. Cracking one relic at the time, and in a very very veeeeeery slow time is none of these. like i already mentioned in another post i think the only way to make them wort it is to allow player to open more relics at the same time AND get more rewards. open more relics and just get one reward doesn´t make any sense because you can just run a fast relic mission (40-90) sec and get every run one prime part. i would suggest to open 3-5 relics at the same time OR e.g open 5 relics and get 3 rewards.
  2. this would be awfull. i´m fine with e.g open 5 and get 3 rewards. but less is just waste. i can still do my 40sec-1min runs and have a way better result
  3. Not much to say here. Imo the only way to make Void Storms worth it is to allow us to open more relics (e.g 3-5) at the same time. If not this game mode is not worth the time and will be dead in 1 week. imo with this change DE will made a GREAT game mode out of an awfull one
  4. this. i hope they let us open more relics at the some time. if not this mode is already dead
  5. i fell you. i have exactly the same problem. try to change server region and lower your ping limit. the chance is high that you don´t find a group and other people join your crew
  6. How easy was it to understand the new quest and what you have to do to succeed? no problem at all What was it like having Railjack involved in a narrative quest? i like the idea to have a railjack in a quest, but this was awfull. there was no feeling for a reason why to use the railjack. the gameplay was like fly 10m, let ur gunner do 5 kills, fly 10m , done. very boring Thoughts on gameplay, difficulty, visuals, or in-game guidance? difficulty was non existent.
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