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  1. Can we stop shoving Volt into a locker?
  2. Tbh im not enjoying the "quick-swap" melee thing all that much. The immediate swap to melee upon meleeing is ok for the most part, but the immediate swap from melee to gun upon using either LMB or RMB (despite RMB being used for combos) throws me off a lot. If I swap to melee then i want to stay in melee until i want to stop. I guess what I'm saying is that it is too easy to swap back from melee to gun. Over time I will likely get used to it but it is throwing me off right now. For the record I use a mouse with a keypad on the side and i set swap to melee to my 6 key. That's the only "custom settings" I use and it works fine for me. Now I understand that many, if not most players, don't use this kind of mouse. But I'm hear to comment about my concerns The aimable ground pound is great though, and hilarious. I covered 200m+ on Vallis when leaving my archwing.
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