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  1. Can we stop shoving Volt into a locker?
  2. This change was done by DE after hearing complaints from the community and weighing their information and options. They found that inaction would be bad for the game and addressed it. This was just the normal evaluation and change that goes with this game. They didn't go back completely to the old BS, and if they would have it then it would have been a decision they made. They didn't allow players to choose which version of an ability they wanted to use. If anything, this example is a counter point to your entire argument because it shows that DE does listen to the players. You are saying "they brought back a part of old BS into a newer BS after complaints" but how is that like allowing players to fully revert back to infinite range invincibility Blessing Trinity? If you don't like specific things they have done to specific frames and their abilities then complain about it on the forums. If enough jimmies are rustling then DE will notice and do something about it, maybe not immediately but eventually. Again, this is DE we are talking about, not Activision or EA. But don't expect them to throw up their hands and say "y'all can revert to whatever, whenever" because there are many many changes that they made for the good of the game which have made the game better.
  3. No offense, but you are gonna have to reword this post. I've read it 5 times and have no idea what you are trying to say. That aside. The fact is that they made many of these changes to abilities because they thought they were too powerful and that they were having a negative effect on the game. Why would they go through the effort of replacing/changing these abilities if they let you undo those changes whenever you wanted? That would allow the negative effects, which prompted the changes in question, to come back into the game and ruin things. For the third time I point to the changes to Limbo's Stasis. Do you really think that people would like that coming back? There is a difference between thinking that some changes went too far and wanting to petition the devs to rethink said changes; and wanting the devs to allow us to revert things back to potentially gamebreaking conditions. Furthermore the amount of effort they would need to use in order to make the game effectively backwards compatible would be enormous. Here's an example: versions of abilities that were changed before things like damage 2.0 would have to be make damage 2.0 compatible. This wouldn't be a small feat. A lot of time and effort would be used to allow players to break the game. No developer would say yes to that. OP, your proposal is drop-dead dumb and is a terrible idea. You allow cheesing to go rampant, upset any sense of balance between frames, destroy any reason to use frames other than a very few (who the hell will use any healer other than trinity with her infinite range invicibility?), waste time and resources, aggravate players. No one would want it. The Devs and fans can agree on this one.
  4. Maybe you can see it happen, but I can't. Comparing potentially broken Warframe abilities to mods is like comparing apples and lettuce. Again, I point to Stasis. Can you honestly say that the difference between the old Stasis and the current Stasis is on the same level as simple weapon mechanics? How about Vex Armor's broken af damage calculations? Can you say that reverted weapon mechanics have the same effect on combat as a max range Saryn casting Spores on her Molt and popping to infect the whole tile with massive procs without line of sight? That is like trying to justify bringing a small hammer to drive a railroad spike under the premise that it will be enough because railroad spikes are like nails, so you should be fine.
  5. If this is not a troll thread then this is one of the dumbest threads I've seen. The devs found practically all the things you've mentioned to be unbalanced if not completely broken, which in some cases led to negative effects on the gameplay of your squad and the game at large. Why would they give you the opportunity to go back to that? You might as well ask them to let me, a Limbo main, revert the Stasis change because I enjoyed having Stasis last twice as long as it does now and because I enjoyed setting Stasis traps, everyone else in my squad be damned.
  6. The exploiter orb gives too many gems as a reward. It practically causes reputation inflation. It is so easy to get rep now thanks to the gems and there isn't enough things to spend it on. Furthermore, the amount of gems I am getting lets me max out my daily rep in 3-4 runs, 30-40 minutes (thanks to nova skipping a 1/3rd of the boss fight). I look back on the time and effort I put in to rank up and all I see is that it was practically wasted and pointless. Also, the Exploiter Orb fight is extremely easy and trivial. The first more deadly phase is skipped by Nova. The second phase is a cakewalk and offers no challenge other than "keep the coolant orbs from the Exploiter Orb". Couldn't the Exploiter Orb do more than shoot fire at very close enemies and lob an extremely telegraphed explosion? Maybe it could shoot cyro rockets, straight up freeze warframes for a couple seconds, cough up the thermia its been harvesting over a large area which make you keep jumping?
  7. I used to think warframe had low drop rates, then I played Black Desert Online.
  8. yes, you shouldn't have to waste mod space and potential damage to prevent you from killing yourself. That's why you practice and use your best judgement. I think it goes without saying as well to not use explosives at close range, use melees or your sidearm. I don't want to return to the days of rampant explosive weapon spam.
  9. Tbh im not enjoying the "quick-swap" melee thing all that much. The immediate swap to melee upon meleeing is ok for the most part, but the immediate swap from melee to gun upon using either LMB or RMB (despite RMB being used for combos) throws me off a lot. If I swap to melee then i want to stay in melee until i want to stop. I guess what I'm saying is that it is too easy to swap back from melee to gun. Over time I will likely get used to it but it is throwing me off right now. For the record I use a mouse with a keypad on the side and i set swap to melee to my 6 key. That's the only "custom settings" I use and it works fine for me. Now I understand that many, if not most players, don't use this kind of mouse. But I'm hear to comment about my concerns The aimable ground pound is great though, and hilarious. I covered 200m+ on Vallis when leaving my archwing.
  10. The changes to Revenant are nice, but can you make the thralls more important in death, because that's the state they are most often in. Your thralls rarely get to do anything before your allies kill them. And no the pillar of fire isn't that helpful, neither are the overshields.
  11. Thank god. EDIT: nvm i cant use this as my listed email is one i dont have access to, thus i cant get 2FA, thus cant change email addresses... fantastic... Guess i'll run through support on this.
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