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  1. With Titania's deluxe skin starting to shape up I think most of us are hoping that she gets the Wukong treatment, and since I'm a person on the internet naturally I want to give my opinion on that. These are my thoughts on the problems facing Titania and how she might be reworked to be a more effective frame. I won't be talking about any tweaks to numbers or suggesting any numbers for the skills I propose. This is more of a conceptual overview than a fully balanced design. The Problems Titania faces a number of problems. Survivability is a major one, with her dependence on evasion leaving her vulnerable to being one shot. She also has two abilities that do effectively the same thing, several buffs that don't synergise with the rest of her kit, and (I think the biggest problem from a design standpoint) no real reason to be in her default form. The Solution In order to fix Titania's overall playstyle we need to think about her default form and her pixie form as more akin to Equinox's day and night forms. Both should, I think, serve a different purpose and be a decision the player makes rather than just switching out of Razorwing because you ran out of energy or need to interact with something pixie form doesn't allow. To this end I'd suggest that her default form be more focused on crowd control and team support, while her pixie form focuses on what it's already good at; doing damage. Skills These are the skills I suggest replace/rework her current ones. In normal form: 1. Lantern - As they do almost the same thing, combine Spellbind and Lantern into one skill. Scatter dust in an area you target, suspending enemies within it and all the other current Spellbind effects. Add to this that enemies within a range of the area of effect are pacified and slowly wander towards the floating targets. No longer does damage, because really no one is using Lantern for damage anyway. The current augment for Lantern can still work perfectly fine with this modified skill. This will be the main combo skill with her other abilities. 2. Tribute - Fundamentally a good skill, suffering from lacklustre buffs. Compared to say Wisp's buffs, which are cheaper to maintain and considerably more powerful, Tribute needs some help. In addition to some different effects these buffs should not be only for Titania, but rather create copies of the enemy 'souls' that allies can pick up to also gain the buffs (instanced like other pickups so a player can only get the buff once and no one can 'steal' someone else's buff). Buffs would not stack if multiple players had them within the same range. Dust - This one is probably ok. Evasion/reduced accuracy isn't the best defensive ability but this isn't a bad buff inherently, it's just bad when it's the only defensive buff in the kit. Entangle - Also not a terrible buff, but should be switched to drop from melee units instead of heavy units and the slow should affect their fire rate not just their movement speed. Wellspring - Replaces Thorns, which is terrible. Provides the buff holder with a large shield buff and shield regeneration rate (of a similar level to Wisp's health mote). Scale with ability strength. Shields aren't as good as health, but combined with Dust and Entangle this should be ample protection. Get this buff from heavy units. Full Moon - Change this to instead increase the regeneration rate of Titania's razorflies (see ability 3) and provide health regeneration for companions. Synergy: If cast on enemies caught in Lantern, all affected enemies will drop their buffs. This will end Lantern prematurely. 3. Razorflies - New skill. Titania sends her razorflies to harass a target. The target stops moving and thrashes about in a panic. Enemies near the target attempt to shoot the razorflies, having a small chance to hit the razorflies but a much higher chance to hit their ally instead, doing boosted damage to that ally. Ends when all razorflies are destroyed, the targeted enemy dies or the ability is cast on another enemy. Razorflies will slowly regenerate (boosted by Full Moon buff) when the skill is not in use. Synergy: If used on an enemy caught in Lantern it will increase the lure range of Lantern and cause enemies to shoot at their affected allies while they're drawn in. 4. Razorwing - Is fine. Titania's strongest and arguably only good ability currently. Needs no changes, beyond possibly some number tweaks. In Razorwing form however her other abilities should do different things: 1. Lantern - Titania turns herself into a glowing lantern for a duration. All enemies that look at her become temporarily blinded. 2 Tribute - Loses the ability for allies to pick up buffs, and rather than dropping 'souls' that have to be passed through Titania charges at the target enemy, knocking them down and gaining the relevant buff. I don't have much in the way of ideas for the buffs in Razorwing form, but they should be more aggressive. Maybe something that gives temporary armour on each kill, or makes her bullets explosive. 3. Razorflies - Refresh your Razorflies. This doesn't need to be a complex ability, as the focus of pixie form should be flying around shooting things not using a whole lot of other abilities, so this is just spend some energy to get your Razorflies back. And that's it. That's my take on how Titania could be fixed.
  2. Would it be possible that if Wisp hits a death floor while the Will-O-Wisp copy is out for the player to instead teleport to the copy, rather than resetting? Currently say I'm trying to cross a large gap on the new gas city tileset. If I jump, throw out my copy and aim glide I'll hit the death floor and reset because I didn't teleport into my copy soon enough. Or if I'm falling into the abyss and I fire Will-O-Wisp upwards to try and save myself it doesn't work because I just hit the death floor anyway. I feel like if we could instead trigger the teleport to the copy, while we may not have quite reached our intended destination it will prevent the ability effectively just failing.
  3. I realise that reworking every melee animation isn't practical, but perhaps the middle ground could be that the normal melee animations play for attacks, but she still uses her floating walk/sprint animations when just moving with a melee weapon out? I don't see how that would be difficult to implement.
  4. Some of Wisp's effects, for me at least, seem to be missing. With her agile animation set equipped she does the animation for the clone thing she's supposed to do, but the clone does not appear. Also while in the air the hole-filled, cheddar cheese style look to indicate she's invisible is missing, replaced with a glow and some particles. Might be an intended change rather than a bug (but if so this way is much less interesting than what was shown off on the devstreams).
  5. This is not a bug, just a limitation. In order to facilitate the many different melee animation sets they were not able to let her float when using melee. Every warframe has the same melee animations, regardless of animation set.
  6. Will mods like Sacrifice that currently don't function at all in arbitration (which in itself is bizarre since other revive mechanics like Nidus' passive do work) be able to work with the new system or not?
  7. Yep same thing. Her health bar shows as empty but she keeps on going.
  8. So I'm currently at 99 days logged in... am I now in the position of not being able to play Warframe until this change is implemented or else have to wait 200 more days before I can pick a different weapon?
  9. What will the advantages of wielding a pistol and one handed weapon be, over say the current system where you can just use the quick melee anyway?
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