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  1. St0l3n_ID

    Hotfix 14.1.4

    Yeah :)
  2. St0l3n_ID

    Hotfix 13.4.1

    THX for this ;)
  3. St0l3n_ID

    Hotfix 13.0.2

    Thx for all the fixes, much needed :)
  4. And here goes my submission; Rhino Prime with Fang Prime. Shot on earth during day and some photoshop rework on lighting as well as creating a weapon trail
  5. St0l3n_ID

    Fan Concepts Index

    Add "Black Market Game Mode by Mogamu", please :) Full link:
  6. St0l3n_ID

    Update 12.5.0: Helios

    Ok just tested it Iron Skin only in riht slot with Rhino Charge installed (changes hotkey) (doesnt fix "no gold" problem though)
  7. St0l3n_ID

    Update 12.5.0: Helios

    Thx for golden skin, tahts the dream come true :) :) But it would be nice if we actually get it, rhino p is still silver and has 2 iron skin abiltities :D
  8. St0l3n_ID

    Hotfix 12.3.2

    Can we have that for other primes too please?
  9. St0l3n_ID

    Hotfix 11.5.7

    Nice change to rewards, thx DE :)
  10. St0l3n_ID

    The Color (Set) Sharing Program!
  11. St0l3n_ID

    Hotfix 11.0.7

    ^this -2 :D Can we have Achievement fixes for polearm, daggers and gaming time now? Thx for fixes. :)
  12. St0l3n_ID

    Information On Damage 2.0

    Well 1 and 2 are different questions: Do we proc only on enemy hit? Or is there also a chance of proccing if we shoot a wall? (relevant for gas fe.). 3 makes sense, and allows for some nice builds i guess, but its not being adressed in the post nor stated somewhere else 4 is not said in the post either, as you said yourself Further there is a 5th question: Does the % apply to all procs seperated? (would make a lot of sense) So i guess the questions are still valid as neither this post nor the one in Design Council gives a answer to them :/
  13. St0l3n_ID

    Information On Damage 2.0

    This post offers only 1 new information compared to design council screenshot... AP increases puncture, and that was kinda expected. What i'ld like to know: Proc-Chances? When do we proc? How long? Is the proc damage relying on the mod levels?
  14. St0l3n_ID

    Update 10.1.0

    Yeah good conclaves :) Sooo do i get my forma and the mutagen back now? Because you said buff instead of lower ress, now you lower the cost but i cant see a buff :/
  15. St0l3n_ID

    Hotfix 10.0.4