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  1. hrmm, so the forma, orokin reactor, orokin catalyst, ciphers, resource boosters were all p2w then! wooo, big conspiracy! seriously, if you're finding a monetization method as tame as this "p2w", EA must be a big shaker to you. those items are incredibly easy to farm, you arent forced to buy the mod packs, you have an easy grind to get them. You want real p2w? look at the triple eyy games industry altering rates and locking items behind storefronts and lootboxes. In Warframe, you have choice. What choice do you even have in Battlefront II or Apex Legends latest shenanigans?
  2. i agree with your point about adding more longlasting content but i'd rather they work more on whats here to make it attractive for replayability. secondly if you did read Steve's tweet...the team isnt sitting on their asses waiting for things to change...they have their hands full and DE thankfully, is one of the game developers that dont suffer from crunch. lastly...ive never heard of a game that depended on YouTubers to survive...sure word of mouth is a thing, but when it comes from 2 small, not well known channels, one of which sounds like a toxic Minecraft player with him hounding other YouTubers and making fun of their viewers? Im thankful they left...after IFlynn's genuine departure video its like the 2 of them just jumped on the bandwagon while stirring up as much as they can...i swear if they end up returning to Warframe again it'd just prove my and many others point...they do it for the clicks...Reaper Hunter specifically says hes angry because there isnt anything in Warframe to make money off of (who the hell wants to watch Rooster Teeth tier messups in Warframe...). If you "need money", then branch out and make videos of another game and stop sugar coating your words with fluff and just make a YouTube post saying "i quit, have a nice day" instead of a 10-30 minute video filled with repetitive nonsense and outright harrassment of other channels that are doing better than you. Theres already Brozime...the loreguy whose name i cant remember...Tactical Potato...EGS...AGGP...Rahe...BNP...Ordinary and many others that provide all there is for Warframe from update info, breakdowns/speculations, S#&$posting and lore summaries...in all my years playing from beta till now ive never heard of Reaper Hunter or Rio until this debocle started popping up. And really if anything its their channel viewers that need to chill and lay off of Warframe for awhile if they think everyone needs to know about Reaper Hunter or Rio when the latter sounds toxic as hell just by viewing one video while the other suggests content to make Rooster Teeth tier gags for money...from Reddit, the forums posts, YouTube comments to even in the game...just lay off and dont play if all you have to say is "REEEEEE YOURE A BAD USER FOR NOT ACKNOWLEDGING MY FAVOURITE MAKER OF VIDEOS!!! SHAME ON YOU DE SUPPORTER".
  3. look at the post again...surely you dont notice that Harrow Deluxe holding the guitar?
  4. jesus christ this reads like a schoolboi sharing a conspiracy theory to his classmates while they cringe in silence... what the bloody hell is a Riven Mafia...and if ripping players off (who in their right mind would spend 500 platinum on Transient Fortititude...ive played when it was introduced and no one bought into that unless you were on the Asian server with rampant ripoffs going on) is the sole thing you enjoy in Warframe then please, by all means, just go if all you have to suggest is to raise the prices of easy to obtain mods to ridiculous prices... and fyi...you dont need rivens to earn plat...just sell primes and maxed mods and you'll have enough for Warframe/Weapon/Robotic slots, whatever deluxe packs release and rushing crafts...I and many others have done so, why cant you?
  5. uhh...ive seen people with regular gameplay loadouts handle the Ancient Eximus' well...you dont even need a Kitgun or Arca Plasmor to take care of them... think the fault lies in your loadout when the basegame's mobs, including deathsquads, are cheese-able to the point of boredom....if DE listened to this and nerfed them whats the point of a deathsquad when you want them to die to a Braton...
  6. your bait dropped real hard when anyone can look at your account and it barely qualifies as anything "endgame"...did you just switch on the game and sit in the Liset for 700 hours?
  7. first off....everyone whos commented on your post has been trying to be kind to you but for some reason the moment a sensible sentence comes up; what help will knowing the download sizes of updates do for you? you go ballistic as if youre being bullied.... If youre using mobile data to download updates, dont have too much of it to even download updates, then why are you treating it as if DE and everyone else whos commenting is at fault? if anything you brought this on yourself for not checking beforehand....you dont have to make friends or even DM someone personally to get information...and it only takes kilobytes of data to get what youre looking for...and theres the QUIT or Alt+F4 function...its saved many peoples ass before....and for download sizes being stated the game already tells you that...you see the full size before the update begins...its standard for most MMO's with a launcher, they tell you the size before updating so the least you can do with Warframe is pay attention for one second when the update finishes loading before it downloads... Really you start this thread "to make a point" but youre sounding like an over-aggressive $&*^ at this point....why did you even feel the need to do this?
  8. so waiting for hours on end for something you highly enticipate is obsessive?
  9. justified salt when its true? if the rewards dont rotate out with new rewards or an incentive to do it or it remains unfixed like ESO and SO is right now (spin2win, saryn, equinox,high dps frames are a MUST to get to round 8 unlike what they said about it being the new "endgame" with choices). Itll die out in 2-3weeks. I cant even find a public game of ESO going more than 4 rounds nowadays because 1)almost no one runs it anymore 2)no dps frame? = people leave at round 1 because they know they wont make it to round 8.
  10. the problem with coding is when you fix something, something else tends to break elsewhere so its like doing whack a mole and you think youve got em all only for 1 more asshat to pop up out of the hole and screee at you
  11. probably game breaking ones like crash or freeze bugs. or unusable weaps/mods
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