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  1. Yeah and my suggestion would fit perfect for you 🙂
  2. Alerts was great for just going in and out with quick missions, it was great for new, casual and veterans alike, it actually brought people together. However there are stuff on alerts that people just couldn't get without being on 24/7. Nightwave was SPECIFICALLY STATED to fix this. Nightwave is great for getting the stuff you want, you see the goal, you work toward it. However it's set up it basically "forces you" to play the game and nobody likes this and is likely the reason why many have stated whatever is after the first nightwave, they won't do it. they don't care. Here's a new system best of both worlds: Alerts would come back and instead of giving random prizes, it would give credits/standing for whatever the current nightwave is. After the end of each current nightwave, the credits/standing reset for the next one. The next set of alerts will give whatever the new credit/standing is. It has the best of both systems, the value of just going in and out of quick missions and also getting whatever you want to spend your credits on. You will have a goal to work toward and you don't feel forced to play. (though tbh, DE has been very malicious of late of forcing us to play the game so they might not like this idea even though it is the best of both worlds) What you guys think?
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