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  1. Just tried. Wiggling. Charging it over and over again (ramming my railjack into it over and over again) it doesn't work.
  2. Particle Ram? I use particle ram, it doesnt break the shield D:
  3. Yeah i tried as well. I try that and Im unable to get the gunfire "inside" the shield =/
  4. I tried that mod. It doesn't bypass the rotating shield on the crewship =/
  5. Thats my point, I cant drift at a speed where I can match its rotating shield for me to get it from behind. Is the Photor the only thing thats efficient to take out the shield? I just find that really dumb. Edit: Just tried and Photor really does melt through the shield. I guess its my primary pilot gun now.... But to repeat the question. Is Photor the only reliable way to destroy that rotating shield from the pilot?
  6. Wait Photor punches through it? What else goes through it. How do you aim the Tyco seeker toward the shield though? I've tried and it keeps being blocked
  7. Is there any efficient way to get rid of these things as a pilot besides awkwardly going up to their face and trying to angle ur ship continiously trying to shoot it at an angle where its not facing you yet is continously adjusting to you? I know players can board it and destroy it in the inside and everything but this is just ridiculous compared to Grinner crewships.
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