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  1. The Trashing Grain change was absolutely terrible as it put two very clunky moves in front of the combo.
  2. and you have still not fixed the broken Wise Razor stance or the Bruntspar skin on Voidrig.
  3. I don't have anything nice to say. DE broke stuff, they fixed some stuff and then broke the stuff they fixed. A lot of half baked content and balancing changed that no sense at all.
  4. Still no fix for the Wise Razor change or the head spinning on Voidrig NM when using alternate skin or helmet?
  5. This Helminth cyst thing became something totally obnoxious. Every new Warframe I build needs to have this tentacle removed after a few days of incubation, because some players keep spreading this LOTUS EFFING CRAP.
  6. Wise Razor stance changes in a recent patch, that was a total eff up.
  7. The system in itself is good, the problem is perhaps that it added more power to players who are already overpowered in almost any situation. I still open relics in void fissures, mostly for Forma BP these days but I almost falling asleep during them because the enemies can't really touch me. Finding the one mob stuck in the map geometry somewhere is the most challenging part. That and praying that some players have enough brains to not nuke everything at the spawn point (yes, that meant you Mirage player) or leave after just one relic opened.
  8. Bruntspar skin on Voidrig is still broken, because the head spins and clips through the skin when the Storm Shroud is active. Same with all alternate skins and heads for Voidrig. Also Wise Razor is terrible with your unbelievable pathetic changes, implemented without thought or reason
  9. Pure mastery fodder. The melee is terrible and outside of the event you are better off using any WF instead of Bonewidow.
  10. The last few patches have been really sloppy. Especially 29.5. as a WTF. There was not a single good thing in this update and the balancing changes seem to have been devised by a drunk hobo on turpentine.
  11. I still consider the stance unusable. Treshing Grain is the main issue as the spinning attack is now at the end of the combo because some substandard players couldn't handle it. The strikes that were at the end of the combo are now in front and it is extremely clunky and awkward. It is not like this weapon class has another stance I could switch to. I regret bying a 2hand Nikana Tennogen skin.
  12. We got more than I had ever expected, but I guess someone must be the guy who claims its never enough. The sheer entitlement disgusts me.
  13. Some youtubers quit every other week and then only continue to make up drama.
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