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  1. It is really time for some new primed Archguns. Atlas is .. meh. Deathcube is nice for those who like to use sentinels I guess. Tekko is just another fist weapon.
  2. MR27 here and still playing (mostly) every day. Sometimes I take breaks when something else and interesting comes along. There are days when I only login to throw a new forma into the oven and log off again.
  3. I never had a reason not to equip a secondary. But in any case these people should bug report it instead of blaming the melee system.
  4. Really? That only happened to me only when using operator mode, right after the mode was released. When I switched to this mode the frame dropped whatever it had, but that was fixed long ago. Aim gliding will not force a drop of a canister or a datamass. I am playing on PC and if you are on a console and this is happening I recommend a bug report.
  5. Unfortunately we don't have much info about the Relays or how they are governed. I guess it is a somewhat chaotic system of Tenno friendly or neutral groups forming a council to run the station. The Tenno philosophy is complicated, you can read up a bit in the description of their focus schools and the syndicates. But in the end your reasons are your own and maybe all is just a dream.
  6. 1. Contribute to the drydock and then build my Railjack. 2. visit forums and reddit and make sarcastic comments on threads of people complaining why they have to build and level an Archwing now.
  7. I love the new melee system. There are still a few issues to iron out with some stances and combos. Also the Channeling should be changed into a timed buff in exchange for energy and have a visual indicator in the UI. But otherwise it is great.,
  8. Vodka is newbie stuff. Try Absinth with your coffee
  9. No, it doesn't. The way Warframes are balanced or rather not balanced would make any boss fight a CC fest or a slog of multiple invulnerability phases and arcane mechanics.
  10. I was getting motion sickness in missions playing with Gauss. I don't have this problem with any other frame or archwing. It was enough to immediately sell him after I had the mastery.
  11. I would love a 'botanist' precept for Helios that automatically scans every plant in range.
  12. I was completely spoiled by Warframes smooth movement system. I don't think I can play another loot shooter without bullet jumping.
  13. Before the Heavy Weapon Summon Arcane can be useful, the heavy weapons themselves need a buff. Even with Rivens they are at best mediocre. Also the Riven disposition on them was pre-nerfed far too much to make them worthwhile. The power of most arch gun mods is behind the primary weapon mods. Defense Arbitrations should be adressed, as they can fail way too easily with the defense target wandering off to enemy spawn points and dying
  14. You can assign hotkeys to gear wheel slots. I assigned keys for Scanner, the Kinetic Siphon Trap and the Archwing Deployer.
  15. What happened is that the abilities of my character become suddenly unusable. Nothing happens when I press 1-5. Switching to operator mode is likewise no longer possible. Melee also no longer works. I can still fire primary or secondary weapons and switch between them. So far the only way to fix this is to either leave/end the mission or have the warframe become downed and use a revive. It happened a few times since the update but I have yet to find a way to exactly re-create the circumstances how this bug occurs. Anyone else having encountered something similar?
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