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  1. 25.0.3. Aures Diadem and Lumis Earpiece still use only a default energy color.
  2. Tennogen accessories energy colors still broken with hotfix 25.0.2
  3. I don't see the big deal here. The frame requires exactly 2 Nitain, which will be easy enough to get once the new Nightwave season starts. 95% of veterans have this resource stockpiled already.
  4. On normal Disruption people leave often after first wave even with all consoles defended. Or if one or two consoles were lost, in the middle of the mission. That doesn't even unlock the C rotation of rewards. I see this game mode dying off after a month or two. The mods are uninteresting and there are so many other sources for relics.
  5. Todays update broke the effect of at least 2 Tennogen accessories. The energy color does not change with the suits energy color as it was before the update. It stays white or at a default color. https://imgur.com/a/W4RABDH The accessories on the picture are the Aures Diadem and the Lumis Earpiece.
  6. On the Armaros (Europa) I had to give up on todays sortie. Some Grineer always get stuck in the levels geometry and keep running against a wall. Usually defection mission work well enough on Grineer maps but todays sortie is using the infested Corpus ship tileset and the AI can not handle it. Just want to report it, hopefully DE will take a look at these problems. The AI issues are one of the reasons why players avoid defection missions. But the same problems plague companions as well, as they often get stuck in hallways. Thank you.
  7. While the mods look interesting, I don't see any room for them on my warframe, weapons or companions.
  8. While not optimal, the alert is better than the situation before. I had given up on aquiring the Wolf's Sledge before the tactical alert, as I didn't have the massive amount of luck required to get all parts or spent thousands of plat for parts.
  9. There was a good reason the map of Stephano - Uranus was done a while ago. Mobs often got stuck somewhere in the map geometry. In rare cases mobs spawned outside the tunnel boundaries and that could make it impossible to complete. Yet for some reason old Stephano is still in the rotation for Stephano Void Fissures alerts. Currently there is a 50% chance you either get into the old or the new map and personally I would like to see the old map removed from this alert.
  10. I really love the new melee system. There are some minor issues like the cancellation of channeling when I aim glide, but mostly it is great.Now I can initiate combo maneuvers and instantly switch to ranges weapons and back.
  11. The issue I have with him, is that he is just poor design. Massive hitpoints, invulnerability to status effects and Warframe abilities + invulnerable adds throwing massive damage fire grenades. His scaling is also off the charts. If I encounter him solo I can take him down without too many problems within a minute, but in a team of 4 his health scales too a point were many players don't even bother fighting and just head straight for the exit.
  12. The Adaptation mod also affects shields and makes shield based frames like Mag mor resistant. I would personally like to see a mechanic like the mentioned shield density. A damage reduction that scales with the shield values. Higher shield HP and overshields grant more resistance than low shield HP and the damage reduction degrades with the shield depleting. It might make shield tanking viable again and make it different from armor/health.
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