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  1. Last post on these forums. I got enough of all the whines.
  2. Okay, then have fun with this failure of a weapon noobie.
  3. Yes, ,more damage in the alt-fire, on paper. But with the falloff mechanic and the manual detonation barely useable in open space and a complete failure in smaller tilesets.
  4. You don't have to, but please spare us of any whining on how you lost out on event exclusive weapons and were not able to farm Arcanes.
  5. Probably closer to 8h of effective time. I took time to sleep, eat, do other chores and in between breaks. That it was what I meant. If I assume a very casual approach of one hour a day, one can at least farm the weapons in slightly over a week. The event will run 4 weeks which leaves room for cosmetics and arcanes as well.
  6. There are two types of players. One that takes it in strike, does make the best out of situation and has at this point at least one and possibly two of the weapons unlocked. This type of players doesn't need as much hand-holding to find their own fun. The other type is more on the forum and reddit than ingame. If they can't finish something within a day or two they decide it is too much and don't bother. But they are always the first and loudest to respond how terrible a feature is and otherwise complain about having nothing else to do.
  7. I am really, really disappointed about the RJ part of this event. We are not really using our RJ to fight sentients in space. We are just ferrying from one Murex to the next. For those who absolutely can not stand RJ there are the ground maps, but you should have given us RJ fans a space battle to fight.
  8. You have to keep in mind that the event will run for 4 weeks. I was able unlock the 15k gun in a day and I suspect others are faster than me. Just keep in mind that you don't have to grind for everything right now. Pick a slower and more comfortable pace and you will have plenty of time for all weapons and a good selection of Arcanes.
  9. We do need more RJ content, not less and the space part of the event barely counts as including the RJ.
  10. When squad linking was shown for the first time during Tennocon a team would fight on the ground while the other battled in space. But right now there is barely any space combat going on in the space part of the update. It is just a short taxi ride from one sentient ship to the next with maybe a few boarder and 2 or 3 sentient fighters. The main part is a defense mission inside each of the sentient ships. I was hoping for some epic battles against sentient ships, not another defense/ mobile defense on the anomaly map.
  11. After 4 years the Vengeful Revenant stance finally dropped. Only to lose it to a crash. I feel just sad.
  12. The community is mostyl fine, but not this forum. Run!
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