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  1. All we learn from the terminals is that some Orokin scientist. Which I have to remind the Orokin were evil people who practically enslaved the whole solar system and stole young bodies for their own immortality. Anyway this scientists discovers a gateway into the void, and inside an 'evil' entitity. Which did nothing evil exceept creeping out the scientist. The last entry are just unhinged ramblings of the person who was the grandfather of the Entrati family. The only lore we learn is that the scientist was the first to actually encounter the man in the wall. No info beyond that, no actua
  2. Maybe it could help bringing Arch melee weapons into a useful spot. I have my doubts, especially since the first Necramech was a disappointment.
  3. It will be easier to mastery fodder this thing(s). That is all use I will get out of them in standard tilesets or even Deimos.
  4. When you build a WF build around terrible memes of terrible "Youtubers"
  5. Should she choose the handsome Grineer or the regal Corpus boy? Or possibly go for the infested even while knowing it wants only her body.
  6. I would rather have Railjack expanded. Where is the enemy and mission variety? What happened to the command intrinsics?
  7. It works much better in Orb Vallis and Plains of Eidolon. First it is an optional minigame for fluffs and not part of the progression. Second it doesn't require the absolutely ridiculous amounts of captures. The son is offering sometimes like 1 token for 8 of one specific type and 8 more of another type. When I take this amount to the 10 required for rank 3 it means more work needs to be put into Deimos preservation than the other two open worlds combined. I think I will stop ranking up right now. If it doesn't get fixed I will just hope the next expansion will be something less broken an
  8. Every creature seems to attack the creature lured in. So they often get downed away from the location they should be walking to. This makes it a matter of luck of actually finding and getting the creature. Which is made worse by the fact that preservation is now a mandatory part of the Deimos reputation progress instead of an optional.
  9. Percentages are meaningless. Too many people cheated on their Steam achievements and there are so many inactive accounts that went inactive long before RJ and accounts that never progressed far beyond the tutorial
  10. A lot of people here are way beyond the point of losing their minds.
  11. The nerf is justified, if it creates a meta of 2 abilities which are useful for almost any frame. I don't see a reason to complain about a nerf. The Helminth system wasn't even released yet and we all knew that some changes were still being made.
  12. I would recommend to replace the 1 of Umbra with Eclipse. Depending on the situation it is either a damage reduction or a crazy damage buff.
  13. I really don't like the new system and I would appreciate if there was a single button option, just like sprint/roll.
  14. I have almost all of them in the foundry either ready to be collected or being build, with a few exceptions. Nidus - still no systems after having half a dozen chassis and neurooptics. I might throw original Nidus into the bin because the farm starts to annoy me Grendel - never liked the frame, so the one already build will be fed Gauss - not my thing either, so he will join Grendel Protea - chassis still due to be farmed Chroma - needs more Simaris rep. Titania - needs more Simaris rep. Octavia - have not started farming her, but I still hope to get it done
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