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  1. Zariman, not Zairman. Besides I think the paradox will be like the (Star Trek) Riker transporter accident. A person gets duplicated with the duplicates now leading different lives after their split. With the gameplay difference of us being able to switch between two, as both are our operator.
  2. Standard procedure is updating your drivers, make sure Windows is updated and verify the installation via Steam.
  3. Armor looks good, I know it is just a variation from previous years Tennocon armors but this one looks quite good in my opinion. same for the Glyph. Some other things like the Ephemera aren't quite my taste, but different people have different tastes and opinions.
  4. I would love to see pure survival RJ mode for fully modded RJ and ramping up in difficulty. As a reward there could be master crafted gear of RJ equipment with slightly higher stats, but nothing too overpowered. More something to collect and work on, if you got everything else for the ship.
  5. When I started WF a few years ago, I loved to use the Hikou (Prime) with Concealed Explosives and Saryn, because the explosion triggered a Saryn spore pop. But that synergy was nerfed.
  6. DE always gives in to feedback from players who would not use the weapons anyway and then make stance changes for the worse. Final Harbinger is not the only victim and I fear it won't be the last.
  7. A minigun wouldn't really fit the Corpus theme. It would be a better match as Grineer or Tenno weapon.
  8. Inaros The only thing interesting ability is Sandstorm, but it is also his weakest one. The others are okay but boring.
  9. I like using Vidar weapons because of their crit bonus, which has great results with the crit based mods on the RJ. Pilot weapon are still the old Vidar Apoc I got long ago but I switched to Vidar Talyn as turret weapons.
  10. Duviri Paradoxes have you down? - Take a rest and bite at Granum's.
  11. It was Parvos and she will be the first Corpus lich.
  12. Part of me wants a better system than the old 'collect orbs for energy', with all the numerous bandaids of Arcanes, Zenurik focus etc. But then again, the entire system of health orbs is tied to it and would have to be changed as well and the kits of multiple Warframes with it. Probably a bigger headache than it is worth.
  13. For me it is the lack of synergy within her kit. Mind Control isn't exactly great, Psychic Bolts are okay but niche. Chaos has it use but is unreliable. Assimilation just seems weirdly out of place. All of her abilities are okay when taken a look at them without the others in context. But there is zero synergy between them. More modern or updated warframe kits have combinations which make one or two other abilities a bit more useful. I would add something like enemies affected by Chaos and struck by Psychic Bolts have a chance to be mind controlled. Assimilation is such a weird thing in
  14. The stance is a personal issue of mine, I bought a skin for a 2hand Nikana and seriously regret it because of the changes. It became a bland, tasteless stance with sub standard weapons brought low by people who can't adapt to something handling just a bit differently.
  15. Because you are clueless, the spin attack while stationary was very strong, a lot stronger than the other moves of the combo, Now they are in front, slow, clunky and making it unusable.
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