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  1. Does it really matter? Thankfully this game doesn't have progression ladders and leaderboards.
  2. I would love to have Chromas 4 to be turned into actual wings with the ability to fly while active. It could make a nice synergy with the 1 ability of turning that one into elemental bolts of damage while the flight mode is active. Turning Chroma into a dragon themed bomber.
  3. What would really help Nekros is if the damage of the shadows would scale to a level where they can actually hurt enemies. But to do it properly it might need a full rework of the ability to make it more like the Necromancer of other games, with an auto recast of shadows, plus damage buffs to them from using other abilities.
  4. A bit of both. The kit needs to be fun to play and have synergies. I despise abilities that are at odds with each other or interfere with the normal gameplay. But to keep me playing the frame, it needs to be visually pleasing as well.
  5. Kuva Grattler and Ayanga are also great choices as arch guns
  6. There is no That is not official info, but rather speculation based of the pattern of past prime releases. Still Khora Prime arriving early to mid 2022 seems likely. If you want to farm her, remember her parts drop only from SO, not ESO.
  7. Khora Prime is still at least 6 month away. Personally I don't think the bundle is worth it, as Khora is relatively easy to farm and unless you really want her Syandana, you are getting more value from her deluxe skin bundle.
  8. You are reading too much into the upcoming New War quests. It is unlikely to have lasting consequences on the Plains and the bounties.
  9. Maybe I have a different definition of hard, but nothing in Warframe feels hard. Everything can be acquired relatively quickly and easily even for people working full time.. Hard is farming something with a 1-2% drop chance on a weekly lockout while paying a subscription for the game.
  10. I guess I understand why feedback is ignored. It became a wasteland inhabited by the lowest tier of trolls.
  11. Vandal is technically an upgraded Corpus variant, so a new Imperator would be an Imperator Prime. I wouldn't mind an Imperator Prime, even if we already have an upgraded variant. But lately I got the sinking feeling that a prime arch gun won't even happen with Hildryn Prime's debut. Even if it would be a lost opportunity to give us a Larkspur Prime.
  12. Since the ridiculous head spinning which looks awful and clips a lot is still in the game, the Karnolyth skin gets a hard pass.
  13. I think the alliances and dark sector stuff was tried before and it wasn't too popular
  14. When I joined in 2016, I was one of the few people enjoying the Archwing mode. Coming from a gaming background of playing both flight and space sims, I had no trouble with the 3D movement. It was just off putting how little content there was. The entire mode has very few tilesets which became very noticeable especially in Corpus maps. Also some of the old missions were made unneccessarily frustrating. For example the old defense objective of having to defend 2 quite fragile objectives at once, which was very hard in solo mode. Also there was absolutely no point in playing it, after having mastered all there is in regards to nodes, weapons and archwings. It just needed a bit more polish and content to really shine, but back then players were already threatening to quit if AW is expanded.
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