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  1. Do we/When do we get more masks for Nakak who sells masks in Cetus? Currently there's just the starter frames (Excalibur, Volt, Mag), and Trinity and the grineer mask. It would be awesome to see more masks (all the frames, actually, or at least some more) in the shop. Fortuna will be awesome, I've got no doubts about that, but please do also continue to improve cetus and plains.
  2. In addition, the spore augment feels like a drawback. Sure, the damage upgrade is very nice, but when your spores are decaying and you're desperately trying to land a spore into the enemies your friends are currently killing, hitting an ally on accident and not necessarily even noticing it immediately, is very annoying. Is there ANY chance that casting spore on an ally would count as an actual spore for keeping the damage from decaying and ramping up the damage? If it did, that could solve a lot of the problems she has in non-ESO content!
  3. Okay, just ran Saryn in ESO, solo, exactly the same build as before the change. Got to zone 6, got distracted by what happened with the stream, and lost out at the beginning of zone 7. She's still pretty powerful, but the spore decay is... Too fast. Between noticing that the spores are gone and recasting, I've lost a great deal of the damage. It's... Not fluid gaming to constantly peek at the corner to check if you still have spores or no. Maybe the spore damage could start higher instead of from zero? Set a flat floor of, say, 200 dmg (or something, I have no idea what the number should be). Alternatively, give the spores a shor grace period (maybe 3 seconds, scaling with duration?) before they start to decay. Even in todays Mobile Defense sortie (which, being defense, should be somewhat enemy intensive), I found myself struggling to keep up the spore damage. Sometimes, enemies don't just spawn, or they get killed before you get to them. Also, it seems like Spores count as a channeled ability. I'm 95% sure that my Saryn got killed while I was in transference and playing as the operator.
  4. Is that 10% off from the amount of damage you had Accumulated in Total, or 10% off from the remaining damage? In short, will the damage reset to 0 after 8 seconds (20% drop instantly and the rest 80% decaying 10% per time) or will it decay gradually (80%, then 72%, then 64,8%, 58,32%, 52,48%, 47,24%, and so on, which would be a lot more forgiving). From the first time I tried Saryn is ESO, Solo, it was clear that something needed to change. The proposed changes... Feel like they'll probably fix the most glaring issues in ESO regarding her, but I'm not sure if they'll leave her viable in ESO, and I'm fairly sure they'll make her even worse outside of ESO. The reason is this: How do you imagine her new playstyle will look? Trying to imagine that to the best of my ability, I presume it'll look like this: Since spores don't spread themselves, but instead die out when the enemy dies to them, Saryn (or allies) will need to kill enemies to spread them. Okay, cast spore. One enemy is now infected. Go and kill that enemy - all nearby enemies are now infected. So far, everything seems pretty similar to the old version. What you do next, is what changes. In old version, you could wait for the enemies to die, spores spread, more enemies are infected, spores spread, everything dies. In the new version, you can wait it out... And the enemies die. You can recast to another group, pop the infected enemy, and wait a moment for the new group to die. Recast on a third group, rince and repeat. Problem with this approach is, that any Other caster frame can do this same thing, except that they don't need to cast AND pop - they just cast, and the whole group is dead. Frost, Volt, Banshee, Ember, and so on. And, that death is instant - you don't need to wait for the spores to do their work. Or you could have just cast Miasma, and the group would be dead. Another approach would be to cast spore, pop it, spread it to the enemy group. Pop another enemy near the edge of the group to spread the spores more, move to the next group, pop another, and so on. Basically just moving through group after group after group, popping one to ensure the spores spread. Same problem as before, though. Another caster frame going through those same groups, could have killed all those enemies in probably the same time. This doesn't seem like a feasible playstyle for content outside of maybe ESO and Sorties. So, how do you imagine/desing for her to operate? (I feel like: Saryn would probably shine in a trench-warfare style missions, something where you sit in the same place for a long time and kill enemies that are level 150 bombards and heavy gunners - something where you could actually benefit from the armorstripping Without the spores actually killing the targets. It's also nice that Spores target the most problematic enemy scaling mechanic - armor - but makes them a bit wierd against Corpus and Infested targets).
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