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  1. does that mean we havet to grind 100k standing to get both to maxrank? -_-
  2. up from 500 each, is that a bug or working as intended?
  3. back then i used syndicate survival to farm ash i think,had maniac spawn 1-2 minutes into mission everytime,and if the desired part didnt drop, one could just abort and repeat. i dunno if this still works though. and it had to be on a grineer tile ofc
  4. hello, i am talking about the "reset sprint state after ability use (after using hildryns 4 f.e.,) and the swapped buttons on a mission start (fixed for me after i go into operator, leave operator, go operator, leave again). those bugs are in since i started playing again last autumn, were supposed to be fixed in a patch i cant remember and are still in right now. while not game breaking, they are quite annoying and interrupt the game flow, especially the reset sprint state one. thanks
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