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  1. I play maybe 2-3x a week, and usually not necramech stuff. I went back to it after I read this had been patched over the last few weeks. I needed 2 more levels to cap my necramech, and the group I was in said I shouldn't lose exp by dropping early, as they wanted to go for 2 more rounds and I didn't have the time to stay another 20 minutes. But at least the first half of your post was useful. Thank you.
  2. Every time there is a host migration, either from someone dropping or me leaving group, I still lose all my necramech exp. I thought this was supposed to have been fixed? What do I need to do to keep it?! I'm so tired of losing time I put into the already laborious chore of levelling this multiple times.
  3. I must say I love the change on his number 4. Now just adjust 2 and Deny (or whatever the laser beam on 3 is) to have meaningful damage and/or interactions and we got ourselves a very cool kit.
  4. I use his 4 more often now with his ridiuclous health pool. Does it do anything? Well it looks cool. So, there's that.
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