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  1. Good ideas, particularly the 1st two in my opinion!
  2. Hey guys, forum lurker here. Until Gauss, Rev has been my go-to since his release. Just wanted to chime in here. What exactly are some of you having difficulty with concerning Mesmer Skin. This is an absolute joke. Turn it on, easy mode activated. Charges getting low? Refresh it. The length and efforts into these complaints about a straight forward, forgiving, and powerful defensive buff is truly mind boggling. Good Lord.
  3. I mean now you're grasping at straws of outside arguments. Let's focus. So their coding is lazy... but you refusing to tap 1 on priority targets isn't? Oh... You've got the tools man. I think this one is one you. Garuda has way more self sustaint tools than Volt. Stop comparing the two.
  4. Oh you've read the code? Can you explain how it's "lazy"? Because I bet you it's very deliberate. It's almost as if if you see an Ignis or a Bombar you tap your 1 on them Just sayin.
  5. I get your 1st point. Your 3rd is just a strong ability having, rightfully, an achilles heal. She's a melee caster, not a tank. But alright, just wanted to pick your brain. I certainly didn't think she was in the same camp as those that are mentioned.
  6. What's wrong with garuda? Never out of power, powerful shield, aoe heals, cool weapon stance, infinite damage scaling? Seriously asking as I enjoy using her.
  7. It looks like a lot of people are missing the fact that his 3 sustains his redline very, very efficiently and effectively.
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