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  1. Tl;dr self sacrificing transformer (into a CANNON) 1) Scavenge. You send the pieces that make up your right upper extremity towards 1/2/3/4 targets in front of you, stripping them of void energy. This both damages and reduces enemy armor, and in return adds to your shields/overshields. 2) Repurpose. Tap to consume overshields to give you energy. Hold to consume overshields to give you (and party?) fire rate buff. Cannot be cast while Reconfigured. 3) Sabotage. Detach and toss your left hand (or other part, for animation sake) on to the enemy target, gripping them and surging their body with void energy. They glow intensely with your energy color, like spore ephemera. Consider the target Marked. Slows the target, small dot applied, and has them take increased damage. Killing Marked targets returns greater overshields. Can be cast while Reconfigured. 4) Reconfigure: Your body is transformed! Your parts, driven by the fury of fallen frames, reconfigure to a form greater than the sum of its parts. You turn into a living, slow firing cannon of void energy. Stationary during this form. Slowly consumes shields. Ability is cancelled when out of shields. While overshields are active, consume a small % of them while boosting damage of this ability. Does not consume regular shields when fired. Killing Marked enemies causes heavy aoe damage, and enemies killed in the aoe also return overshields like Marked enemies provide. Passive: Reassemble Lethal hit causes you to crumble, you are reassembled by the void to 25% hp. You will be a “puddle of parts” and can move similar to Hydroid. Can occur once per 5min? Per life?
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