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  1. the skins have specific animations and textures for the specific weapons theyre on such as the stahlta alt fire effect. My guess would just be they wanted to narrow what the skins would go on to maximise the creative design that could go into them to match them most to what theyre modeled after. Having them apply to every weapon of their type might've just interfered with that alot with having to reduce specificity of features or expand them rapidly and create more work e.g. "oh but how will the skin handle this alt fire on this one are we making a new effect or?", "we made this really intense explosion effect for the skin but this rifle fires explosives at incredibly higher rates". Even stuff like the Oscira rifle skin wont go on all weapons just because it would be insane work to make a universal rifle skin without just going bullet weapons/more conventional projectile weapons only like it does. I dont think to date we have had a universal launcher skin for the same reason because the bullet model would have to look good as an ogris rocket and as a static penta grenade on the ground. The only one with the least excuses is probably the drakgoon but someone might prove me wrong. Universal shot gun skins are a thing and still apply to the drakgoon but at that point they might have just kept it unique to keep it loyal to the rest of the skin pack and avoid confusion or a further impossible demand toward universality of the others.
  2. The change to the 4 would be alot of work but could always be compromised by having the nest as is but being able to resummon it at no cost while its durations still active. Maggot utility definitely needs a boost though, the explosions to enemies they cling to are neat but not worth the dedication of 1 of 9 ai. Wouldnt mind a kind of "tagging" system where the maggots just leave an infested pay load inside targets triggered by the same methods as the maggot explosions are now, play the cc animation on one loop upon infection, then the maggot moves on to other untagged targets just to help the ability feel wider spread as it is lackluster for an ultimate. Would also really help bring out the apparent intended focus of this ability in its design of strengthening his whole kit i.e Ravenous, maggot latches, virulence, boom. Not sure if maggots can latch to larva targets currently either but if that isnt the case a tagging system would also allow larva to become a useful part of this combo as it means no special animations have to be made for a maggot to cling to a ragdoll the enemy just needs that tagged status.
  3. seems to be the effect from the orbital cannon from that one corpus frigate room. The big thing that insta kills you if you stand inside it. Must've just lingered if that room was used in the onslaught in a previous round.
  4. nothing bad is happening here, the kraken just saw him falling from the railing up top and caught him. nothing indecent at all.
  5. My god that title is long lol TLDR: yeah it sucks theres not alot of variance but its because of how infested gameplay and design limits the ability to eaily create variance beyond whole new enemy types, where alot of the deimos ones have unique movement taht would be hard to merge into ship tiles. That asside though yeah it's cool other factions have variants and agree it is limited on infested to some degree most likely because design wise they arent compatible with that same easy modulation other factions have. Like corpus and grineer you can just swap out weapons and have gameplay relatively unchanged with some spice i guess. Bigger variants from cetus/fortuna are literally just "what if we slapped 2 opticors on this guy back but its actually a jet pack with the corpus archwing crewmen animations" or "so we made these artillery turrets, can we just use that effect on a bombard?". I feel like its just alot harder to do this for infested. They are primarily a melee faction with any other attacks being knockdown, area denial, or ranged chip damage. You could go "give that charger a shotgun for a face" but when you're running at an infested horde and every enemy is at that low height level you wont be able to identify that threat if it was a more difficult twist on the enemy. Infested become SO much more reliant on whole new enemey types which creates a boatload more work so its definitely easy to see why they've suffered variance wise for such a long time. The emphasis on player disruption also seemed to have created a lot of caution around making anything too scary as ancient disruptors and healers auras and grapples could make it a nightmare to kill as a priority target in tighter settings with limited visibility. Maybe when the new tiles get infested variants and an eris remaster we can see some of the deimos enemies in there maybe even to the extent of jugulus spawn spots in walls. Thing is though without the bigger deimos enemies in missions you're not even getting alot of variation. Thrashers are just more direct more stompy moas in humanish shape and things like the carnis are just more projectiles (and would also require making every wall in the game climbable by them to implement them outside of deimos.) I would love more infested love but it seems like it'd be ALOT of work to get any amount of core warframe content for them that would give them the leg up they'd need for more proper variance.
  6. Agendus is a melee sold in Glasts little shop of wonders and as such is subject to weekly rotations not warframe sadly And yeah it is a bit annoying if you reeeeeally want a certain element but honestly I dont see the need? pretty much any element will work well. So long as viral is on the build somewhere it's going to shred no matter what cause its a melee and if it isnt doing that already at that high % theres little to save it.
  7. feel this would be better implemented as an exilus mod on either warframe or weapon with no negative. It's very situational to be a frames unique thing especially if it has a downside while a mod like primed sure footed has no downside other than its capacity cost. Could definitely see myself slapping it on if i had an empty exilus slot on a weapon though.
  8. "heres my suggestion for railjack 4.0..... undo railjack 3.0" dunno i kinda enjoy alot of (not all of) 3.0 and corpus missions are a nice just remixed way to play core warframe, would definitely like some railjack exclusive modes but like thats what grineer nodes are for. We got like 100 skirmish nodes just make some new game modes and swap some in. Some people wanted more core warframe in railjack and thats fine, and they isolated that to corpus nodes only as well. The use of warframe energy is kinda iffy but you really dont need to use large restores when the ability to craft energy in foundry exists. Could definitely be improved by standardising energy capacity in some way during rail jack missions. Flux energy was definitely okay though and I wouldnt mind its return in place of warframe energy. I would definitely change my mind if resources became relinked again though especially with the ramping avionic cost as people would just drain the ship in seconds without realising. definitely a one or the other for me. Speaking of yeah I do definitely prefer linked resources for stuff like munitions, dome charges etc as these are alot harder to uselessly burn through to force the forge into business. I do think revolite capacity would need to become JACKED though as failures would happen alot due to all forges being busy especially if flux came back. My main gripe with the new system is volatile, like why cant i replinish dome charged for my guy taking out reactor week points, it just feels odd for them to have to hop out and someone else hop in. While the explosions in voidstorms can be annoying and I could see them getting a nerf, shield gating helps just negate them and if you arent camping a room in a survival or something and are actually moving theyre pretty fine and can be destroyed pretty easily by gunfire. Its nice to have something to seperate them from fissures and while I can see them being annoying to some players like why ask for their complete removal. More longetivity on each stage of the storm would definitely go along way though as it hits 5 so quick. Also the visual makes it so easy to identify iif you're in the blast zone its like a grenade indicator on steroids with like a 10 second warning. I agree there needs to be more teamwork but also dont remove the plexus lol, the plexus doesnt even affect teamwork if anything it encourages it as even though theres alot of base mods youll just want on there alot can specialise to certain roles like engineer, gunner, dome cannon gunner, pilot. If you remove plexus you just get an uspecialised team of 4 that all have to individually figure out what ass backwards config the host has and how to best utilise it only for it to be modded to one thing that all 4 of you cant do productively at once. It also literally does the opposite of "leaving newer players in the dust", with my own fully upgraded mods i can make a mk1 gun usable at the level the newbie will have loaded into and my battle avionics even at base values will wreck most levels of RJ. Where as if i load into a newbie host without a plexus im going to leave immediately as all gear will feel horrible, or the mission will take 15 minutes. as for being forced into others railjacks yeah that does feel kinda annoying time to time would love to be able to choose host or join which is a more wider requested change and would do some good but certainly understand the worries around matchmaking. But you wanna know what I do carry over? oh yeah my plexus and all the credits, endo and forma I've invested into all the mods i spent all that time collecting would be a shame if i lost that and was forced to lose all unique bonuses i earned when not hosting.
  9. While i would agree i think it is available from simaris and the fact that you get it SO early in the game that weapon slots are probably a big problem and alot of newer players aren't going to care for it especially because they'll want to swap out weapons to earn more mastery. Think the only reason skijati gets the treatment is because its got plot armour of being umbras and isnt originally fabricated via blueprint.
  10. Dont lock quality of life behind mastery. If you have a problem with the syndicate system suggest a rework for it for everyone not just for the tip top of the player base. It's already insane that auto installing ayatans is mastery locked let alone something as collosal as this. It isnt even that hard to switch syndicates ones you rip the bandaid of checking all your frames sigil spots and clearing them. Everyone who's L1 already got the collosal reward bundle from MR30 and the affected capacities (daily standing, traces etc.) still grow with every legendary rank. If you want a mastery appropriate reward ask for more of that or some small blessing buff per rank or just anything other than QOL.
  11. Was leveling harrow in an RJ survival today and found there was an invisible target caught in my condemn chains atleast 3 times in the space of a 5 minute survival. Edit: just did the same but solo and this time only moa turrets were invisible and they were invunerable to all standard weaponry except melee. They appeared to spawn like this instead of becoming glitched during their life time. They were once again affected by condemn upon being freed from the effect they were fixed and all parts became visible again. (this did not happen in the previous game, fully invisible MOAs remained invisible however it may have fixed their invincibility)
  12. huh yeah mine goes to nyx p and for the longest time thought that was because she is my most used but she was also my first prime and I've done the same of replacing all old frames with primes and selling them so she would be the one I've had longest.
  13. The DR is most likely there to cater to the average first few experiences of the fight. Your first orb, your first eidolon, your first sister/lich, always going to be a longer more dramatic fight. If DE wanted these fights to be like this every time alot of abilities and mods wouldnt exist, the games a power fantasy and we are POWERFUL as hell. There's always going to be a work around, they probably just want a fight where lil ol eddy excalibur isnt going to squash them on his first try. It's most likely why alot of recent bosses focus on mechanics and invuln phases not numbers. The DR here just seems to be an attempt to make a numbers boss that still caters to that same experience.
  14. Make lunaro great again. Feel like the only way to make pvp fair considering the power we are all at is to make the pvp not warframe. While lunaro flopped it was kinda fun and wish it just had more incentive to it. AKA let me buy a murder arcata I can use in main game, i wanna cave in grineer heads with sports ball.
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