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  1. TYPE: ingame DESCRIPTION: Dome charge seat gun not taking on equiped weaponry or gunner intrinsics REPRODUCTION: Pressing the weapon switch key while in the dome charge seat on the railjack equips a weapon that does not take on either pilot or gunner wepon characteristics and intrinsics do not take effect. EXPECTED RESULT: Equipped weaponry is used when switching weapon on the dome charge seat. (or the weapon switch feature isnt meant to exist at all as i beleive Scott said they were toying with the idea but never implemented it on a dev stream) OBSERVED RESULT: default
  2. TYPE: ingame DESCRIPTION: player camera permanently stuck in skybox even beyond death during spectator screen. can still interact with the world how ever is completely blind. REPRODUCTION: While entering a crewship in corpus railjack and playing sevagoth in a public match void storm and dying in archwing during the black out screen as crewship entrance animation plays. EXPECTED RESULT: Entering corpus crewship and at a downed state by the door with standard camera position OBSERVED RESULT: Player camera permanently stuck at the angle shown during cinematic entry of crew
  3. This update is releasing on all platforms simultanously, PC doesnt need cert and xbox and ps certs will take different times so I dont know what they could really do without raising expectations. they could be saying one platforms ready even if anothers is in cert, but then it could still be sent back for fixes delaying the whole update it'd be a mess of over excited players expecting it to drop in the hour. Just be patient, they've given us a release window.
  4. Yeah it was an idea that dawned on me when thinking about eximus auras effects when mind controlled. How the ability just havign some innate buff would do great. It's stepping slightly more into rework ground but is still a gorgeous idea. Being able to cycle through a few augments to give MC targets. Ah okay yeah I understand you now. I feel like this is more mind control territory definitely closer to that changes you first proposed in your earlier post. I'll go ahead and slap resonator like agro draw on mind control onto the notes. I understand undertow feeling slow, just tested in s
  5. Just editied the main post: From my own considerations, added a few details to mind control around the influence of enemy auras and support when under the effect of mind control, calling for the addition of effects on currently useless support units and auras (ideas for specific effects welcome). Added stagger resistance to the mind control notes. Added increased agro draw to mind control notes, targets to improve natural synergy with her 4 by creating groups of enemies ready to damage charge the ability. Added some mobility to her 4. Quite limited (undertow speed
  6. After having purchased the nihil fight key it has overwritten the node taranis, void in my navagation menu. Clicking on the node does in fact enter the fight with no option to switch to the normal mission like may appear on an invasion or fissure, as such it is now impossible to access this node.
  7. Dont underestimate the persistance of people who dont know lol. Had someone ask how to make the survival last 30 minutes thinking there was some secret way to do it
  8. Been playing the deimos underground bounties recently to get some rewards i never bothered to get on my first runs and noticed i was only getting 2 mother tokens per a stage and only 5 at the final stage. The isolation vault bounty itself will reward the correct amount of tokens, it is only the subsequent underground bounties that have this issue. It has happened consistsently on every single one of my runs which have been in both tier 3 and tier 1, all bonus objectives met.
  9. Oh wow this is a 2019 thread lol. but yeah i went onto a kuva siphon surival today and had to tell 2 different guys who joined at different points it was the wrong mission. There is only one node of actual kuva survial so naming the node would probably be the easiest way of clarifying this. The name distinction of kuva survival and kuva siphon survival really isnt enough on it's own.
  10. oh okay wasnt expecting rivens as a reward lmaaao, is that on every use of a key. cause if so I dont think anything else deserves my creds lol
  11. I've noticed this incredibly consistently now where if you dash onto extraction as your operator then switch to warframe you have to walk in and out of it to count as present and to trigger extraction.
  12. I honestly have no idea how I was aware you could operator in absorb but this didnt click, I'm truly dumb lol. thank you.
  13. Just went and tested this cause I never noticed this too much cause I kinda fire and forget mind control alot, and yeah actually for a supposedly invulnerable target they stagger ALOT. Definitely something that should be looked at.
  14. Yeah I get where you're coming from and a full blown rework could be great. Just with my suggestions thought I'd keep them in the realm of her current kit for ease of implementation aswell as this her current kit can still be very capable if it was tweaked. As for your suggestions: Passive 1st ability 2nd ability 3rd ability 4th ability These changes don't do masses to change her current standing apart from some gimmicks however there's defintely valuable take aways in here about chaos and mind control/chaos A.I.'s alternate uses that I didnt consider.
  15. Hey Guys thanks for the quick feedback hehe. So this was for the passive. I was cautious to ask for change here because while newer frames can tend to have flashier passives I dont think theres too much of a need for it on every frame. It can just be a neat bonus but I do also appreciate how something bigger here could help her along. Feel like if it was an activated thing it'd have to be something different. The passive has to be cut off for absorb and I feel it might be weird to trigger a passive to have to turn it off. I had thought alot on more mind control targets but i th
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