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  1. no, it's a design of the game and it's very pertinent up to where the rewards are. if you wanna go fight lv 400 for absolutely no rewards, that's your prerogative. you sound like someone who is just repeating the gibberish of others. Every dps warframe has a way to deal with armor and that's how it should be.
  2. I'm sorry but these things were barely made unavailable, if they start doing catch ups a month after something is rotated, then nothing will feel rewarding anymore. The bite size community is getting more and more pathetic.
  3. An mr27 without cryotics ain't worth it. I'd extend that to 100k oxium, in the name of the glorious e-gate, but i'll refrain myself from THAT much elitism. Fault's on you bud.
  4. yet the only people who matter seem to agree with me, DE; so, GG.
  5. You can`t read english and got 16 upvotes from other people who i can only assume can`t read either, no wonder i question myself when i come to these forums every time. It's been reduced TO, T-O 75% NOT BY 75%, jeez.
  6. Wrong perception there mate. In any case, the same way you PC folks get discount vouchers for platinum purchases, we get these vouchers that are only redeemable by buying something from the market: - something non tennogen (fair) -something not bundle (unfair) If you guys are able to get thousands and thousands worth of plat therethrough, i fail to see why we can't, very rarely, get a few hundreds of discount tops (if we were to buy the most expensive bundles, which we probably wouldn't since said expensive bundles are usually 'the new wf and his weapons bundle'). Realistically, I can assure you that 90%+ of these discounts would be used in deluxe skin bundles, a mere 200ish p discount. Now back to the riven slot bundle: All of the aforementioned examples, be it the deluxe bundle or 'the new warframe and his signature stuff' bundle can be bought to some extent or in its entirety, separetly; which doesn't happen in the riven slot bundle's case. It's an anomaly that we have a bundle of ONE thing that isn't sold out of a bundle, hell, it's an anomaly from every perspective. So I really have trouble finding where you see this fairness when it isn't present even on more extreme cases, like the ones I mentioned, when compared to the thousands worth of plat discount you guys could get.
  7. Nope, mod is broken and shouldn't exist in first place.
  8. Perfectly put. I couldn't add nor remove one thing from your diagnosis. Except maybe that i'd include it's been clear for a while now that DE has been putting all their energy into the 'bite size' community and new players, and, consequentially, the things that (would) appeal the most to them. And that's why people like you and me put the game down and question ourselves whether to buy things. New players have the retention rate problem as well, but for different reasons. Somehow or for some reason, they only focus on the retention of half their community. Can`t blame them entirely, it`s a fallacy that's very easy to fall prey to. Stating on your reports that the game has gotten X amount of players must sound better than saying that less people has put the game down.
  9. You like being trolly because that's what you are. LOL 'marketing' and 'sales' tactics by two randoms who can`t understand the english language. I had the patience to reply these two a few times before their troll nature and past traumas were revealed. I didn`t assume only vets buy PAs, I`m stating with a 100% certainty that veterans are the ones who buy Prime Access the most, showed enough evidence that proved it, in case basic common sense alone doesn`t do it. Not coincidentially, both the PA program AND veterans have been disregared for a while now. Nice job projecting yourself on me again, I like the word 'disgust' too, proves how farther from being able to see things coldly and clearly you are. 'Straw man arguments' coming from the guy who started and ended his pitiful yet predictable excuse of a contribution being a troll. Now, if nothing else was enough of an evidence, this last line of yours is just there to prove how you, along with the guy who`s been playing for less than an year and never bought a prime access, get touched in your insecurities whenever anything that is remotely related to money comes up. 'You think your money is better than mine?' 'Enjoy your capitalist greens while you still have it' 'You think you're special?' You don't know how much I have, you don't know if I lied, you don't know any of that. Might be true, might not. Truth is, I got into you. I hope you get more greens, i hope they last everlong, I hope many people are benefitted therethrough with jobs and good will for those who cannot work. But please, at least try to hide your insecurities and then get over them, show them who's boss.
  10. Again with your inferiority complex, it's about the third or fourth time you accuse me of claiming i'm 'special' or 'more' when I'm not. You need treatment and quick, now you are accusing me of telling people what to do. I must be talking with a child or a very, very frustrated adult. Seek help. Oh yea, nice job pulling that data outta nowhere and accusing me again of trying to push something with ulterior motives other than offering a product that can potentially satisfy more clients. You haven't been hit in the head but your awareness of everything that is going on is the same as that of someone who has. Warframe's retention rate is terrible and everyone knows that. De acknowledges it themselves every time. You are an evidence of that yourself. And that's all evidence of my point: Prime Access is primarily bought by veterans. Most new players start and drop warframe, the ratio of new players that keep playing is lower than the amount of veterans, out of that smaller amount, even less will buy prime accesses. Unlike you, i can prove that, just pick any random devstream and you'll see the topic of new player retention being brought up. They are a company, if they had issues about veterans dropping the game rather than new players, they'd be doing something about it and bringing the topic up. They are not. DE has been desperately trying everything to keep new players engaged and they left veteran players behind in the process. Again, you've been away for too long and are too new a player yourself to know what is what. EVERY warframe partner has been complaining about it. You just need to put 2 and 2 together: Whatever things DE aren't touching , you can be sure it's something more consumed by veterans. Whatever things DE are touching are consumed by new players. Heck, why do you think they had to mention for the first time in a tennocon that they had veteran content planned? No, not railjack, the sentient tileset. Since i'm not special, out of coherence you cannot think i'm the only one who isn't satisfied with it, since there are a good number of people not satisfied with their premium product, it doesn't take a genius to know they should take action. Which brings me to the conclusion: If someone is still consuming your product because they are loyal, you gotta ensure they feel they feel satisfied. It's not because a business or a part of it is doing well that you don't look at it: that's a poor, very poor mentality. Also, you never, EVER, stop asking your clients if they are satisfied with their product. You're too new a player, and arrogant, like most new players, to know that when the prime access program launched, the resource boosters didn't exist.Thus, adding the exp and credits booster along with it was the only option. So while you're there pushing every kind of crappy narrative to justify the unjustifiable, the harsh truth is that it's just one of the many DE's oversights: to realize that they introduced new and more appealing boosters that have the SAME PRICE and that they could OPTIONALLY include to those who'd want it. I just love that the 2 of you who have been arguing against the inclusion of options are new players with no prime access on their backs. Never adopted that tactic, again with your inferiority complex putting words in my mouth, my silly attacks that served as retaliation were never in the direction to boast my financial situation, i just said your inferiority complex had a wild night with your inability to read. It still seems to be the case. I really can't, you´re still unable to read or leave your inferiority complex aside. Can't drop what i'm not holding. My suggestion is freedom to pick the booster the better suits one's needs.
  11. That's all it needs done along with maybe increased amount of kuva rewarded from its sources by 2 times. Anything in the direction of touching its rng factor is a disservice and probably comes from people with psychological problems who want perfect rolls banalized because they can`t get happy with just good rolls.
  12. You sound like a frustrated someone who projects yourself on others. They did this with Prime Vault, so your argument is pointless, fallacious and biased. I'm giving my feedback about a product I consume, you don't seem to be adding anything to the discussion but your alwful reek of troll and ad persona, ending this discussion with you too.
  13. And you're a very sad person if you think that i'm being personalist. I mean that i'm a client and clients are important, period. I don't think nor hope they have a department for me or the people with 30 prime access on their backs. I just meant that as a client.The fact i have to explain this basic line of thinking is what struck me as you having an inferiority complex. So putting up a product every 3 months that targets less and less players is what you would define as their target product? I don't think so, and hence my suggestion. You must have a gripe with the word 'paying' but it's just an inherent word of the capitalist world, i'm giving feedback about something i consumed, consume and want to consume more, provided it feels as if i'm getting its value Thanks, why not focus on what can benefit us as community, then? I like to think I am, but for different reasons. Anywhoo, you played the 'you think your money is better than mine' card when i certainly didn't mean that. Somehow mentioning how much of a frequent consumer i am, struck a nerve of yours. But hey, if you think you're tha well resolved of a person, the professor xavier who saw through every word of mine with no bias from the history that brought you to where you are today, then i question who's the entitled one here. Read above.
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