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  1. My build for which of the weapons? They are quite similar and a despite looking 'worse' on trades, the 'damage/toxin'riven should yield more dps than cc/ms. In any case, gaze: Hornet Strike, Barrel Diff, CC, CD, Toxin Dual, Elect Dual, 90% Tox, Primed Heated Charge. The mod you'll swap for a riven will depend on its roll and if you get multishot on your riven, i suggest replacing barrel diffusion for lethal torrent. Kuva Nukor will go the same way. I'll give the example using the riven I have, damage/multishot/toxin; I replace the 90% toxin mod for the Riven and replace Barrel Diffusion for lethal torrent. Might seem werid to completely remove barrel diffusion from the build, BUT, with said riven, it's what I found to be better. You could also remove a dual stat to fit the lethal torrent but I prefer the synergy of fire rate + status.
  2. That's true, it's 29m vs 21m, but as I said in my second reply, it can make use of pax seeker and further enhances its aoe potential and, in a way, the range at which it can be lethal, by quite a lot. If one gets nerfed, so should the other. Realisticaly tho, i don't feel like any of them are in for nerfs at all. The chained damage is substantially weaker and will still have you picking the left overs one by one on murmur farm levels or sorties. If we go down to low lv enemies, then I can point a plethora of weapons and warframes that will feel more broken.
  3. all due respect, but it must be a subpar riven, gaze is better. Base damage: The same. Crit Chance: 5.5 times more Crit Damage: Half. Fire Rate: 20% more Aoe potential: same as nukor's but gets boosted a lot by it the fact it can use an arcane Status hit: that's where the standard build for the gaze loses by quite a bit, BUT, beam weapons don't really need THAT much status chance to be able to proc it, especially considering gaze has more fire rate. People have just being sleeping over gaze,, perhaps still victims of its bad first impression pre buff. Now it's just a beast.
  4. I like how everyone is forgetting or pretending to forget gaze. It's by far the strongest kitgun after the buff and people were mad when its riven dispo got nerfed. Some heavy double standards there. Kuva nukor isn't stronger than gaze.
  5. Most rivens cost under 50p. If you want a perfect roll or the most recently released weapon's riven, it will of course cost you a lot. Again people blaming a system when the only things to blame are themselves and their mentality.
  6. Had you read the one reply above my reply to you, you'd see I'm not the one ripping people off, as a collector I pissed off many of those people you speak of, as I'd get said rivens and hold onto them forever, not budging to any offer, I kid you not, we can't name and shame here, but it has happened, and happens. I'd expose those guys back when the game had a more vivid in-game community, it seems dead however on the ps4 side, and I'd bet it looks the same on the xbox, trade chat wise anyways. Anyways, back to the argument, you state natural behaviours and furthermore, natural behaviours of economy itself, no new player is falling prey of absurdly priced rivens, I can assure you that; it used to affect a very small percentage of players who had a ton of plat and had nowhere to spend, but even those people are vaccinated today, I assure you. I know most of the riven centered community by their name on the ps4, a player being scammed over a 3k riven that's not worth that much is pretty much non existent, not even actual grolls are selling for that nowadays. The scneario you presented used to be more of a reality over an year ago or more, it's really really far from being the case nowadays. And I'll repeat myself, there's nothing being abused, I could and can be wrong about my judgment on your envy or lack thereof, but there's absolutely nothing being abused and in the same way i could have misjudged you, you are misjudging my intentions, which is just one: free market.
  7. Randomly inserting the word 'pyramids scheme' there is quite laughable, it has absolutely nothing to do with one. You pose as a superior being refering to 'humans' while showcasing one of the most human behaviours, envy, there's no other reason why one would want something tons of people dedicated themselves to, to be destroyed. There's also absolutely nothing being abused or exploited, people have the right to ask for any price for whatever they are trying to sell, market will tell them if they were wrong or right by reaping the most valuable resource: time.
  8. While I agree with everything under 'that's your opinion', that sentence is not true, i gotta say that that is no opinion matter, it's basic economy. Despite not being real life, it has its own economy, supply and demand, as a riven collector i can assure you that the demand is far higher than the supply. Even if there were as low as 5 insane people like me, that's still a lot compared to mods that you'll see once or twice, and there are those mods. These 5 people will outbid each other non stop and that's when you'll see the huge numbers, as simple as that. None of that insanity affects the the rest of the players in the slightest, expensive mods that don't fall under that one/two of a kind category will be on trade for months dropping and dropping in price while sellers waste finite lifetime trying to scam someone.
  9. None of this stupid inconsistencies would be happening if a single one of them actually played the game.
  10. You must be out of your mind, it's the one with the fastest time to kill on armored lv 165 by far. I'm not saying it has or has not to be nerfed, but it IS stronger than rattleguts and does it in an AoE. Catchmoon and tombfinger will dispose of low lv mooks faster i....guess...but gaze far outperforms the 3 when dealing with high lv armored targets, like i said.
  11. There's no thread to be read besides the one line on the OP. Now if some macaws could get definitions right, this thread wouldn't even exist. These birds!
  12. It was always the case, you must've been in Narnia. The fact you are probably a veteran that had already stockpiled on old resources that made the case less evident is a problem of yours.
  13. Yall in this thread implying it looks bad must be high. It's easily among the most beautiful looking frames Same goes for daikyu, why the hell would you give a bow to a bow wielding frame, like, hey, let me switch this bow for this...bow.
  14. Bloodrush has it worse, far worse. Primed pressure point still beats a third dual stat. Not by much tho and i'm not accounting the indirect damage increase from, say, heat proccing on armor. Bloodrush made all crit mods obsolete.
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