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  1. Okay, now that I have clickbaited you, I had a strange bug I am not sure how to describe. Just finished a mission at 4 minutes past reset. Came out to my daily login reward. During the reward screen there was a host migration which ended up hanging and failing. Right after it failed, my profile and name in the usual top-left of screen glitched out. My picture disappeared, some of the cell blanked out, and my name was shown as [DE]Steve. Not sure what this means, but maybe you might want to take a peak at it. This glitch lasted all of maybe 2 seconds, but was worth a raised eyebrow.
  2. None of that matters; it doesn't give anyone the right to treat me like an object to be manipulated for their convenience and pleasure (then to laugh about it when I voiced my displeasure). I was violated, doesn't matter what I was wearing.
  3. Is griefing of this variety considered harassment? Because there really isn't a good option to select when reporting and they make it a point that false claims will backfire on you.
  4. Make Wormholes require X to interact with. Just came from a Mot. Was farming for a relic that drops on rot C. The entire team was ready to extract at 19:30 for some bizarre reason. Why? Beats me. I stand at the entrance to the extraction room fighting off some mobs waiting for the 20m mark. Next thing I know, a nova comes up next to me and drops a wormhole right on top of me, forcing me to extract at 19:45. My entire time was wasted because of this. The grief was real. #stopwormtrolling
  5. Just stop it. Someone needs to bop you with a rolled up newspaper.
  6. Why would they allow us to do any of that when it would get in the way of extorting 50p from its players for their pseudo-lootbox items? That's why, I for one, am only going to be using the dojo items, and scrapping all the salvage I find. I will not endorse this system.
  7. First Rivens, then Kuva Weapons, now Railjack Parts. DE is trying to hamfist randomized looter-shooter mechanics into Warframe and if that wasn't bad enough, now they are jacking up the economy just so they can extort platinum for these pseudo-lootbox type items. What happened to the DE that removed fur patterns from the store because they were too predatory? I fear for the direction of the company. If they aren't careful they are going to doom themselves.
  8. If the feedback thread from the Old Blood is any indication, DE is going to ignore 90% of all this feedback that almost everyone seems to agree on, cherry pick a couple things that nobody is asking for, serve it up to us and say "We listened to your feedback." Not even sure what the point of these forums are anymore. That said, I'll say I agree with community consensus on most of the complaints and critiques. I will add a minor point I don't see mentioned. The crew. Their only point seems to be off-duty maintenance and repair. They are locked into place, non interactive, and non-immersive. They are about as interesting as the relay NPC's. What's more, they vanish the minute you go into mission. I would like to see them bring the ship to life. Give them pathing, have them mill about checking this and that. In mission, have them exist in some capacity. Maybe give them latos and let them help repel invaders. Let them repair hull ruptures, put out fires, etc. There is some balance to consider in all that, but whats the point of having this NPC crew that does nothing but loiter on your ship between missions, pretending to fix things, but as soon as their is actual action and things need to be repaired, they are nowhere to be found?
  9. Remove Jack's auto-roll and his mouse chasing--dammit Jim he's a Railjack, not a kitty-cat! And the 180% pitch limitation on Archie has got to go. #nuffsaid
  10. I too was taken aback by Steve's attitude in that cast, but what it really speaks to for me was exemplified in one of the hotfixes after Old Blood that had the nerve to say (paraphrasing) "We have listened to your feedback and we've made these changes!..." What proceeded was in no way reflective of 90% of the complaints on the forums. Like the OP said, it just goes to show that they were only listening to the feedback that they wanted to acknowledge. They cherry picked feedback and served it up as listening to the players.
  11. Inner Might was not working at all when phase 2 hit. Then it was fixed. Now its broken again. I think it happened around the time they changed Venka Prime to go to 13x? Might be a coincidence. I have rank 4 inner might (50% efficiency) and my combo is completely exhausted on heavy attack. Tested with at least two different weapons (venka prime and ninkondi prime) in and out of simulacrum.
  12. In my boredom I have been playing a certain popular mobile game and it has struck a certain chord with me. I have never been one of the endurance players out there--I haven't even gone an hour deep since void keys were a thing. I take that back. Nightwave season 1, before they nerfed the Kuva Survival act, but I digress. This particular game has weekly tournaments and events that are fairly random. Get as many of this as you can. Upgrade as many of these as you can. Etc. That's when it dawned on me. What Warframe needs is weekly events and tournaments in this style. Imagine: Let's say that there is a survival endurance tournament this week. A special node is chosen or created. Every player that participates in this game mode is tracked in the database, with their best result saved. At the end of the week, all points are added together for every clan member and a total is reached. Rankings are then posted by clan size. Rewards are mailed out and shoutouts are given on Prime Time. The shoutouts are not to be undersold. This will attract more attention to the tournaments. More people will want to participate. And Warframe will finally have a culture around high level content that actually pushes and challenges builds and builds more cooperation within clans. And maybe they put in intermissions in the endurance node. Give the party the ability to pause the game for a ten minute timer every so often. It is one thing for those that go 6hrs by themselves, but for them to design a game mode to intentionally incentivize this would be inhumane and possibly illegal. Hmm, maybe that's why this doesn't exist.
  13. Anyone know if you lose murmur progress if you fail/abort the mission?
  14. I have compiled a list of my complaints and critiques. All of the unique views are gone--replaced by a boring generic splotch of empty space with a few asteroids, with the actual planets often behind you or no where to be seen. The fact that squadmates ships appear (like Earth) off to the right makes me believe that someone borked the code. The ship is oriented 90 degrees to port and needs to be adjusted. The paint is all jacked up and battle scarred inside for some bizarre reason which does away with the glossy/metallic paint in favor of a primer/matte finish that makes your orbiter look like a hoopty that was abandoned on the curb of sesame street. The paint scar slider thing doesn't go far enough. Has no effect on the floor or arsenal. Must match scar color to paint color to remove it. The robotics slot is identical to the incubator, and yet a tiny bit lower. This upsets my OCD and forces the sentinels to hover a bit under eye level which makes it feel oppressed. I would bring this into parity with its counterpart across the floor. The foundry doesn't appear to "construct" a particular item like it used to (showing a ghostly version under construction) instead now just a generic bunch of cubes in a row. This is a step backwards. Why you would chose to purposefully make something less immersive is beyond me. Edit: apparently this is not the case for all items. Then there is the "skylight." When you look closely at it in the glare you can see the texture of it is like scarred ice. Not sure if this is intended or not, but looks strange. The OBNOXIOUS light that it sheds on the floor comes from no source at all. One could argue that one of those "stars" outside is the source of the light, but what is the deal with several stars so big they look like they are all right there in the solar system. If you told me one was the sun (which I assume is the fuzzy red thing ((why is it red?)) light behind the asteroids) that would be okay, but what about the other 4 or 5 I can easily see? It is alienating and immersion breaking. And--this is just personal--it makes me feel awkward and naked having that huge hole above the main hull of my spacecraft. An option for some sort of shutter would be nice. Some decorations cast shadows, but can look awkward when they are detached and floating. I had a wrench hanging from one of the dangling wires. The wrench began casting a strong shadow on the floor, but the cables cast no shadow. Had to move it. All in all, I think this is an example of something nobody was asking for, but could have been awesome. One star.
  15. tekmansam

    Weapon Racks

    We have a warframe display in our quarters. This does not free up a slot or delete anything. Weapon racks inside of an armory for displaying some of our favorite weapons would be a neat idea. We have purchasable posters with selectable artwork. We can choose a loadout to display in our quarters. I don't see why this couldn't be a thing. Personally, I think our quarters are way too small. I'm hoping the new orbiter we are going to get has much improved display space. Or just let us live on our railjacks and decorate them. Idk. One of my favorite things in Skyrim was the custom player homes and all the customization and decoration you could do in them. I find the orbitor to be too confining and claustrophobic. I want a big space I can decorate and customize. I want to display my frames and weapons in an armory. I think this would be awesome.
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