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  1. Please note that this is MY personal opinion only. As a MR 23 player, arbitration mode is not challenging in any way shape or form. Level 60 enemies are a breeze. By the time the enemies ramp up in level, i have since lost interest and exited the mission. I do not want to deal with an uninteresting fight for 30 minutes just to get to a level high enough for the enemies to presenting a challenge. I understand it starts at level 60 due to players whose gear may not allow them to fight high level enemies and I do appreciate the consideration. But just like how there are sanctuary and elite sanctuary modes, maybe a veteran version of Arbitration would be nice. Also maybe all versions of a particular faction would be nice. I havent seen Nox units for example in any of my matches. Once again, it is my opinion. I am not here to offend anyone.
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